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The Trip to Get There Is Worth the Trip
Morning Glory
by MisterPriest
Citation:   MisterPriest. "The Trip to Get There Is Worth the Trip: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp69859)". Jul 14, 2013.

360 seeds oral Morning Glory (seeds)


Our decision to try Morning Glories was rather spontaneous. My neighbour and I had first heard of the idea a mere few days before the trip. So the whole ordeal was fairly unplanned. Although we had spent several hours scouring Erowid in preparation, we still had little time to prepare ourselves as well as what might have been possible. But, being teenagers, I suppose it is in our nature to act on impulse. Although, that I can recognise this; might suggest that I was wise enough to think before acting. So for the purpose of avoiding having me look quite stupid, we shall blame any unintelligent acts, such as sliding down a staircase backwards and upside down, on my neighbour.

So one bright autumn morning, we went through the phone book in search of any garden supply store that might have any morning glory seeds left from the spring. Luckily, one on the opposite side of town said they had a large supply of heavenly blue and flying saucers. Naturally we bussed down as quickly as public transit could allow and bought their remaining stock. Ignoring the devious smile from the cashier, we began plans on how to go about getting them into our system as soon as possible.

As mentioned before, we were not given much time to prepare for the ingestion process. We had never even heard of the many processes of soaking in petroleum ethyl or any other suggestions that the internet happens to be full of. The easiest and fastest method that we came across was to grind the seeds up in a coffee grinder and eat them as fast as possible with water.

We first washed the seeds as best we could, although this did little to prevent the nausea that followed. In the end we each had approximately 360 seeds. Borrowing his parents coffee grinder and being sure to wash it thoroughly afterwards, my neighbour and I took turns to grind up our seeds. This procured a decent measure of fine powder. As much as I would advise anyone against this crude method, it was, no doubt, effective. Eating the powder was a horrible experience. Even to this day, I do my best not to recall those 10 minutes of hell. The taste wasn’t all that bad; it was the consistency of the powder. Try to imagine eating spoonfuls of flour. Forgive me as I move quickly past this stage of operations, I must comply with my churning stomach. After all the powder had disappeared, we cleaned up and retired to my friend’s bedroom and tried to ignore the nausea and cramps.

We had ingested the seeds by noon and the unpleasantness lasted for around an hour and during that time, my friend managed to keep his stomach at bay. I was a little bit less lucky and vomited once. At this point, the stupidity of the situation began to catch up with us. Feeling nothing other than what one might imagine to be the effects of eating battery acid, we were extremely disappointed. Soon after vomiting though, the unpleasant sensations in my stomach began to recede. This might also have been aided by a salami and mustard sandwich though.

I, being the only one to have vomited, was feeling quite a bit better than my friend. I soon began to feel extremely lethargic. So lethargic in fact, that it felt good. I found myself a nice warm blanket, a soft pillow and a plastic clothes hanger. These three seemed to comfort me for some reason and I carried them around me for about half an hour. I recall feeling as though the three of them made me Link from Zelda. I sat comfortably watching my neighbour scour the internet for any kind of indication of what the onset time was. He grew more and more anxious and left the room when I began talking of how “there is no difference between no and yes. But that there is a difference between yes and no.” My lethargy was extremely comforting and I was not bothered by his worry that he wasn’t feeling as good as I was. Whether it was because I had vomited, or possibly because he usually has a higher resistance to substances than me, it took a short while for him to begin to feel the same way that I was. I soon felt comfortable leaving my three items of security behind. The high became more and more apparent, but was still very physical. This did remain very amusing though, and we entertained ourselves by playing with my friend’s dog for a good half an hour. From what I can recall, the physical high began to combine with an intellectual high as well. Colours were more vibrant and I was very attracted to windows. We were lucky enough to have a whole house to ourselves for the day, so we soon ventured downstairs. Getting there was quite an experience though, as gravity suddenly became quite an interesting thing to experience. After contemplating for a short time, we diced that the best way to tackle the stairs was to slowly slide down head first. As I mentioned before, I recognize the stupidity of this and in hopes of retaining some kind of respect in the mind of the reader of this, I shall blame the idea on my neighbour. After an eventful venture down the flight of stairs, we played with the reclining mechanism on his couch for a while. Much of the time spent here, I can’t remember too vividly, although windows were still amusing, as well as the many things that they showed outside. As the high became more and more mentally-focused, time began to be much more interesting than gravity. I recall keeping a close eye on the clock, and shouting out every few minutes something along the lines of; “holy shit man, it’s only been two minutes.” This was followed by a round of laughing hysterically. We amused ourselves by talking about how the high felt. Looking back on it now, I remember that the high seemed to call into question what exactly “high” was and how you would define it as a specific thing. It seemed to be impossible to define what we felt because words were incredibly restricting and the state we were in convinced us that there is no physical way to describe it because the seeds broke all the rules of reality. I must admit, that was incredible to think about. Colours and patterns seemed to be fascinating, and at one point we kept looking at the kitchen counter because the top seemed to be melting over the sides and pouring off like a waterfall. My friend came up with the theory that “Everything one minute ago is as it was one minute ago.” The two of us spent a good ten minutes contemplating this.

At this point, we had spent about four hours exploring the house and the things inside. This seemed to be the peak of the high and we felt comfortable leaving the house to go explore. This turned out to be a bad idea. My parents had called us at one point to ask us if we wanted to go out to dinner and we had an extremely difficult time talking to them rationally. Yet for some reason, we decided that we were okay to function normally in public. We were very wrong about this. We walked down to a small strip mall nearby and spent a couple fun-filled hours exploring, and ended up going into Pizza Pizza. We successfully managed to order quite a bit of food and when it arrived, rather than eat it, we decided to spend the majority of the time touching it. A woman eating with two young kids a few tables away seemed to become apparent of our state and we noticed her whispering to get kids and pointing at us. Determined to prevent her from giving her kids any more of an anti-drug lecture with us as the subjects, we left and went to a park to play on the playground. We ended up lying down on the slides and staring at the sky for a while. At this point, we were nearly back to normal, so we had a pleasant journey back home. We split up and went home, I managed to carry on normal conversation with the parents and spent the evening watching TV. Through the evening, everything still felt warm and pleasant and I went to bed feeling very good. The next morning, I woke without any sickness, and felt fine all day.

In the end, I would say that the sickness and unpleasant feeling after consuming the seeds was completely worth it. Although if you follow the other methods listed on Erowid, the whole ordeal would most likely be even better. The whole trip probably wasn’t as powerful as an acid trip but still very worth the effort.

In my experience:
0:00 – Washed, ground up, and ate seeds with water
0:00-1:00 – Unpleasant feelings of nausea and cramps
1:00-1:30 – Very lethargic, nausea recedes, feels somewhat warm
1:30-3:00 – Very pleasant feelings, physical high is very powerful, mental high begins
3:00-5:00 – Powerful mental high, visual and audible hallucinations/effects
5:00-8:00 – Calm, pleasant feelings, high recedes
8:00-12:00 – Slight after-effects, barely noticeable

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69859
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2013Views: 11,714
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