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Mind Reading
by jarrad
Citation:   jarrad. "Mind Reading: An Experience with LSD (exp69347)". Sep 17, 2022.

6 drops oral LSD (liquid)


It was a cold January day with nothing to do but sit around and watch the time pass. Lucky for me my roommate and I had just come across quite a rarity around these parts; liquid LSD. We had taken some paper hits a while back with mixed results and a few months previously we had some gel tab acid that was quite good but this liquid was the purest form you could get and I don't think we were quite ready for the power it was about to unleash upon us.

My roommate Mick and I decided to give this stuff a shot since neither of us had to work the next day and it had been a pretty good day for both of us so our spirits were high and our minds willing. We got on our cell phones and made sure no one would come over because, as we had found out, people coming over that weren't on acid can really bring you down. So I popped out the drop bottle and put three on his tongue and he put six on mine. We do this so we don't accidentally put too much. Right after this was said and done we hopped in Mick's car and went a few blocks down to the video store to rent what we hoped would be good tripping movies. It was about 630 pm. We looked around for a while and found a classic, Alice in Wonderland, and just when we thought nothing else looked good we found a Grateful Dead movie neither of us had heard of but thought we'd give it a shot. We were standing in the checkout and I turned to Mick and said, 'Dude we gotta get home. I'm really starting to feel this stuff!' He agreed so we got our movies and headed for home.

We walked in the door of our rental house plopped on the couch and threw in Alice in Wonderland. To our great disappointment it was too scratched to work so we decided to see what this Grateful Dead movie was all about. If anything has ever set off a trip fast it was this movie. It was a trip. Crazy space designs, trippy noises and distorted everything. Reality not included. I started tripping hard within the first 10 minutes of this movie and I had only taken the acid not even a half hour ago. Mick requested I drop him a few more hits so after that was taken care of it was back to the trip in full disarray. It was quickly turning into the best trip I'd ever had with the most intense visuals and auditory hallucinations I've ever experienced. Every outline of an object I focused on instantly became wavy or grew larger or smaller before my eyes and the sounds I heard made me feel like I was surrounded by a hundred synthesizers all making trippy noises.

Eventually the tripped out part of the Dead movie got over and it went to a concert part which we lost interest in so we turned on the TV and put some Jack Johnson in the stereo. Jack Johnson had never made so much sense to me as he did that night. My mind agreed with everything he was saying and it all made sense and made me feel content beyond reason. The music itself felt like it was meant solely for the purpose of the trip. If I thought I was tripping hard earlier, it just got more intense in the greatest ways ever.

My roommate I noticed was talking out loud and after I realized that I suddenly realized he had been all night. Every thought that was crossing his mind was coming out of his mouth. He debated out loud his nicotine addiction asking why he needed to smoke cigarettes and then moved on to other subjects such as why we were smoking weed and anything imaginable. I found myself focusing less on Jack and more on him and I just listened silently thinking about whatever he was talking about. And then one of the worst possible things that could've happened actually happened. A knock on the door.

It was about 1030 pm at this point and I had an idea who it was and after they went away I turned on my phone to find out it was my ex-girlfriend whom I broke up with the day before. That's neither here nor there but it freaked us out. We blew it off and turned Jack back on and were tripping balls just as hard as before. But something was much different.

I was sitting there listening to the music and Mick talking out loud about his concerns with life when I turned to him in disbelief. I noticed Mick wasn't saying a damn word but I could still hear his voice in my head. I thought to myself wait a minute I can't hear him if he's not talking and I heard him say the same thing but his lips didn't move again and we looked at each other. Then I heard him say (think?) if you're reading my thoughts then take this roll of Vitamin C tablets out of my hand and I'll know this is real. I reached over and took them and we finally snapped. There's no fucking way this is actually happening we thought.

Then it stopped and we started debating this phenomenon out loud. As we were talking we kept stopping and we realized it was no longer there and our thoughts were our own. So what else would we do, as curious humans, but sit there and try to figure out how we did it. We continually fell back into the trip and read our thoughts another three times and then the ability disappeared like dust in the wind.
We continually fell back into the trip and read our thoughts another three times and then the ability disappeared like dust in the wind.
We were freaking out. Mick kept saying it happened but there's no way it happened and I kept saying well if we thought that was impossible, and it happened, then what else is possible? The rest of the night was uneasy and we became so lost in thought I wasn't sure if I'd ever dig myself out.

I don't know how either of us managed to fall asleep that night but we went to bed around 3 am still wondering, still thinking. We got up the next day and of course, that was the only topic of conversation. We went over the course of the night over and over again wondering what made it happen, still a little freaked out and convinced we had pushed our minds through some sort of barriers. We pushed our minds to the limits of rational thinking and maybe over some cliff of sanity we weren't supposed to know how to get to. I personally think we know about 1% of the brains capabilities and that night me and Mick found out just 1% more of those capabilities.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69347
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 17, 2022Views: 302
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Music Discussion (22), Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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