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Lost in It
Citation:   Mushroomtip. "Lost in It: An Experience with DOB (exp69709)". Jun 27, 2008.

2 hits oral DOB (blotter / tab)
  1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    oral Pharms - Diazepam  
This report describes my first experience with DOB.

I was at a local EDM club with some friends. We had all planned on taking a couple hits of 'acid' that night. All of us knew that LSD is extremely rare, and that the term 'acid' refers more to chemicals that make you trip.

I got my two hits and took then around 12:30. As did my friend, we'll call him J. I continued to spin poi for about the next hour until I started to feel the first signs of a come up. I felt my coordination start to drop a little. My legs were a little shaky which made walking difficult. Its now one thirty, I'm starting to see slight visual distortion. I found myself getting side tracked easily from conversations and tasks. By 2 am I could barely focus on anything so I found J. He was having a similar experience and we decided to leave the club because it was just too hard to take at this point. A friend of ours drove us back to our town. During the drive home I kept getting lost in the music that was playing in the car. I kept seeing myself still inside the club. I looked at the radio in the car and realized it was off. There was no music playing. 'WTF? How is that possible.' I was extremely confused and starting to get scared.

They dropped me off at my apartment around 3:30 am. I walked in and everything was swelling, breathing and patterning inside my apartment. I was convinced that it wasn't my home, even though all my stuff was there in front of me. I finally convinced myself to calm down and that it was only the drug, when suddenly the next wave hit me. I was laying in the floor with my eyes close. The closed eye visuals were overwhelmingly intense. I've never seen kaleidescoping like this before. I was carrying on conversations with friends who were not around. I was seeing people in my peripheral vision even though I was completely alone inside my apartment. I call a friend to calm down. He tells me to sit indian style on the floor. He then tells me to reach out with my right hand and pinch the carpet. Then he tells me to tug on it. Immediately my entire apartment floor becomes liquid and begins to move. My mood is calmed considerably.

I needed a cigarette so I walked outside. I saw myself walk straight back into the club where I had been earlier in the night. for a brief few seconds I was right back where I had started. I shook it off and smoked my cigarette. While I was outside I kept seeing cops drive by my apartment so I became very paranoid. I soon realized only one of the cars I'd seen was actually a cop and it was just paranoia. I walked around the parking lot trying to clear my head and get out of this loop I kept falling into. It didn't work. Everything that had made noise became music. I was hearing amazing music coming from an apartment near me but when I went to investigate I found out that it was just an air conditioning unit of a nearby building.

its nearly 5 am now and I'm still tripping extremely hard. It's still too much to take. I've now found a kitchen knife and am holding it thinking to myself, 'if this doesn't stop soon I'm going to end it.' It wasn't a suicidal thought in the conventional sense it was a thought that this horror has to end. I can't handle it.

Around 5:30 my phone rings. Finally someone real to talk to. I answer and its a friend I hadn't seen in a few weeks. 'Come over. please. I'm freaking out right now. I need help.' He tells me he'll be right there. About 3 minutes later I call him back asking him whats taking so long. I thought it had been at least 15 minutes and he was only a few blocks away when we had first talked. He tells me to calm down that he's 2 minutes away.

When he arrives my mood is lightened. I now had a tether to reality that could keep me in a sane mind frame. I spent the rest of the day in good company talking with my friends about the experience I was having. by 1 am I realized, I had been tripping for nearly 24 hours. Visuals were still fairly strong. My mind was occasionally confused about things. The trip didn't end until after 2 pm the following day.

The trip lasted over 30 hours. I was told a few days later that the blotter had been tested and was confirmed to be an extremely potent DOB and extremely high dose per hit. At the end of the experience I took a couple Valiums and passed out.

The day after the world was a beautiful place. I had a new found appreciation for everything.

All in all I'd say my experience was a positive one. It was scary, at times overwhelming, unreal, and everything a psychedelic experience should be.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69709
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 27, 2008Views: 12,498
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DOB (19) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Various (28)

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