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Different from What I Expected
Ampehtamines (Adderall) & Cannabis
by John
Citation:   John. "Different from What I Expected: An Experience with Ampehtamines (Adderall) & Cannabis (exp69757)". Feb 28, 2011.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral Amphetamines
  T+ 6:00   smoked Cannabis
I had a massive amount of work to do last night, and decided to ask a friend of mine with an adderall [XR] prescription if I could have some of his. He said sure, and I went back to my room, at about 6 PM. At 6:30 PM the pill was consumed.

(Times are approximate)

6:30pm- An immediate thrill of anticipation rushes through me immediately following consumption of the pill. Possibly placebo.

7:00pm- No noticeable effects at this point. I was mildly concerned that the drug wouldn't work, but knew that such fears were unfounded. The pill was taken on a relatively full stomach.

7:30pm- Effects are now noticeable. I notice a slightly enhanced appreciation of music, as well as a general clearing of my head. I notice that I can focus on a task far better than usual. I also notice a particular interest in whatever it is that I am currently doing, whether it be chatting online, doing reading for class, or watching a basketball game.

8:30PM: Effects are growing in intensity. I notice that I am extremely communicative and articulate. I am usually quite articulate, but this is a new level. I feel as though I can figure out any issue as long as I think about it. I realize that I have a 25 page paper to write today and tomorrow, and have not started the reading. I am very confident that I will complete it without a problem, and that the work will be excellent. This thought hit me all at once, along with a shivering wave of euphoria emanating from my stomach and spreading to my limbs. I could get used to this.

10:45pm: I focus on the wrong thing. My baby sister calls me distraught about scheduling her classes for high school next year. I talk to her for a full two hours, with insightful analysis and legitimately fantastic answers. The conversation turns to what exactly she wants out of her life, and I feel extremely confident in helping her through that question as well. Waves of euphoria hit me as I realize that I am helping a loved one. I feel powerful and benevolent.

11:30pm: I realize that I am thirsting for intellectual debate and spark deep conversations online with my most intelligent friends about the nature of prohibition, the presidential race and idealism. I am enraptured in all of these discussions, and find myself responding extremely quickly to questions and extremely persuasively. I notice an incredible ability to explain my thoughts, something I often have difficulty with in high level discussions of philosophy. At this point I believe that I find the 'key' to what makes adderall a miracle. (I consider all drugs their own miracles) It is not the increased focus, that's nice but I got sidetracked plenty, and its not the euphoria, plenty of drugs can do a better job than that. The miracle of adderall is the exponentially heightened speed at which I can work through a problem and come up with a solution. I feel empowered and vaguely superior to those around me. I feel the need for constant communication, talking about nearly anything that comes to mind with my not nearly as interested roommates. Online discussion works nearly as well.

12:30am: A friend of mine comes to my room and invites me to smoke marijuana with him. I decide that the combination of bud and adderall is intriguing. I go to his room to smoke with him, the friend that supplied me the adderall in the first place and a girl who had never smoked before. I consider introducing someone to the wonders of drugs for the first time an extremely rewarding experience. When I realized it was about to happen for me again, I was hit with 3 powerful consecutive waves of euphoria. We all smoked. The first timer did not get far off baseline unfortunately, she only took 2 hits. My friend, the adderall supplier is an extremely inexperienced smoker, and I had to explain to him how to use the bowl. He succeeded and got high. This invigorated me.

1:30am: We are all still in the same room, listening to music. There is a psychedelic poster on the wall that we become fascinated with. I find that I am able to interpret the meaning of art, something I have never been able to do, much to my chagrin. As an experiment, I choose to concentrate hard on the music to see if I can interpret it as well. I am delighted to see that I can, finding new meanings for familiar songs. The conversation turns to the legalization of drugs, and then to drugs in general. However, first timer girl is not high and not interested in the conversation. We shift to the upcoming presidential election, but she is not interested in that either. Strangely, I don't find myself frustrated. I politely ask her what she wishes to converse on, as I am willing to talk about nearly anything. She chooses academics. Knowing the conversation would be very simple, I allow my mind to wander. I think about the concept of love, then forget what concept preceded it. The short term memory loss from the weed disturbs me, and I find myself battling valiantly to remember. I have pitted the drugs against each other, and get a mild headache. When I stop trying to remember, the headache disappears and I get another wave of euphoria, almost as if in reinforcement.

2:30am: I return to my room to work, but two of my best friends are online and awake. I decide that such a gift shouldn't be wasted and speak with them at length. My male friend tells me that he needs to write 7 pages by 9am, I suggest adderall. He responds that adderall is a performance enhancing drug and is unethical. I ask if the use of LSD by the Beatles that helped them to far outstrip their competition musically was similarly unethical. What followed was a fascinating discussion, rather than debate, on exactly what cheating is and if it is inherently wrong. At this time I began to notice that some of my muscles are cramped. I also notice that I did not eat dinner. While not hungry, I eat 2 bowls of cereal because I know my body needs it. I am at my peak in terms of physical euphoria, and likely near my peak in terms of mental ability.

4:00am: Everyone I could possibly communicate with is asleep. This initially depresses me as I feel that brilliant ideas are running through my head constantly, and its a travesty that I cannot share them with the world. However, I decide to continue my reading and writing for class and become immediately absorbed in the task. I turn on some music and set to work. A final wave of euphoria hits at about this time.

7:30am: 10 pages of my paper are complete and I have a detailed outline for the next 15. I consider going to bed, then realize I am not tired at all. I simultaneously realize that I have been up for nearly 24 hours and feel absolutely no fatigue. This vaguely worries me as I seem to know a crash is coming on.

8:00am: Thinking seems to have returned mainly to baseline. However, some muscle tension and certainly wakefulness have continued. I hear people moving outside my room and realize its the next day. I am mildly surprised at that fact and wonder how my sleep pattern will adjust.

At no point did I experience jaw clenching, which I found interesting given most reports. At times I noticed that I was sweating, but this didn't worry me and I simply applied deodorant. Also, I had heard that food is repulsive on adderall. I beg to differ, food is merely not intriguing while on the drug, and since nearly everything else on earth is its easy to forget to eat. Thirst was not at all compromised and may in fact have been enhanced. Both the food and drink may have been influenced by the consumption of cannabis. The combination was interesting, the cannabis guided the adderall'd mind towards art and music, and then set about analyzing them, an enriching and rewarding experience that I hope to repeat. I could feel the effects of the cannabis where off over time while the effects of the adderall remained constant. Definitely a combination worthy of further investigation.

In conclusion, I took adderall to help me focus on my studies, and I guess it did that a little bit. However, it were the other properties of the drug, chiefly the quickened mental process and the waves of euphoria that led to my immense enjoyment of the experience. I can certainly see how this drug could be mentally addicting. Overall, the experience was extremely positive.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69757
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 28, 2011Views: 24,854
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Amphetamines (6) : Combinations (3), Performance Enhancement (50), Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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