The Fantastic Opposite of Marijuana
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Ethieopia. "The Fantastic Opposite of Marijuana: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp69067)". Nov 6, 2018.

45 mg oral Amphetamines (pill / tablet)
I became really interested in Adderall after my friends told me how great it was. They had all these stories about being happy and cleaning things. I havenít tried anything harder then weed so I was pretty excited to try something new. I had no idea what I was in for.

The actual first time I did it was with my girlfriend. It was only about 7 mg through the nose. I donít think we snorted hard enough, however I felt a little jittery and good. We talked all night and didnít get to bed till pretty late. Other than that it wasnít very special, and didnít live up to what my friends where saying about it. Fortunately for me, my manager at work randomly had about 45 mg of it with him one day. I ended up buying it and taking it all, with a well what hell, whatever happens happens mind set.

The first time I did weed I was expecting too much and totally killed the little high I got. I wasnít doing that this time. I just relaxed my body and entered a mood of ďWhateverĒ. It took a good 45 minutes before I really could feel anything different. I was at work at the time, which turned out to be a very good place to be later in the high.

The first thing I felt was a tiny electric current running through my body, much like getting the chills, but way more pleasant feeling. I enjoyed this and my face started to mend into a permanent smile for about the next 24 hours. I started to sing Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. While singing it I really felt like dancing. I did dance a little and it felt good to go with the words as I was singing. I loved this euphoric feeling immensely.

At about 30 minutes into it, I was feeling good, 30 minutes after that, I changed into a different person. About a 90 minutes after I took the pills I was on top of the world. I was a chatterbox and greatly enjoyed human conversation of any kind. I was saying ďHello!Ē and ďHow are you doing?Ē to everyone I ran into around the pizza place. I felt very flowing and everything was just so much easier.

My body was on automatic when it came to the work I had to do. The usual annoying things like making sauce or washing dough trays didnít really seem hard at all. I actually donít even remember really concentrating on what I was doing at the time at all. I was just doing it, feeling really great.
I actually donít even remember really concentrating on what I was doing at the time at all. I was just doing it, feeling really great.
The best part was, I wasnít even at my peak yet! About 2 hours after having the pills, I was flying high. My heart was beating, my mouth was dry, my stomach tight, and my mind racing. My whole body was in complete euphoria and nothing could go wrong. I was actually getting mad at my manager because he was helping me fold boxes. I really wanted to fold them all! (This is another annoying task I really donít like to do sober.)

The best part of the high for me though, was after I got off work, about 2 and half hours after I took the pills. I honestly sat in the waitress area from 7:00 to 9:30 talking to two really good looking waitresses that work there. My conversations with them were probably the best conversations I have ever had in my life. Communicating with people was so intense. I loved everything anyone had to say, and nothing that they could say would have ever brought me down. The best part of it though, which makes me sad now, is how much more confident I got during the high. I was flirting with these girls, and there was no way in hell I would have ever said some of the things I said to them while high if I was sober. I also was much more attracted to females than usual. I really noticed all the cute features on them.

With one of them I shared really deep stuff that was bothering me about my current relationship and about my dad. I really trusted her and felt a deep connection and understanding. I easily talked about the hard things to talk about like what we liked sexually. I was very interested in her well being and her life also. It was just a wonderful experience and was over to quick. As I was leaving at 9:30 to go pick up my girlfriend I was already declaring it the best night of my life, and it wasnít even close to over, itís still not!

Driving was very relaxing and I wasnít stressed by normal things like bad drivers and red lights. It was quite pleasant. When I got to Target where my girlfriend works, I found myself again continually talking and now being extremely outgoing. At this time I was still as high as my peak, and I was for about 8 hours.

At target I drooled at all the body cleaning materials. I quickly bought new deodorant, hand soap, and body wash. I immediately took a shower when I got home, and it was the best shower of my life. Cleaning myself with my loofa was so satisfying and left a tingle sensation wherever the shower gel was lathered on to my body. After the shower I was ready to go do something, right away! We arrived at my girlfriends apartment and I instantly started my quest to make her mac and cheese. This was a very satisfying thing to do for someone even though there is no way in hell I was going to be able to eat any myself. I lost my apatite completely. My stomach felt tight, and a little hungry, but I did NOT want to eat. While I was making the food I made sure the stove was sparkly clean, and all the dishes were done. I began to feel kind of mad because I knew that this feeling wouldnít last forever and I really liked how it made me feel.
I began to feel kind of mad because I knew that this feeling wouldnít last forever and I really liked how it made me feel.
One of my worst faults is messiness and Adderall fixed that right up. I really liked the feeling of wanting to clean. Eventually I got to play my new game Devil May Cry 4 for the XBOX 360. This was incredibly fun. It felt very, very satisfying when I beat levels or killed monsters. At 1:00 in the morning my Gal wanted to hit the sac. She didnít know I was on Addy. I jumped in the bed and my eyes would not close. I found myself tapping my fingers to beats I made up. I found myself making interesting beats that actually were a beat, unlike being sober when its always the same rhythm. I jumped out of bed saying I was hungry, and I let her fall asleep.

This is where things get interesting. (And quite graphic, if you are easily offending please donít read anymore.) I strangely got the urge to masturbate so I proceeded to the bathroom to try it out. My friend said it is really hard to get an erection. Boy was he right. It took at least a half an hour to get it ĺ of the way hard, but I was really determined. It was so strange doing the usual routine expecting it to jump up but it just stays all crippled. I eventually got to orgasm though, after God knows how long, and it felt very satisfying when I came. I really canít explain why this next thing happened. I sat down at the table and there was a notebook and a pen. I decided to write a poem about my Dad. I honestly sat from around 2:00 to 8 in the morning writing then revising this poem I was making. It just had to be perfect. I wasnít bored at all doing it either and it was strangely entertaining for how much time was put into a normally frustrating and not fun task. When the poem was done I was still up and flying, so I decided to make my Girlfriend a nice breakfast in bed. I made bacon scrambled eggs and toast. I am normally not a morning person so it was nice to make it. The cool thing was during school that day I was still feeling about half as good as I felt at peak (and that is a wonderful feeling!) and school was very enjoyable. I found myself doing assignments very fast and getting everything done, and I was still very talkative. By lunch I was being surprised by the duration of the high. That was a very positive thing about Adderall. It lasted forever! I am writing this report almost 24 hours from consumption of the 45 mg and I am still feeling good, and not tired!

I can see why Addy could get so addictive. It is the complete opposite of weed, but such a nice change. My friend and I made a comparison list. It is very surprising the huge difference between the two. Addy gave me a new unique experience, and one of the best nights/mornings of my life. I will definitely do this drug recreationally (but sparingly) through the rest of my young adult life.

Weed and Addy comparison. (From my experience)

Weed Addy

Makes you sleepy Totally awake.
High 1-3 hours High almost 24 hours!
Extreme hunger No hunger at all! (very nice!)
No motivation Extreme motivation to do anything
Less talkative Conversation very enjoyable.
Pretty Expensive Not to expensive.
easily noticed high Can't really tell your high.
Things taste awesome Don't really want to taste anything
Sex is amazing really hard to get erection

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69067
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 6, 2018Views: 10,230
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