My life on crank
Citation:   crankygirl. "My life on crank: An Experience with Amphetamines (exp6879)". May 14, 2002.

  insufflated Amphetamines (powder / crystals)
The world of mind altering substances is a vast one, and one that I have only very recently begun to discover. By very recently, I mean since I started dating my boyfriend, Mike, seven months ago. He has been heavily into the drug scene for quite years, he is a frequent vistiter of erowid, and he knows most everything there is to know about almost anything that can artificially alter you mental or physical state.

The first drug I tried was Exctasy, methyl dioxymethamphetamine I learned form my textbook boyfriend, and I did not like it. The next was a psilocybe, cubensis so I was told, and I did not like that either. It was with this new found drug expierimentation curiousity, that provoked stumbling across, quite by accident, crank.

I was rifling through my mother's purse one saturday afternoon in search of bud. Instead, i found a small pouch containing a mirror, a small straw, and a tiny bag full of off white-ish powder. Immediately I assumed the substance to be Cocaine. I gathered up as much I could without taking a noticable amount (what I later learned to be about 10 lines, a very noticable amount) and put it away for future lab analysis (aka, Mike).
I go to boarding school, and this took place over Christmas vacation, so my lab would be unavailable for at least a week. The date was December 28th. New years was close. When the night finally arrived, I was banned from my mystery substance by a friend of mine. I had to wait until The day of January first.

At around 6pm on January first, I locked myself in my room and pulled out my tiny bag. I pulled out my hand mirror and arranged a rather large line, As I had seen done in movies, though I didnt know it to be large at the time. It measured perhaps and inch and a half in length, and was an eigth of an inch in diameter. I had no problem taking the entire thing into my nose.

And on came the burning. It burns for about 30 seconds, than numbs your nose with a delightful headrush, which lasted maybe 5 minutes. Dissappointed with my Cocaine high, I figured I had not taken enough, so I railed up another line of similar proportion. At this point I was up on my first crank high.

I spent most of the night socialising with a friend of my mother's. When she fell asleep, I conned my sister into talking with me until much too late in the night. After everyone fell asleep, I proded my room for things to do. I cleaned obsesively to spotlessness, then I wrote 12 pages in my journal about nothing at all. I wrote a 5 page letter to my dad. The night seemed to fly by in a whir of speeded exctasy. At around 9 am, I crashed.
The crash was bad, a dizzying headache of tiredness and hunger, without ability to eat. Crank will do that to you, it makes it nearly impossible to consume anything.

I still had some left. I sped spiradically for the next month or so on what little I had. Eventually, I ran out and had to confront my mother for more. she hesitated only at first to retrieve it for me. Now I have a constant supply. I eventually let my dad in on my secret, somehow knowing that it would be okay. He responded by doing a line with me, then handing me $200 with which to purchase him an 8-ball. That 8-ball is what I am going on now, though it will only last me a few more days I am sure.

With crank you always need more, no matter how much you start with. The more you do it, the more you need. I went from requiring a pea sized amount, to needing multiple lines to get me up, and you have to get up. Its not that it hurts to be down, or that you go through terrible withdrawls, but you are tired, you cry a lot, and eat. I use it as a diet drug, an excuse to excuse the fact that I rail sometimes 7 times a day, and I never get up like that first time.

I dont plan to give up my drug of choice any time soon. When I run out, I accept it until I can get more. This disproves the stories of god-awful crank addictions. I have lost 20 pounds and my GPA has risen from a 3.0 to a 3.95. I am a star on the school swimming team. Crank is my choice, my pseudo-addiction, and my secret from the world.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6879
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 14, 2002Views: 52,209
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