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DXM and Dram in the Forest
DXM & Dimenhydrinate
by synesthesia
Citation:   synesthesia. "DXM and Dram in the Forest: An Experience with DXM & Dimenhydrinate (exp6978)". Jul 14, 2002.

  oral DXM (liquid)
  12 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


I read alot about Dimenhydrinate, including trip reports etc. I had also tried a whole bottle of Dramamine (12 pills) last Tuesday with very few visual distortions (this was still alot to say since ive never even had good visuals with LSD just patterns being a little more full and was starting to believe visuals were made up, heh) and an unstable 'high' but very 'sleepy' feeling. I've never had full 'visuals' though i've had ECV before on DXM (I've been a regular user of DXM for about a half a year). I hadnt taken any drugs beforehand for about 2 weeks except the Dramamine.

I had planned this for a while now and I had it all set up. I went on a 'hike' way out in my woods with my tent and my backpack. I found a good spot and set up my tent. I took both the DXM and Dramamine at around 11:30 A.M. (I took it early in the morning so I would be rested before the trip) and washed the pills down with water. I had nothing to eat this day. I waited for a while listening to headphones. It was kicking in and I recognized the DXM feeling starting. I took my headphones off and left my tent and walked around a little feeling a bit weird. I then walked back in my tent and put in Tool and listened to it. I layed down for about 30 minutes and then, as it was kicking in, I got upright and got out of my tent.

I walked to a tree that was broken and sat down, there I could see the forest getting bright, everything was shimmering and vibrating. I looked around and saw this tree that kind of had a face look at the bottom of the trunk and it morphed into a face which looked very real. I've never had anything like that so I was kind of in awe but it did seem kind of normal. I got up and walked back to the tent I don't know why but I did. I sat upright and closed my eyes and BAM bigtime closed eye visuals. I saw elaborate geometric designs and forms. I can't even begin to explain the beauty. I was feeling a weird body buzz it felt alot like LSD the kind of tightening of muscles etc.. It wasn't spiritual but it did feel a lot like a dream, but I was awake.

I thought a lot about the visuals I was getting too.. total full visuals it was very textured. With my ECV's I was geting the patterns and they were turning into random people people I had never met etc.. and I could see their faces perfectly. It felt like I was walking to a fridge and I opened it up, then it was back to random faces. I then opened my eyes (my tent has a screen for walls so I could see the whole forest) I was looking at a tree, it morphed into another face (very real looking) which started talking. I said hi to it hoping it would respond, it did so but I couldn't hear it. I felt retarded for talking to a tree hoping it would talk back so I just closed my eyes again. I dont quite remember what I saw it seems like it was just more ECV's.

After a while of seeing faces trying to talk to weird random things, i got out of my tent and when i looked up there were millions of people (im thinking it was the trees) staring at me and I stared at them, man I thought I was losing it but I remembered it was just the drug nothing big I had read about shit like this happening and I looked back and there were less people, then I started trying to talk to them, I'd run up to them and say 'hello whats your name' and they'd dissapear, some I knew and were my friends and I'd say 'what's up' and they would try to say somthing then just disappear.

Movements were jerky and fake then they became more real. I was following people in the woods and realized 'shit these people aren't real' then they would disapear and I thought I was lost, then I just appeared at my tent door again (I must have imagined walking away from the tent). (I am dead serious that all this happened. It's insane that you can get these things from a store). Well anyway I started off again and started seeing people again but I didn't follow them I took my own way and and found the trail. It seemed like I was going crazy, but I have a strong will and I knew it was just the drugs. People were following me and staring at me from the woods, it seemed like they wanted me to go back to them. I looked behind me and saw some people following me. I made it to my house but I didn't feel real messed up anymore, although I still was seeing things out of the corner of my eyes.

I then went in and said hi to my mom and we talked. I don't remember about what but it was hard pronouncing syllables and I had to think about what I was going to say before I said it. She thought I was 'buzzed' because of somthing I said (I don't remember now and I don't remember anything about what the people or I said in the woods) but I deneyed it and said I was just really tired. It was 3:30. I was coming down slowly and I went up to the computer and talked to some people online. I dont remember what I said but I was staring at things and they would move away or jump etc. I also stared at the top of my computer tower and I got lost in it, it had so much depth it was crazy.

I ate supper and went to my friend 'k's, (he picked me up) by then I had very few visuals it was around 7:00 just minor movements and I spent the night there (went to bed at 10:00). I still kind of feel it. No bad hang over or any of the such that I've heard of. Just a headache for like 5 minutes. I also felt slight nausea at first but nothing big at all.

Overall I think this is a very interesting drug but i dont recommend the combination unless you are ready for hardcore visuals and plain out crazyness. Also have a trip-sitter and don't see your parents or anyone of authority. It would have been alot better if I had a trip sitter to describe things too and to keep me somewhat sane. Also it was stupid of me to come back to my house.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 6978
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2002Views: 11,184
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DXM (22), Dimenhydrinate (17) : Various (28), Nature / Outdoors (23), Combinations (3)

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