Body High
Citation:   Syntese. "Body High: An Experience with Ethylcathinone (exp69297)". Mar 3, 2008.

T+ 0:00
30 mg insufflated Ethylcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:20   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 0:40 50 mg insufflated Ethylcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 50 mg insufflated Ethylcathinone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:00 600 mg IM Ketamine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
My first experience with e-cat or ethyl-cathinone as itís called Ēon the streetsĒ
My mindset was from the beginning of the evening in a perfect state and I intended to get a really nice experience out of this new drug. It took place at my apartment in [ ], Denmark where I live.

I had not previously been taking any other drugs than skunk weed a few months prior to this evening.

T =0 : Snorting the first 30 mg, and the nose aches as if someone had divided my skull into two parts.
T=10 min. : My hair at my arms stand right up and I get Goosebumps from time to time. It is all in all very promising. It reminds me of very good coke. My dick has shrunken into a little, depressing piece of meat, although Iím horny. Euphoria kicks in now and it feels really nice. It seems to develop into a great night.

Later tonight Iím going to pick up some skunk weed at my dealerís and then Iíll try the combo of e-cat and this terrific weed of his.
T=20 min.: The euphoria is reaching new heights and is almost knocking me out. Yes, it feels that great and Iím almost feeling like an orgasm is flooding through the entire body. It is like waves of pure energy streaming into my body and all the way through my organism. Iím thinking of my friends with quite a lot of love and send them a lot of friendly thoughts. The whole world seems like a very nice place to be situated. Iím getting really content with what Iíve done lately. Iíve been starting to write my final thesis at Art History at the university, and start reading some more texts about digital art, which is the subject of my thesis.

I feel a strong urge to smoke cigarettes, one after the other. It is quite stimulating when the nicotine hits, and I must say that the whole experience is extremely stimulating. In a very nice way. It must be really good doing some kind of intellectual work when influenced by this substance. Sex would be so good right now.

T=40 min.: Iím redosing with another 50 mgís and it hits my skull once more and tears begin to flow. Euphoria rises rapidly and I am becoming even more horny. At the speed of light I read several reports on web forum and write quite a few posts and start up some threads. My head spins like a wheel out of control and my thinking is really fast as hell. I call a friend of mine to tell him about this new, fantastic drug an he agrees to come visit me to get a few lines of e-cat.

T= 1 hour.: my friend rings the doorbell and I let him into my apartment. We get ourselves a line of about 50 mgís. After about 10 minutes he tells me that he too can feel the cocaine-like euphoria and is getting the goosebumps as well as getting very talkative and extrovert. He tells me that he is in possession of some LSD blotters and we agree to eat one each in combination with the e-cat. This appointment is settled to take place the following night. I am looking very much forward to trying that experience. I can imagine how nice it would be to have this extreme euphoria on the acid trip. It will be my first combination with a psychedelic, although will be combining the e-cat with the skunk weed that I pick up later this evening.

We decide to go and take a long walk and strolls through the city at night. It seems like everybody is high and sending good vibes to each other. We continue to the harbor where we sit down on the pier with our legs dangling towards the dark, deep water. My friend says that he wish it was summer so that he could plunge into the harbor right away. I agree and imagine swimming and diving when under the influence of this completely new, undiscovered drug.

We head toward the city again and pass the MacDonalds in the centre of town. I donít feel the urge to eat anything though. My friend suggests that we visit a whore on our way home, but I have spent my last money buying the red wine for the evening. Wine that I havenít touched and will not drink a single drop from. I drink a sinister amount of water but have no desire for alcohol at all. The thought alone of taking a sip of the red wine fills me with disgust.

T= 1 hour 30 mins.: we head home and start to make a track of electronic music on my Access Virus synthesizer and in Cubase on the pc. Faster than expected we are really getting somewhere with the track and it begins to sound really well to our ethyl-cathinone tuned and very sensitive ears. It is as the pace has gone up, compared to the last time we did a track together on skunk.

Suddenly I get the impression that my whole place is a terrible mess and I start to clean up the whole place and gets the job done in about half an hour. And we are talking washing floors, cleaning up the dust etc.! After that I feel like having some physical activity and I start working out on the floor. I must look funny or amusing in some kind of way, because my friend starts to laugh, which ends up in a very long, noisy fit of laughing.

T=2 hours 30 mins.: we start chatting with a few of our good friends on IRC, telling them about our positive feel good experience with the e-cat. They are very interested in the substance and decide to buy some of the substance themselves. I wish them a nice trip and invite them over to my flat later the same evening.

We sit down and talk about what combinations that we would like to try together with the e-cat. He suggests mushies, but I refuse because of my bad experience with the psilocybe cubensis lately. He then mentions the ketamine that I have in stock at the moment. We decide to get a shot of ketamine right away and start preparing ourselves each a needle. Mine contains 600 mgís because I have a very high tolerance to the drug after a few months of heavy use.

T=3 hours.: We have finished preparing our ketamine shots and inject the needled into our thigh musculature. It stings a bit more that it usually would have when injected.
T=3 hours 10 mins.: The ketamine is kicking in at me and I lay down next to my friend who is already k-holing on the ketamine. I ask him what he thinks of this combo and he mumbles some scattered sentences about rolling in the roller coaster in Tivoli. That feeling I can relate to from my own experiences with ketamine.

Really fast, with the pace of a Lamborghini, I start diving down into my own private k-hole. And oh boy was that a trip to remember. Yes it definitely was a memorable experience. I slided down some slope and found myself surrounded by Japanese men at the height of about 30 feet, looking down at me. Carpets of great beauty with oriental decorations on them were hanging from the walls, that again was maybe 100 feet tall. My ketamine trips tend to hold a lot of asians for some strange reason, sometimes hundreds of thousands of them.

T=4 hours.: Back from the ketamine we head for my dealerís new apartment and get a bag of skunk weed.
We get back to my place and start mixing the weed, which happens very fast. We go outside and smoke the whole joint in one goÖsomething we would only do when on coke og amphetamine. We get really stoned and start chatting with friend on the IRC channel again, telling everybody about the new found substance.
T=4 hours 30 mins.: The effect of the marihuana helps a lot keeping the anxiety and slight feeling of depression that follows a night on e-cat. Very much the same way as it often happens after snorting coke.
T=5 hours.: I lay down in bed, having shown my friend the sofa on which he will sleep for the night.
I immediately fall asleep and donít remember having had any particular dreams.
All in all a very nice evening. I must recommend this substance to everyone interested.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69297
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 3, 2008Views: 23,532
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