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The Creature(s) It Brings
Salvia divinorum
by Sancho
Citation:   Sancho. "The Creature(s) It Brings: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp69665)". Jun 19, 2018.

  oral Alcohol (liquid)
  1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


This trip report will relate my one and only experience with Salvia, along with a short description of another person’s report that is relevant to my own.

When I first tried Salvia, it was the 50x extract, one hitter packs worth, and I had already had enough alcohol to be drunk. I tried it on a whim, wondering if I really wanted to get as high as my friends were reporting to be while on it. Assuming that I would come down in short time as they did I figured Why Not?

I smoked the hitter, inhaling deeply and holding it in. As I blew the smoke out I immediately noticed the presence of something psychedelic and proclaimed as much as the smoke ambled upward.

Note that at this time I been off of marijuana for about three or four years, preferring to explore my genetic predilection for alcohol and cocaine. Although I had had many experiences with mushrooms, and a few with LSD, they had also been a few years back at this point. So basically, my third eye had not been given a good squeegee in quite some time!

So, the effects kicked in really fast, as expected, and I started to move away from the group a bit and started getting that paranoid “are they laughing at me?” delusion reel going. I calmly reminded myself that it had been quite some time since I had tripped and so it is more than likely that they are laughing at the idea of me being high as shit, and not some weird personal level scenario that plays upon my self esteem. So, I settled into the high. . .and holy fucking shit!!! One of my favorite artists has always been Alex Grey, and as I looked at the three individuals in my kitchen (my friends) they, along with the entire scene around them, began taking on the colorful effect that Grey’s painting Bardobeing has with very contoured, vertical, psychedelically colored “lines” covering everything! It was beyond amazing and probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed to this day. I did begin to detect some “essences” of the people, such as emotional and thought patterns, but the drug was moving way too fast to really grasp onto anything and I ambled on into the living room.

The most curious part of that beginning part of the trip was that my girlfriend, who had just taken a hit about a minute or two before I, was the only person that was not multi-colored! It’s as if I was aware that she was out where I was, on a similar plateau. I also became extremely aroused when looking at here and attempted to make out with her then and there in the hallway. That, too, was only an attempt as the drug reared it’s full effects and sat my happy ass down on the couch!

I recall being so amazed at the potency of the drug and realized that I was at the equivalent of about ten hits of good acid! I also realize that if this shit were to last as long as acid then I’d be in for some mental troubles. . .The auditory effects were quite amazing. Eric Clapton’s new disc was playing but it sounded almost like it had been transformed into a pseudo-techno version, and the sound of the woman’s voice seemed to repeat in my head like a record that was skipping, but it wasn’t unpleasant and was in fact very flowing.

I just sat on the couch amazed at everything really and then a minute? later decided to move into the bedroom where my girlfriend was. That is when the most curious part of the trip came.

As I was walking towards my bedroom I “heard” a distinct, masculine voice saying “You should not be here right now, but since you are enjoy this. But come back again when you’re not drunk. . .” Now realize that those were not exactly the words that I heard, rather, that it was the exact meaning that was conveyed to me. Anyone with some experience in things involving the “astral” or whatever you would call it will understand that the communications seem to take on the voice of something known, and also the language. But the attentive tripper will realize that no real words were spoken. . .

So, to say the least, I “got” what the “spirit” was telling me and went to enjoy the end of the trip on my bed. I was just amazed as I was coming down how the waves were washing over me and every few seconds I was back in, then back out, and slowly back and forth like that for awhile. I closed my eyes and just let whatever happen, enjoying the procession of my mind, and then I became quite clear. In that clearness I felt a strong “mind jab” which is the most appropriate way to describe it. It was clearly a mind to mind communication, something also familiar to those who have more than once taken heroic doses of mushrooms and lived to tell the tale! This didn’t surprise me so much as I figured it was probably my unconscious telling me to get up and take a piss or something, but, to my amazement, I opened my eyes and directly stared at the source of the mind jab: my bearded dragon lizard!!! Shamans of most cultures respect lizards and reptiles as keepers of great knowledge. I wasn’t getting anything from this lizard, but he sure as shit roused me! He was at the edge of his branch, in the tank which was lit at the time, and was staring intently right at me. Those lizards will sometimes sleep for a day or two, and he was on a sleep cycle, so it was strange enough that he was so alert! Since then he has more than once awakened me from slumber to tell me he was hungry! Alarms suck, but it’s just down right weird when I was awoken by the flashing image of a giant lizards face in my dreamscape!

Anyway, so that was the extent of my trip. Note, the most amazing thing to me was the Voice of the Other that I experienced that certainly did not seem to originate from, although I had no time to question it.

Now, a few days later when relating our experiences, a friend asked to try it. So we brought him back to the house and proceeded to give him one hitter pack of the very potent weed. The effects that we noted we amazing, atleast to me. He smoked it, and then began laughing hysterically, pointing to nothing in the corner of the room, and saying that “he” is telling me to remain in my seat!!!

I found that most shocking as I had had a similar “he” relating information to me just days before on a separate trip! When my friend came down, an very much experienced adventurer of the psychedelic, and I questioned him very carefully about the “voice” he heard. He related that he did in fact here a voice that told him to remain seated, and not only that, but he said that he felt that the voice had come from his left side which is the very same side in which I “heard” the voice!!! I was more than amazed and asked if there was anything else notable about his trip and he said there was not. He said simply that it wasn’t so much a voice as it was a “communication” and that part of it was that if he were to stand up he would have gotten hurt!

To this day I still have not taken Salvia again, and now it is illegal in Illinois! Although I do plan to obtain more some time soon, only then will I be able to properly experiment with the drug, and probe the source of the voice much more. Reading some of the other trip reports, only a very few mention a voice, and of all the other people that were getting high on this shit back then, myself and my friend were the only ones who heard a voice, and we are also probably the two most open minded of our crew, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

Part of my intuition is telling me that I ought to wait for warm weather, and then experiment with the Salvia in a secluded area in the forest, somewhere that wont allow me to be visible to passersby or anyone else in general. Basically a small clearing amidst some type of large bushes and shrubs is the picture I’m getting. When I finally do get there, and experiment my little head off, I will report back. Probably around July of this year. . .

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69665
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2018Views: 1,481
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