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That Day Changed My Life Forever
by Eric
Citation:   Eric. "That Day Changed My Life Forever: An Experience with Cannabis (exp6915)". May 31, 2002.

3 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis
One time me and my friend had a $20 and we rolled a J. this person I didnít know very well and we had only smoked 1 other time. But anyways, we smoked a J and didnít really feel much from it, so we decided to smoke another. We were feeling pretty good right now. At this point, this was the most I had smoked, (2 Joints between 2 people) and I was feeling great.

Normally I would of stopped here, but my friend (The druggy he was) suggested we smoke 1 more. I said what the hell and we did. After smoking these 3 J's I was flying and feeling excellent. Well, we were walking down the road to get to my friendís city bus stop and about to cross the street and this is when it hit me....HARD! I looked one way to cross the street, didnít see any cars coming, then looked the other way to check and there were cars coming from the direction where I just didnít see any. I looked at my friend who was already across the street, because I could hear him saying something to me, and it was like I was only seeing every 5 seconds of time (As if I were in a dark room with a strobe light flashing).

It's very hard to describe how I felt, but I was extremely paranoid! I could feel my heart racing like I had never felt before, I kept putting my hand over my chest. I swore my heart was going to burst out of my chest. It felt like whatever I did took forever. Well, after dropping my friend at the bus stop I headed back upto the bowling alley where my parents were picking me up to go out to dinner. After what seemed like hours between the bus stop and my parents picking me up they finally showed up (In reality it was only like 30 mins). When they picked me up I told them I had a really bad headache and wasnít hungry.

We got to the restaurant and I couldnít even order a coke. I was with 4 other family members and it seemed as if EVERYONE in the restaurant was staring at me. So I got up and went to the car and laid down in the back seat. We got home about 45 minutes later, and I went directly to sleep. I had a hard time falling asleep at first because I didnít think I was gonna wake up. I finally fell asleep, woke up and felt almost 100% normal again.

I have not been normal since! I feel as if I have slight brain damage from my experience. I have smoked bud since then, probably 30 times (Once a few months ago), and I always feel very similar to how I felt that day. But if I do smoke, itís only 3 or 4 hits. Iím sure if I smoked a joint by myself I would feel exactly the same. Also, when I smoke now I have a very hard time breathing and swallowing. I only smoke now when Iím with others who are smoking. I try not to hang out with people who smoke, but finding people who donít smoke is like trying to find people who donít drink water.

Anyway Iím 22 now and feel as if that day changed my life forever. I do think I have some kind of brain damage because of that horrible day....

Exp Year: 1995ExpID: 6915
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 31, 2002Views: 5,809
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Cannabis (1) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Post Trip Problems (8), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5)

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