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Not Like This
by psykosomatic
Citation:   psykosomatic. "Not Like This: An Experience with Cannabis (exp68938)". Oct 17, 2020.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Okay, so me, my girlfriend that I will call K, her friend B and my bud A decided to go to pizza hut as it was becoming a tradition for us in the past year. Me and A decided to take a large pisser each befor we went out(we had done this a previous time and it was mind blowingly awesome). A being lighter than me and not as tolerant to it as I am, was given less than I was gonna take. So I chopped up some very fresh and potent white widow bud and proceeded to brew a pisser. A was the first to take my famous 'white walls' pisser. I was next and decided to take about half a gram at once, I white walled it, breath in the smoke and tried my best not to cough. From this point A was already very stoned and I was quickly getting hit by it. We got our stuff on, grabbed the money and went out in B's pickup, we stopped at A's house to get his wallet first but his parents were home, oh well I was off in my own world until he got back.

Finally we were on our way to the pizza hut, but when we got there, I realised I was too high! I tripped out hard trying to get out of the back seat(it felt like I was in a video game, literally!)but when I did, I noticed it was hailing out and quickly ran in while A was purposely acting like a retard. We get in and we are waited by the same girl we get every time. It takes us 20 minutes to order and by this time I was so high I didn't think I was ever gonna come down, my face was pale and I felt like I was gonna vomit if I tried to talk, my eyes weren't blood shot though(they never are no matter how high I get)and I had that familiar feeling of just being a head by itself. My buddy A was even more stoned than I was and he couldn't take it at all, he kept his head down for a long while and was continuously hugging me and telling me how scared he was, so I hugged him back in the middle of the pizza hut until he felt a bit better.

Eventually the food was ordered and we were all ready to chow down, except for A, he was in no condition to move. About 50 mins after we took the hits, A wanted to go to the bathroom, and the girls told me to take him and in my state of mind I shouldn't have left that table. I walked A to the bathroom and we ended up hugging and telling each other how scary this high was, a true brothers-for-life moment, ten seconds later he moves to the sink and ends up vomiting ALOT and I couldn't stand to see it happen or hear it for fear of me doing the same, after he cleans up and we leave the bathroom. The food finally comes and we all ate our share except for A who has his head buried into his arms again. We notice that employees are going in and out of the bathroom, ewventually they put up a 'temporary out of order' sign and our waitress was sent in to clean up the mess.

In the end we packed our food up and got ready to leave, we paid our check and realised when we left that we forgot to leave a tip(this was pretty embarassing). But we manage to get home and A falls asleep, I barely remember showing any of them to the door later on but I do remember crashing as soon as they left.

I woke up the next day(today), and now I still feel kinda high and I felt like sharing this experience.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68938
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 17, 2020Views: 368
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Cannabis (1) : Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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