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It Is Superior
Citation:   majutsu. "It Is Superior: An Experience with DMT (exp68819)". Apr 12, 2021.

  repeated   DMT
DMT Is Superior

I obtained mimosa hostilis and performed an extraction using lye to a ph of 13, then pulls of naphtha. The naptha was treated with freeze precipitation. I sandwiched the resulting crystals between layers of marijuana. Nothing can prepare me for the beauty and the awesomeness of DMT. I have written spiritual conclusions elsewhere, and they are probably idiosyncratic to me and not DMT. But DMT has morphing shapes, motion (circular, linear, and flapping) as well as altered thinking from psychosis to ecstasy. These alternate in waves to a peak of white-hot euphoric ego loss. Then there is a shower of euphoria, ego return and rolling, soft pastel unconscious imagery. The whole thing is about 5 minutes. The sensation of melding, reality, and identity with these hallucinations is striking. I am simply not in this world.

Now the negatives. It's too damn short. I don't like using lye or solvents, and the ayahuasca drink just cannot compare at any dose to vaporized DMT in my experience. The euphoria of vaporized dmt is very addictive, and it can be very hard to pull yourself away from her. It is also possible to have 30-40 minute sustained bursts of psychosis and or catatonia that are simply unpleasant. HPPD and auditory hallucinations a day or two are possible with heavy use. All in all DMT is an awesome, if not terribly repeatable drug. It is interesting to do a few times. Furthermore, DMT, even with spaced out usage, will reach a point after about 30-40 times where I simply can't get high ever the same as before, like mdma or weed. So there is quite a bit of tolerance as well.

There are few if any long term side effects. I feel like a better person for the experience. And because I've been to the top of the mountain and lost ego, it is very good at crushing substance abuse. I believe it could be very useful in the treatment of addicts.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68819
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 12, 2021Views: 823
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