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School and Drugs Don't Mix
Quetiapine (Seroquel)
Citation:   dusty. "School and Drugs Don't Mix: An Experience with Quetiapine (Seroquel) (exp69667)". Apr 2, 2008.

  oral Pharms - Quetiapine (pill / tablet)
Ok, so this is actually two separate stories. Each took place within a week of the other (2006), but the first account was written a few days after, and the second was written about a year later (2007). And it is now being reposted 2 years later (2008).

First experience:

Well, my friends and I were talking about drugs and one of them mentioned they had recently tried a pill called 'Seroquel', and that he tripped pretty good on it. Said he could get us some for $1 a pill, and it only took one pill to get a nice high that would last for hours. So I gave him $2 just to try it, considering it was so cheap. Looked it up online later that day (I hadn't gotten the pills yet, it took him about a day or two to get them) and it said something about it having some side effects like hallucinations and other similar symptoms. Sounded alright to me. So finally he gets me a pill (I am still waiting on the second one). It's yellow and 100mg. B (dealer) says 'suck off the yellow coating and then swallow it. It'll take about half an hour and you'll start feeling sleepy. When you do, FIGHT it. Don't let it make you sleepy as hard as you can, and that's how you'll trip'. He gave me the pill right before my first hour class, so I just popped it in my mouth right then and there. Well, over a half hour rolls by and I'm thinking back to my acid situation I had a couple months earlier (It was duff) thinking 'oh not again'. We had a sub that day so it was just free time, and there are just a bunch of nerds in that class so I just laid back in my chair and relaxed, just thinking about stuff.

Eventually I started feeling tired. 'Finally', I thought. So I fought off the tiredness and thats when it began. It sure was hard to keep my eyes open. I was just looking around at the room, and the lights on the ceiling... they were dancing, moving all around. I was having like, triple vision. I looked at my hand and it looked fairly normal, but once I focused more it started moving around too. So I just enjoyed the mild high for the remainder of class, and then got out and met up with my friend J and talked to him. He said 'what the hell are you on?' I told him and of course, he hadn't heard of it before. He told me I was talking very slowly and I sounded pretty high, although I felt quite normal. Then some girls came up to us and started talking, and after a while I realized one of them was my friend R and gave her a big hug. She was just laughing because it had taken me at least a minute to notice who she was and that she was standing there.

Then, you know, I went to my locker, went to next period, and... we had a test. I figured I was sober enough to take it. I was wrong. Unlike when I am high on cannabis (I usually ace tests when I am), I was going through the test very slowly, occasionally nodding off and making stray marks on the paper. By the end of class I had finished little more than half of the test. The teacher was pretty pissed but I got her to let me come in during Seminar at the end of the day to finish it. Next hour... I sat by some other group of friends and was talking to them as usual and they knew I was on something. I was still talking very slowly and was a bit confused. Eventually I got a real bad headache and was once again extremely tired. I figured 'fuck it' and took a real nice nap through the rest of class, even though my friends tried waking me up a few times.

Next thing I know class is over and I am to meet up with some other friends to go out to lunch, McDonald's or something. After eating, we went back to school and left the car and were talking about random shit we were doing in the car and I was like.. 'what? That didn't happen'. They were like 'man, you were talking so slow the whole time and you don't even remember us stopping to throw out the trash and shit'. And I didn't. The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, but I felt pretty good. Turns out that pill makes me feel pretty happy later on. Anyway I finally got home... and just flopped into bed and didn't wake up til about 6, because my mom woke me for dinner. That's how tired I was, even 9 hours or so after I took the pill. Wasn't a bad day I must say. Worth a buck at least. I plan on taking more than just one next time. I wanted to take two but the guy who sold me them strongly cautions me against it, since you trip really bad when you do. Maybe I'll just take one and a half. Not sure when to do it though. It totally puts me out of it.

Second experience:

This happened within a week of the last experience, but this story was written a year later, whereas the prior was written within a few days of the first go. So, my memory of it is vague. You'll also find that much of my story is based on what other people told me.

Instead of taking a 100mg pill, I took a 200mg. At school. Hahaha, big mistake. Now, I don't remember what time of the day it was that I took it, but I'm guessing it was probably towards the end of the day. Anyway, the story really begins in seminar, my last class of the day. I walk in the room, go to my desk, try to stay awake, but couldn't do it, and fell asleep. I slept through the entire class period. Some people woke me up at the end when everyone was leaving. I got up and I was tripping balls.
I could barely walk. I must have looked drunk. The teacher and everyone in the room were looking at me. Later on, I learned that they all knew I was on something, and the teacher was pissed. Luckily he didn't say anything. Anyway, I make it out of the classroom and my friend T goes walking by so I stop him and ask him if he could escort me to my locker, because I didn't think I would be able to figure out how to get there.

As we walked down the hall, I went blind. Everything was black. A minute later we
approached the drinking fountains, which were on the other side of the hallway from us. I was incredibly thirsty and I barged towards where I thought the fountains were (I was no longer completely blind, but I still couldn't quite see). Luckily my friend was there to steer me away from walking into a pack of teachers. So I had my drink, and was escorted to my locker. My friend had to catch his bus so he left me there. By this time I had my vision back.

So I was standing at my locker... and I honestly don't remember what I was doing. I know one thing for sure: I couldn't open it. Then my ex-girlfriend showed up, her locker being close to mine. We were alone, and I was standing there looking royally fucked up. We hadn't left on good terms.. at all. As a matter of fact, I still dislike her, regardless of what I'm about to tell you. So she came over to me very nicely and asked me what was wrong and if I was okay, then offered to open my locker for me, and by some miracle I remembered the numbers to my lock. After that I really don't remember what happened.. if I said thanks or what. It was really weird.. and I feel guilty having such dislike for her even after she helped me out like that.

Anyway... I guess I stood there for a good ten minutes before realizing that I didn't even need anything from my locker in the first place, causing me to miss my bus. Great. So now I'm wandering around school, walking up to random people asking if I could use their cellphone to call my mom (this was before I had a car, obviously). I don't remember who I talked to, but I've been told by those people later all about it. I found some friends who had a cell phone so I called my mother, and I have no idea how she didn't suspect something, because I could barely talk, let alone dial the numbers on the phone. In fact, I think I had to ask someone else to dial them for me. She was at work still, so it would be about half an hour before she could come. Even better.
So I head down to the corner store where they sell candy and stuff, and I was hungry so I bought some airheads. I don't remember anything that happened in there, but according to what the people who were there have told me, I was mumbling gibberish the whole time, and the only way they knew what I wanted is because I was pointing. They said they just gave me them for free. I don't remember that part either.

Anyway, I leave, go to a table, and fall asleep. Then somebody wakes me up, and I walked over to the doors of the school to wait for my mom, and then fell asleep on the steps. Then a group of girls walked by and were talking to me. I haven't a clue what we talked about, but later on they told me I was very entertaining. Anyway, finally my mom shows up, and I'm still acting stoned, but somehow she didn't notice. I think she was just concerned about my great-grandfather, as he was in ill health. She decided we better go visit him at the nursing home. That was bad, because I kept falling asleep during the visit. Then finally we came home.. and.. I guess that's it. I was out for the rest of the day.

Two years later I still smile when thinking back to this story. It wasn't necessarily a positive or negative experience. A little of both I suppose. Anyway, after those two experiments, I decided to never do the stuff again. I'm not into pills anyway.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 69667
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 2, 2008Views: 189,058
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