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It's A Beautiful Life
Citation:   Jay C.. "It's A Beautiful Life: An Experience with MDA (exp69193)". Dec 19, 2012.

  repeated oral MDA (pill / tablet)
I submit this information to help others seeking information about MDA so they can use it responsibly and safely mainly because I was horribly misinformed about what I was ingesting when I did consume it.

Effects/Info: At the same time I canít really say that the drug affected me in a negative way but I do see the world in a permanently different light. When consuming the MDA I had received it in WhiteNakedLady Ecstasy pills and thought of it as only to be the most superb ecstasy I had gotten and possibly had small amounts of MDA in with the MDMA. However, after recently discovering the pill on I found out otherwise (

Each pill weighed out at 315 mg and contained only pure MDA, so no matter what the amount of filler used in the pills was they contained significantly large amounts of MDA. I ate anywhere from only half of a pill to 2 pills everyday for 2 weeks straight, and then only occasionally and with others recreationally, to eventually reach a grand total of anywhere between 75- 100 pills. When I would take them only occasionally Iíd proceed to take more pills for 1-3 days after due to craving, and depression/humbled feelings most likely induced from low serotonin levels. However, once the depression was lifted it was replaced with extremely intense feelings of spiritual connection, understanding of life, purpose and even inter-galactic oneness. The drug also had the ability to visually change colors in some ways similar to a trip, although Iíve never experienced definable recognized color change on any hallucinogenic (Examples: friends hair appeared to be purple when I knew in my head it was not, and green glow sticks had red and orange trails). However, it did have seemingly exhausting feelings but I found them to be merely mental and once you could get past them it was ignorable with only a slightly heavy feeling. Music could conquer the exhaustion better than anything, the feeling that the music was flowing through my body rather than blood, and even today I feel extremely euphoric just listening to various music but most intensely motivating and uplifting is techno, I think partially because of listening to so much of it on the drug.

Dose/Info: On one occasion, I had taken 7 pills in one evening, due to personally high tolerance and perhaps even naturally personal high tolerance due to my prescription to amphetamine salts for ADD. I had taken the pills starting off with 2 and then 1 more every hour up to 7 pills total in the night. If you do the math, adding the weight of the pills 315 mg x 7 = 2,205 mg or 2.205 g, and according to typical dosage only 150mg is typical dosage, meaning even if the pills were half filler and only half MDA thatís still a dose of 150mg per pill. When on the drug I usually chain smoked cigarettes for comfort when it was intense and also smoked cannabis to help relax whenever it seemed to be overly intense. It is most certainly my favorite psychedelic among the rest though, because it contains the positive effects of both MDMA and some of LSD but without the seemingly endless effects of LSD. I know a large percentage of people who also consumed just one of these rolls puked the day after. I did feel at times extremely uncomfortable stomach pains when on and sometimes the day after taking the drug, as did those who puked, but I personally never threw up. I have a really strong stomach though, Iíve never puked from any drug or alcohol even though at times Iíve tried my hardest to make myself, Iíve just always had a phobia of puking from a bad experience as a child.

AFTER: My behavior with the drug was irresponsible and immature but at the same time I do believe that I am a better person today because of it. I have a natural desire to help people and show people love in order to teach them how to love, and experience a higher level of personal well being and equality with others. Since I have stopped taking the drug Iíve also quit doing drugs completely and moved back in with my parents in order to change my lifestyle and use what Iíve learned for good cause. I also think itís important to note that for me this is the longest Iíve been sober in the last year after experiencing emotionally and financially dramatic losses. It seems like hatred was completely evaporated from my available emotion choices, when anger is felt I can see how it will only divert my attention and keep me from accomplishing my previously and more fulfilling agenda of enjoying life.

On few occasions with one individual I have experienced incredible but still controllable feelings of rage. When someone I know and almost recognize as my polar opposite as far as views of life threatened someone that I had grown especially close too while taking the MDA I lost all feeling of fear and experienced what felt like a superhuman adrenaline rush during which I threw the individual off of my friend and halfway across the room with minimal effort. It was as if I convinced myself of emergency and responded even though I knew I wasnít personally threatened. I have no trouble ignoring insulting comments or threats to myself (unless theyíre from people I consider to be extremely close to me or look up to for advice) because Iíve become content and happy with life and even accepted death, but when I see others that are close to me but still arenít fulfilled in life become threatened I instinctively go into big brother mode to protect them.

I have consumed more MDA than anyone I know and Iíve eaten more of it than any other psychedelic, not to brag but merely to inform of my large amount of experience with the drug. Knowledge is the safest way to Roll.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69193
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 19, 2012Views: 19,886
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MDA (34) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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