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Smokable Harmaloid Freebase
Syrian Rue (extract)
by xeno
Citation:   xeno. "Smokable Harmaloid Freebase: An Experience with Syrian Rue (extract) (exp69701)". Jun 13, 2018.

  repeated smoked Syrian Rue (extract)


Over the past year or so I’ve gained an interest in Ayahuasca, and subsequently the Harmala alkaloids. After some research, I decided to do a Manske extraction on Syrian Rue. I did this for two reasons; the extraction involves no strong solvents or strong acids and bases and the Harmala alkaloids are not controlled substances. I followed the Manske tek to the best of my abilities and came out with some very pretty needle-like brownish orange crystals. I had been using Caapi-extracted Harmine that I had bought online with Mimosa tea reductions that were scraped into gel caps for a while.

I decide to try something new with these crystals that I had made. In one of his lectures Terence McKenna talked about smoking Peganum Harmala seeds to raise an otherwise mild mushroom trip to another level. With this as my inspiration, I proceeded with the following.

I had read somewhere that you could easily freebase the crystals by re-dissolving them in water and adding a splash of ammonia. The ammonia would turn the Harmaloid salts into freebase and would drop out of the water and settle to the bottom. This is very true. After adding the ammonia and letting it set for a few hours, the freebase definitely settled to the bottom. I decanted the liquid and dried the mush that had settled out. At this point it resembled heroin, kind off brownish white and chalky. I decided to try and dissolve this in 190 proof grain alcohol and evaporate to get crystallization. After evaporation, I did recover some small, chunky crystals and some powder when scraped up. After admiring my handiwork, I decided to give it a go and vaporize some. I loaded roughly 20 mg into a “bulb” stem I had purchased for toad venom and began to melt the Harmaloid freebase with a butane torch.

As it began to vaporize I inhaled and found it a little harsh at first as it hit the back of my throat. I waited for any effects. I definitely felt a mild stimulation and subtle, brightening of vision. I decided to venture further and loaded perhaps another 20mg. After smoking that, the original effects got a little stronger, and I noticed my hearing shift. I can only describe this as though every sound had the quality of rubbing two pieces of Styrofoam together. I also began to feel a glowing in my body. I decided to smoke the rest of what I had and sit on my couch. I close my eyes and just drink in the sensations, knowing it might not last long. The mental effect were similar to pre-dosing for DMT with Harmaloids; calm, dreamlike state, sense of thoughts being more suggestive, almost as if coming from someone else. This lasted about 15 minutes and then I gradually came down.

It was not what I would consider intense or particularly inspiring but an interesting experience non the less. I have yet to have the opportunity to try this with mushrooms as this was the main goal, but felt it was good get to know the substance anyhow.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69701
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 13, 2018Views: 1,570
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Syrian Rue (45) : Cultivation / Synthesis (31), General (1), Alone (16)

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