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How to stop the itch
Dimenhydrinate & Cannabis
by Rauf
Citation:   Rauf. "How to stop the itch: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate & Cannabis (exp6900)". May 22, 2002.

10 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
    smoked Cannabis  


I have had 2 experiences on Dramamine, 1 with weed and 1 without weed and let me say that I am never ever taking this shit without weed again. The first time I took it I bought a 10 pack and dumped them all at once. This produced the most annoying high I have ever felt. The second time I took this drug I smoked a good amount of weed before and after taking the pills. The night went something like this:

6:00pm- Smoked a nice bowl of green and invited some friends round to my house.

7:30- 'J' & 'A' arive at my house with some weed and the dramamine I asked them to pick up for me. I ate the whole pack (10 pills, they come in packs of ten in Australia) and smoked some more weed. [Erowid Note: It is important to always check the per-pill dosage, different products can contain very different amounts of an active chemical.]

8:15- Nicely stoned, dramamine starting to kick in. Drank some coffee to keep my brain awake.

9:00- Dramamine in full affect. Feeling unable to move and seeing purple and red things moving around my room. Strange patterns appearing on my wall when I look at it.

10:30- Total stoning affect, nomatter how hard I try I cannot move. 'J' and 'A' are talking but I cannot understand them. I am staring at my wall and seeing what appears to be a short asian man in one of those cone shaped hats. Not a very detailed picture, just different shades of white and some purple but it was there in front of me.

11:00- 'J' and 'A' leave my house and I continue smoking. Eventually I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning with no hangover effect at all. I experienced very little itch this trip and have weed to thank.

I have learned from this experience that weed reduces the itch that Dramamine causes. I think that few people have discovered this as I would think that most people dumping dramamine have run out of weed. The stoning affect of Dramamine is unlike anything I have ever taken but you need to be prepared. The pack says 'may cause drowsiness' and they're not kidding. You need coffee or something to keep you going otherwise you fall asleep or become too sleepy to appreciate the high. I want to try a Dramamine + weed + speed combo as I believe it would be alot of fun.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6900
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 22, 2002Views: 31,253
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Dimenhydrinate (17), Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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