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Subtleties in Different Levels
Citation:   Beanieboy. "Subtleties in Different Levels: An Experience with Methylone (exp69134)". Dec 23, 2008.

  repeated   Methylone (powder / crystals)
Summary of Methylone
Male, 43, 170 lbs Feb 2008

I had no previous experience with Methylone, but after a lot of reading, decided to try it.
Trials happen in successive days, so tolerance may have built up. All taken orally.

TRIAL 1 - 165 mg, eggs and bacon at 11am.

3:30 (T:00) Full dose in juice.

T: 30 Subtle change in perception, very clear thinking, relaxed, calm, and introspective.
Begin typing introspective paragraphs about my life. Physical: slight uneasiness and tightness in the stomach, but nothing much. Some slight ear ringing, or just increased sensitivity to hearing. Emotional state: A lightness of spirit, something I remember from childhood. It isn't a euphoria, but a feeling of contentment.

T: 45 Physical: Stomach still ok, some stimulant feeling, slightly dry mouth, slight dilation of pupils. Emotional: Free flow of thoughts. Can easily type a page of thoughts, but it feels analytical and cerebral, like looking at my life, but without the shame and defensiveness, which makes introspection very helpful.

T: 1:00 Physically the same, mind very alert. Wondering if this is it, or if there is more. I think I was waiting for euphoria, is this is still just content. Should I bump another 50mg?

T: 1:30 After some contemplation about dosages, I bump another 50mg, and type another introspective paragraph about my life. Feel the headspace is extremely calming and natural to navigate.

T: 1:45 Surprised that I don't feel the bump. Do another 50mg? Feel as if I could write a novel.

T: 2:00 Bump 50 mg again, and surprised that I still can't feel the 50 mg from before.

T: 2:30 Almost at baseline.

Conclusion: Taste is very bad, but is masked with juice. For me, the effect lasts about 2 hours at this dose, and bumps had no effect. I feel like I have just allowed a lot of thought to flow onto paper with a lot of insight. Surprised that the euphoria is more like a state of being content.

TRIAL 2 - 200mg in the morning with juice, no breakfast

T:05 Already notice something happening, such as increased hearing. I am aware of how loud the silence is.

T:0:30 Visually, things look much clearer and warmer. There is a slight tingle in the body, slight lightheadedness, but nothing that distracts thinking. Thoughts begin to speed up and flow freely. Emotionally, I examine self-criticisms, and feel empathy for myself. Defenses are dropped, and I question why I have defenses in the first place. Time begins to elongate. I type a page, and notice that only 5 or 10 minutes has passed.

T: 0:45 Surprised by the calmness of the trip. Body feels very relaxed, like Opium. I see things in what I have decided to call Yellow Vision, because of the tint and warmth.

T: 1:00 Wondering if this is the peak because of it's subtlety. I have a general thankfulness to be alive, thinking about how amazing the body is, who am I and where does that separate from my body, etc.

T 1:25 Decide to bump 100mg since 200mg was so easy on me. Try to meditate, because it does lend itself to that state, but after a few minutes, I want to talk, reflect, etc.

T:1:30 Time is really elongated. I think, 'When is the bump going to kick in?' and realize that it has only been 5 minutes, when it seems like it has been 20-30 minutes.

T: 1:35 Time no seems to have stopped. My thoughts turn to important issues going on in my life, and my partner's life, and the best way to help my partner deal with his difficulties. I'm listening to electronic music, a nice choice.

T: 1:45 Continued time dilation, full eye dilation. Occassional nystagmus, but because of the calm and content feeling, I just go with it. Depth perception goes in an out of focus, and I wonder if there are some kind of visuals at higher doses.

T: 2:00 Oh, bump???? Here, bump! Don't seem to notice it at all, but still calm, happy, and writing a lot.

T: 3:00 Have returned to base, but had problems doing the math of the T:. If I took it at 8:30, and it's 9:45 now...uh... with slow, gentle decline.

Conclusions: Seems like I am building tolerance. My light dose is probably 200mg, and there is a tendency to want to re-dose because I want to stay there, but bumping doesn't seem to help or extend much for me. The revelations seem to fade with the feeling, so it is good to write or type them out. I can easily sit down and type nonstop, thoughts going off on tangents, and the revelations insightful (why do I have X defence? What am I afraid of?) as opposed to marijuana revelations (what would it be like if cows were wild? You could just hunt them with a hammer, because they would just stand there.) Want to explore a higher dose.

TRIAL 3 - 243mg Feeling content already.

T:30 Recognize the body buzz, thoughts beginning to flow. More empathetic today - thinking of others rather than just myself.

T: 45 Feeling like time is slowing, and my thoughts are going faster. I love this, because it's like therapy, and I feel like I am working through things quickly, or rather, working through things at what feels like normal speed, but time seems to have slowed, rather than me speeding up. There is no feeling of speeding, but a very calm, flowing feeling.
Pensive, reflective thoughts. Methylone presented in Yellow Vision with improved hearing appears. Very calm and open. I'm thinking very seriously - my own mortality, imagining what it will be like to lose a parent, etc. It is easy to confront my fears, because they are viewed without emotion.

1:15 Not euphoria, but very, very content, like everything is going to be ok, or is ok now. Could easily function in this headspace. Some problems spelling, but nothing major.

T: 2:00 I notice soreness on the tip of my tongue which I believe was caused by 2C-I the day before. There is some mild jaw clenching and tongue sucking. Feeling very creative, and imaging choreography to music.

2:15 Believe that I am returning to base. Think that bumping with 100mg to extend for such a short time, if it works at all, is a waste of material, but understand why people do. I am amazed that I have been typing so much, and thinking about so much.

Conclusion: That dosage was very calming, and elevated my mood. I was able to think very clearly, and think even more deeply. I am always wondering if I am almost at the point of seeing something visual, but it never happens. My creativity was heightened, and while I felt very good, someone with an addictive personality would keep chasing that feeling, I think, and often without any results. Later, T4+, I would occasionally notice that my vision in my left eye wouldn't focus on small print. I think this may have been due to the pupil dilation.

TRIAL 4 - Since I am comfortable with my dosage and the experience is very gentle, I decide to dive in to 300mg.

T:15 Already recognize a warmth to the body, and opening of the soul. Warmth of colors. Have come to see this as a tool, instead of a toy, and think it shouldn't be used as a 'party drug', but rather used with some reverence. Feeling more empathic.

T:25 Physical more pronounced, almost opium-like in its calmness. Some mental problems (spelling), but mind very clear, and free flow of thoughts. Working through a time when I was mugged and had my head split open, and how I felt. From this place, it's very easy to examine it cerebrally and with compassion for myself, rather than feel it emotionally, like it is happening now.

T:30 Physical changes continues, slight tight stomach, Yellow Vision. I feel that when I turn my head, it's almost like tracers, but not quite.

T: 45 Full pupil dilation, some depth problems focusing on the text, things look very clear and liquidy, kind of like when you see the world through tears. Very calm still, very lucid, and free thoughts and insights come easily. Surprised at the ease at 300 mg, and still curious about higher doses.

T1:15 Feeling like the start of a come down, so I prepare 100mg to bump, because I'm not ready.

T 1:30 I bump 100mg orally.

T 2:00 Can notice a slight return of Yellow Vision, and contentness, but seems more like a very slight increase, and then a elongated come down, as opposed to going back to peak.

T: 2:30, decide to bump another 100mg, but continue into a slow decline. It feels like just before the calmness begins, but with only the physical and none of the emotional.

T: 4:00 Comedown extended with physical sensations, but none of the emotional, which stopped after about 2 hours. Slept very lightly, and kept waking up. The next day, I was slightly down.

Conclusion: Bumping seems to be a waste for me. I don't return to the peak, and if anything, it simply drags out the comedown. There also seems to be a cumulative effect from the bumps physically as well, making it difficult to sleep hours later.

General Conclusions: There is some potential with Methylone, but there are some drawbacks.

It makes me feel content
It makes me calm
I can examine emotions cerebrally, almost like therapy
If I do not bump, I go up gently, and come down gently.
It is easy to navigate
There is a light body load
Because of the calmness, the nystagmus isn't unsettling.
The nystagmus is short and sporatic

Cons: There is a constriction in the body, so I feel pressure when trying to urinate. If I bump and miss the T:30 mark, it seems to do nothing. When it does do something post 1:00, it's all physical, and that's not the good part of the trip. I feel almost like I am waiting for the physical part to end with bumps.

By the time I had found my moderate dose, I only had 250g left. I was still curious about 350g or even 400g, which I'm guessing will be a max for me, but at the price, it's an expensive experiment, especially when I keep wondering, 'Is this the peak? Is this it? Is there more?' It also has the tendency to make me want to do just a little bit more, and has potential for addiction without any real benefits of increased use or even bumps.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69134
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 23, 2008Views: 11,726
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