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Mellow Moods as Parents
by Garvin
Citation:   Garvin. "Mellow Moods as Parents: An Experience with Oxycodone (exp69401)". Jul 30, 2018.

20 mg oral Oxycodone (daily)


As a 27 year old father, husband and fairly responsible person, I feel Iíve avoided the pitfalls of drug addiction in my late teens and early twenties. I have tried pills before and never liked the way they made me feel. I used to get panic attacks and though I had never taken medication for them, I know some of my triggers have been caffeine, marijuana, and pills of various kinds. As a result, it was with some trepidation that I decided to try taking Oxycodone.

My wife had about 15-20 pills left over from her C-section after the birth of our first child. I had been working out fairly regularly and playing hockey and after a week of complaining about a persistent injury she finally got sick of my complaining and insisted that I take one of her pills.

I was nervous about it, but decided to go for it and thus began my two week stint as an Oxycodone addict.

Initially, I took half a pill at the beginning of the day. I spent the first three hours at work in a very warm and mellow mood. I felt like I was concentrating a lot better than usual, and I really loved everybody at work. I kind of wandered around the office asking if anyone needed any help. I had some minor stomach cramps, and this seems to be the only real physical side effect that I felt.

My wife thought it was funny that I enjoyed the pills so much because in her youth, she used to love valium and vicodin and all that. We decided that instead of our usual bottle of red-wine at night, we would both take an Oxycodone after putting our son to bed.

I took a whole 20 mg pill the following evening and found myself feeling very mellow. We listened to some good music and just kind of sat around and felt warm and numb. I found that my usual scattered thoughts were very calm. I enjoyed the restful sleep that I got on those nights. One bad side effect for me was that I was prone to becoming irrationally irritable over small things. I felt frustrated for no reason at times throughout the week and realized that I was becoming more and more dependant on my nightly pill, even sneaking one in the afternoon. Not to worry though, our supply was dwindling and neither of us had any illusion or desire to procure more of these wonderfully numbing little pills.

We saved a couple for ďspecial occasionsĒ and laugh about our brief stint as prescription addicted parents. I can see how these can screw peoples lives up, luckily Iím way too busy to let that happen to me.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69401
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 30, 2018Views: 762
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