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Spacey with Crazy Eyes
Piperazines & Cannabis
by John
Citation:   John. "Spacey with Crazy Eyes: An Experience with Piperazines & Cannabis (exp69643)". Aug 8, 2009.

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:00 1 tablet oral Piperazines (ground / crushed)
  T+ 0:00 1 tablet oral Piperazines (pill / tablet)
  T+ 2:30 1 tablet oral Piperazines (pill / tablet)


I bought these from a local headstore advertised as cactus nutrient, not for human consumption and for use only on mature specimens. I don't know what the amounts of piperazine in them was. They also contained tryosine and a few vitamins (B3 I think) and metals, like zinc. The guy in the store said he had them in the back because they didn't want to cause problems putting them in the cabinet with the others. He had three kinds and said these were the closest to exctasy - I asked him if any actually worked and these were the three he told me about. I bought three of the pills, walked around with my mates for a while, went home and fixed my bike.

The pills were packed in a strange way. They were like big street MDMA pills, pink with a heart on them. They were individually packed in quite a big clear blister wrap with foil on the back, then put inside a 1/8th size bag with the warning label sticking them shut. The label didn't match the 'angels' name he'd used to describe them, but said something like Pink on it. I've bought a lot of herbal highs and never have any idea when I get them if they'll do anything. They're almost always advertised as amazing even if they do nothing. A lot of the legal highs do nothing, but my friends and I have found some have very definite effects.

The guy had said most people take one and to take three if you are used to dealing with it. I had no idea if they'd work or make me feel hurrendously sick, so I took one around 5 or 6pm. My friends were around at the house and had come up to go out to a gig, so we were leaving at 11pm and I was trying to work out how to divide up the pills. They may last only an hour or so, or all night. One thing I noticed about it was that the powder was very fine, dry and dense, not like street pills that tend to be damp with solvent and easily crumble. It tasted a lot like a real pill, with a similar tang. I chewed the first up but it didn't taste great so I just went with the slower onset method and swallowed the next one soon after. I'd been smoking green all day from within a minute or two of getting up and heating some coffee, I was probably on my sixth joint by now. The night before I'd been up until 2 or 3am smoking with friends and got up at 9am the next day, so I was feeling quite wiped out already.

I was sitting at my computer for half an hour after I got back in from smoking and taking the two pills. I was sure I could feel something different, a slight tingling on the surface of my brain and up the back of my neck sometimes. I lay down and tried to go to sleep for an hour or two. I could now feel something a bit different in my body, tingling around my abdomen. I tried to sleep but couldn't. This was when I knew something was happening - maybe about 45 minutes to an hour and a half after taking it. I hadn't had pills in months, but a few days before getting these I'd been having trouble sleeping and was rolling around in the bed all the time as if I'd taken some MDMA, even with the same sensations and jaw or muscle tightening. Strange coincidence. :P

I started getting really turned on for a while in bed - I thought he'd sold me viagra. I was starting to feel more disconnected and having slight visuals, especially with my eyes closed. After an hour, I got up and decided to do something else, since I obviously couldn't sleep. I looked in the bathroom mirror and my eyes were starting to get that sparkle to them when there's just something slightly wrong in the pupil size and expression. I smoked another joint or two and took the last pill. So by now it was about 8pm. After getting back in from smoking I found myself meticulously cleaning my new BMX as if I had major OCD. It took about an hour and looked incredible by the time I'd finished - the room absolutely stank of solvent and sprayable oil. I'd gone into a kind of trance cleaning it, making sure every part was perfectly glossy and free of finger prints.

I'd been talking to one of my housemates. He doesn't smoke or do drugs and is quite quiet about it. I think he knows we smoke, and by now my pupils were getting quite big. We've been tripping two or three times in the house while the two more sober housemates are around, so they must have noticed something. I found it really easy to keep the conservation going with him. He's usually nervous and doesn't talk much, but after a while he seemed much more talkative as well. I was talking to him from the other room while I cleaned my bike. That wasn't too bad but I started to get paranoid when he came in about that if I made eye contact with him he'd see my eyes looked crazy - again.

I noticed my muscles were twitching in my legs and even though I could think of things to say easily, I was making mistakes in what I was saying or seemed slower and too relaxed. That could have also been influenced by the vast green consumption of the two days. But there was definitely something more than stoned there. It felt more serene and clear. I can smoke quite a lot, but I'm not afriad to white out if I'm feeling bad. I'd usually have been feeling wasted from that much green but was now smoking more and feeling fine. For some reason, I found it much easier to hold the joint in my mouth and let the smoke get in my eyes and up my nose, but it didn't bother me this time.

Between 9 and 11 we started getting ready to go. I'd rolled three joints, to smoke one now, get a shower, then smoke another and go. I knew the event went on til 3am and I couldn't take any because I'd been there before and the security is really tight. And there's nowhere to smoke but outside the main entrance on the main street through town. The last one I'd rolled so I didn't have to bother when I got back. Like with cleaning my bike, I'd been trying to beat my housemates world record for cleanest ever rolled joint and was focusing hard on getting one that burns perfectly without a single crease anywhere in it.

I'd been feeling extremely sensitive. If I took my jumper off to get changed, I felt way too cold and had to sit in front of the electric heater to warm up. My skin was starting to look flushed and smoother (probably vitamin B3) - I think I'd also taken a lot of vitamins, including one specifically of B3 earlier in the day. Didn't think to take any tryptophan or MAOI. I figured if this was anything like MDMA, something similar may occur if I took passion flower extract - which acts like a MAOI. My friends were starting to notice now and were asking if I was feeling it. At first I said it was definitely doing something, but not quite like MDMA. I few times I'd felt like I was going to be sick, but then just decided I'd been trying to burp and wasn't actually sick. I was starting to feel and see more of the effects, but they didn't seem to be continually building in a rushing way. They had seemed to subside a little between 9 and 10 and I had been wondering while I took the last pill if they only lasted a few hours and how they wouldn't work through the night.

By the time we were getting in the taxi, I was really feeling it. Just before we'd come out I'd smoked the last joint I'd rolled and was starting to see colours tinkling on the grit in the concrete outside. Patterns were flashing into my consciousness as I looked at grooves where something had fallen in it while it was drying. I was baked into virtual silence and wide eyed staring out the window of the taxi.

Outside felt horrible. Even though it's warmed up a lot and I had a jumper with a hood up, I felt really cold. While we waited at the cash machine I started feeling, and no doubt looking, like I was close to being sick. Apart from the drugs, I also did a lot of sit ups for a few days before and the cold was making my stomach muscles twitch. I found I was able to breath through it and calm myself down well. The city was busy with people out. Five of us walked past one group of middle aged guys who were drunk and changed the topic to 'then we'll go out and beat up some stoners', which wasn't helping with the positive vibes.

We were dressed like we might be a problem, with hoods on (it was cold). We started taking our hoods down way before the club to make sure we'd have them down when the security first saw us. My friend was now joking that I look E'd up and wouldn't get in. The security did look at my eyes and pause for a moment, but we got in. The music was insanely loud, my ears still don't work now. The place was full of people from our university and busy. Almost all of downstairs was full with one or two hundred people, most dancing. I stood by a mirror and spaced out.

I'd bought a pint but couldn't drink it, a few times I thought it was going to make me sick. I don't like going to the bar on anything that messes up my eyes, but decided to anyway. As if my eyes weren't a clear enough sign already, I was on the pints of coke and energy drinks for the rest of the night. The bar tender, and pretty much every other person around me for the rest of the night, spent longer than normal looking at my eyes. I'd find random people were turning around to look at me. I had a hoody on covered in the happy and sad masks from threatre but in an evil style, as if they're crying or grinning - it reminds me a lot of what I see with mushrooms.

The atmosphere felt good and it was really hot in there. When I went for another drink, I overheard one bar tender with an ear piece in saying to the one serving me 'He's a pill seller, don't serve him'. They did still serve me, I think they have to if I'm ordering a soft drink. For a while I was waiting for something bad to happen. I was sure the security were behind me and one of the bar staff had said something and then quickly walked off after talking about me. I thought I might be about to get some questions. Nothing happened though. I even went back later and got served by the guy who'd said that, but he served everyone else at the bar before me, even people who'd arrived after me.

I had two or three people come up and ask me for pills. I'd also noticed some people hanging around me or looking at me frequently and then talking to their friends. I was waiting for a lot of them to start asking for drugs. I sat down with my mate in a quite corner on a sofa, the guy opposite me was looking back at me smiling with his girlfriend, probably at the expression on my face. I know rolling tends to make me get that gazing expression which can change if I start clenching my jaw, which I did find myself feeling, especially at the start.

It surprised me, I wanted to know how long people had been watching me before asking and were they'd come from. They weren't close to me, I hadn't been looking at them, so they must have seen me and then followed me later. That bothered me. With these guys coming up to me, the security was soon standing around behind me again. There are cameras everywhere inside and massive monitor with them all on up by the front door for you to see on the way in, so they will have seen people coming up to me. We'd tried to buy pills in there once before and the guy was kicked out within minutes, I was just about to give him the money too - he probably thought I spoke to the security about him.

One of my mates and I decided to leave at 2am, we'd lost the others, it was starting to finish and he wanted to pick up his green from his house on the way to ours to smoke. It was freezing outside, to me. I was careful leaving not to annoy the security, putting my can down on the side on the way out while they were watching and stopping in front of them to do my jumper up so's not to make it look like I was running out. Three guys seemed to start following us. I was suspicious because they were walking up quickly behind the two of us. We went into a fastfood shop and they carried on. We'd walked past quite a few police, luckily we hadn't been stopped. Although, we didn't actually have anything on us anyway.

I talked with my friend on the twenty minute, fast paced, cold walk home about drugs he hasn't tried that I have, how they feel and which are worth trying. We smoked at his house around 3am. He was too tired to come back to ours, so I walked the extra 20 minutes home. It was still way too cold for me, I was walking with my hood up, shoulders pulled up and at about three times normal speed to keep warm.

On getting back, my friends and I stayed up until about 5.30 talking and I think we had two more joints. I tried to sleep but it was impossible. I sat reading pages on bike frame design for an hour or two. In one way, I was more focused than ever - appreciating all the detail in the work. In another sense, I was daydreaming and part of my brain wasn't concentrating at all. I'd been drinking a lot of water and going to the toilet a lot - which felt annoying with the twitchyness sometimes.

My throat was so sore. I'd smoked a lot, but I'd also been phenylamine like breathing that dries my mouth, lips and throat out. Had a strange ketone like taste in my mouth all the time. I was feeling warmed up, that 'baking off' feeling I'll get with MDMA after 9 hours as I sit still and heat up. My face looked flushed but really healthy. My pupils around 5.30am were still almost covering my iris, they seemed to have only gotten wider. My housemate thought it was funny. Can't hear properly from the volume of the gig.

It's 7pm the next day. I still feel a slightly different and my pupils still seem slightly more relaxed than normal. These pills did make me wonder if maybe the guy in the shop had been keeping genuine MDMA in the back and sold it to me because I had bought a lot of peruvian torch from him, which isn't on display. If I bought them on the street, I'd guess they had something illegal in them. I'm sure you could even pass it off as X or some analog of it like 2C.

They can be thought of similar to MDMA in terms of how significantly they affect me, but the effects are slightly different. I didn't get any wave like ripples in effects like I can with MDMA, where it will seem to die off and then come back different. This did seem to die off at one or two points, but it was much slower and a more consistent feeling. I also get MDMA urges to touch things or my skin, to taste and listen to things. I wasn't really that hungry and didn't eat much. One thing that seems missing from this compared to MDMA is the intense waves of urges or energy I'll feel with MDMA. While I felt a lot more connected with everyone around me, in some ways the same as or different to E, it just wasn't quite as intense or empathic - if I looked at someone I just seemed to be staring into nothing rather than communicating with them. I think bearing extremely tired and smoking so much before taking these probably helped create a more relaxed and daydreaming experience. If I'd been full of energy before, I think I'd have responded in a more energetic manner to them.

I was going to take some more today but I only managed an hour or two of sleep and will try five or six next time we have something to do. I'd take them three or four hours before going out. And do the MDMA trick, two and then some more a few hours later depending on how I'm feeling.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69643
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 8, 2009Views: 9,377
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Piperazines (99) : General (1), Club / Bar (25)

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