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Remeron-berance of Things Past
Mirtazapine & Various
by LatentSanityDisorder
Citation:   LatentSanityDisorder. "Remeron-berance of Things Past: An Experience with Mirtazapine & Various (exp69888)". Jan 11, 2013.

35 mg oral Pharms - Mirtazapine (daily)


I am a male in my late twenties, and I have been on a prescription for mirtazapine (Remeron) for the last two and a half years of my life and I have taken a wide variety of street drugs while on this medication, including LSD, MDMA, Ecstasy, cocaine, magic mushrooms, opium, Salvia, and, of course, marijuana and alcohol. Iíd also like to state that by no means do I recommend taking street drugs, especially while on prescribed medication, but everyone has their vices, right?

First off, Iíd like to say that mirtazapine (Remeron) has been very effective for me. I have a mid-level bipolar disorder (Iím usually down, however), mixed with extreme anxiety and insomnia. This medication has helped every single one of these Ďproblemsí, while only small side effects (depending on your view of Ďsmall side effects, for me, they are worth the price of admission). Anyways, Iíll get on to what you really want to know about.

I didnít start experimenting with harder drugs until I was on medication. Drugs didnít interest me at all in high school, it wasnít until I was a little more mature that they become alluring. When I first started taking the medication, I stopped drinking for two months (a long stretch for this weary soul) at the plea of my doctor. I continued smoking a crap load of pot, which the doctor told me isnít the best thing for the body and mind, but it wouldnít hurt me any more or less. He was right on that one, smoking pot was what, well, what smoking pot should be like.

After a few months had passed and my doctor and I discovered the Ďperfectí dosage for me, I started drinking lightly again. As with most other medications, I found that I could drink considerably less. Over the years, my tolerance has increased, but not to what it once was. An easy example is that prior to the medication, I was able to finish a 26er of whiskey, and be alright with it. On medication, two or three drinks are enough to get me pretty drunk. I rarely drink hard liquor anymore, mostly beer and wine. Six beers get me pretty drunk, on the right night. The only problems I can recall having while drinking on this medication is that, after I pop my pills at bedtime (I usually pop an hour or so before I want to sleep, works like a charm 99 times out of 100) I would sometimes get very ill. I found this only to be if I was completely obliterated, and already feeling somewhat, shall we say, dizzy. I just donít get completely smashed anymore; itís the easiest way I found to deal with it.

After being on the medication for about 8-10 months, I started to get the desire for something more. I had always said that I would never do anything Ďharderí than mushrooms, but I kept having, well, epiphanies of sorts, and eventually I decided that I didnít want to be 40-something with three kids and a wife, but no experience in life. I felt I needed to try some new things, and those new things were drugsÖduh duh duh. And in all honesty, I donít consider myself an addict whatsoever to any drug I take, with the exception of pot.

Anyways, I had a friend who had a bunch of eís , so me and a couple other friends bought some off him and popped that night. That first time wasnít everything I had thought it would be. I didnít think I would do it again, but who knew. Well another friend of mine had wanted to try it as well, so we got some more, and well I guess those ones I had the first time were complete shit, because I had never been this high in my life. I had done magic mushrooms a lot, but that was nothing compared to this. Long story short, ecstasy and I became very good friends for close to a year.

I have always been very careful of my drug use. Iím not one of those people who are going to pop more and more just because. I take drugs to enjoy myself, to access parts of the mind that normally wouldnít be accessed, not to run away from problems, get sick, or die. The most I ever did on one occasion was over a two and a half day period, where I believe I had 5 or 6 double stacks. They were really good too. I also did some coke for the first time that night, not something I can say I was a fan of, and Iíve only done it three lines in a year and a half since then. I ended up puking at about 2 in the afternoon on the Saturday (we started Friday evening). I still believe that this was just a combination of way too much booze, e, and some coke. Couple that with a McDonaldís breakfast, and I think you will too. Other than that one night, the only other problem I had with e was that after doing it for awhile, I started to crash really fast and hard. My friends would still be flying and I would be crash landing. After I realized that wasnít going to be an isolated incident, I pretty much stopped taking ecstasy. Even now, I will only do it maybe, maybe once a year. Now that I have found LSD, I donít see the point.

I had always been turned on by the thought of complete confusion, free thinking, and hallucinations. Even when I was against drugs I thought it was pretty neat. More than any other drug I had ever heard of, I wanted to try LSD. However, given where I live, no one I knew had it or could find it, and believe me, I tried. Well, perseverance pays off. Eventually, a casual acquaintance told me they were getting some, and I asked to her to get me some. And she did. So my girlfriend and a couple friends of ours tried it. Going in I was kind of worried about the meds, as I was the first time I did e, but I figured that if I can take e (something that fucks with your serotonin levels, as my meds do), acid wouldnít be a problem. And it wasnít. And it hasnít been to this day.

That first time was a little over a year from now, and I have taken enough acid to, well, lets just say, if the government was to give me psychological testing, I would be thrown in a room. I donít feel as though it has affected my everyday activity, but it has definitely changed my outlook on this doomed world we lived in. As for complications with the mirtazapine, the only thing I can think of is that I donít get the same hallucinogenic effects as my other people. I can handle my LSD very well, haha. The most I have taken in one night is five, and I was completely fucked. I have never hallucinated in the traditional sense, but no one really does. No one I have done acid with has ever seen purple monsters appear out of no where, but everyone gets trails and things will morph. I get trails on occasion when I smoke a lot of weed, but not to the extent my friends do. However, since I take my meds before I go to sleep, I never have any trouble when I decide it is time to sleep. Everyone else is usually up for days, but I have my Ďcrutchí to help me out there. The best thing I can say about LSD is that I have no desire to do any other drug since my first with it. I believe it to be a good thing, but sometimes Iím not so sure.

Since I started taking LSD, the only other drug I have really done more than a few times has been mushrooms. And I have eaten a lot of magic mushrooms. I have never had a problem combining these with medication. Just donít eat a lot. I find that two, two and a half grams of good mush is more than enough. I have found the mushrooms to be a little more intense than I remember but I may just have had really good ones recently.

For the most part, I stick to LSD and mushrooms, but occasionally I will venture outside the box. I have done MDMA a few times while on the meds, and I didnít have any adverse reactions to it, however, I didnít do very much, maybe three/four lines, and a half pill on another occasion. I found it didnít do too much to me on both occasions, not nearly as much as it fucked up some friends. I actually fell asleep at a concert on one occasion, while my friend was wired. I felt a little odd both times, after the fact. I donít know why. But at the same time I get a feeling of regret anytime I do any drug other than LSD.

I also smoked opium on the same weekend as one of the mdma experiences. I like opium a lot, no adverse effects here, pretty much the same as hash, except you burn it at a higher temperature. And it smells even better than hash.

Well, I believe the only one left to cover is Salvia. I will never, ever do salvia again. At least while Iím on meds. It was the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever had. I felt as though I was being sucked into a black hole, as though I would never see anyone I loved again. I thought I was dying. It was terrible. Thank god it only lasts a few minutes (if that). I have read some people taking mirtazapine having similar reactions to Salvia. Donít do it. Thatís my advice.

So basically, my experiences mixing mirtazapine (Remeron) with street drugs, to this point (knock on wood) have not been disastrous. By no means am I telling you it's OK to do any of these, I donít recommend it what so ever, but if you are, at least you know one other person has done it and been fine. But remember, everyone is different and will react to chemicals in different ways.

In summary, with e, I may have a really bad come down and I will never do coke ever while doing e. My experiences with coke were not as, well in depth as everything else, but no real bad effects. Iíve never had an issue with LSD, although I donít get extreme hallucinations (although I believe most people who say they see purple cows etc, are lying to make themselves and the drug cooler). Iíve never had an issue doing mushrooms, opium, or smoking pot. If you are going to drink while on this medication, remember your tolerance is a lot lower. A lot lower. I feel I should also add, that whenever I do any drug, I make sure I come up in a safe place. Once Iím used to the high, Iíll go adventuring. Iím also very responsible about how much I put in. I recommend that you start with a low number of hits, and if you need more, eat one more. You can always take more if they arenít working, but you canít take them out of you system once they are they, unless you desire your stomach to be pumped. Fun fun. Anyways, I hope this big long ramble may have answered some of your questions, seeing as I couldnít find any information anywhere on mixing mirtazapine (Remeron) with street drugs. Just remember kids, be safe. Be responsible. And always remember you are high, the rest of the world isn't. It may not seem real, but it is. Good luck.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 69888
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Jan 11, 2013Views: 14,028
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Pharms - Mirtazapine (311), Various (136) : Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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