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Cirque Du Phenethylamines
2C-E & Methylone
Citation:   Sequinned. "Cirque Du Phenethylamines: An Experience with 2C-E & Methylone (exp69935)". Apr 11, 2008.

T+ 0:00
8.0 mg rectal 2C-E (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 215 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 2:15 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
A trip to see the circus!

A brief bit of background: I have been experimenting with various plant medicines and research chemicals for a few years now, in both recreational and therapeutic settings. My primary goals are self-growth and self-exploration.

My wife, Veda, bought circus tickets for us for my birthday two years ago. Afterwards I mused about how amazing it might be to see it while tripping! Then, a couple of weeks ago, we watched the relatively crappy movie “Knocked Up” and laughed our asses off when the main characters did just that … went to the circus tripping on mushrooms. Well, in the movie, things take a dark turn and they end up freaking out, but this did not sway me. Here it was, my birthday two years later, the circus was back in town, and I had birthday tickets in hand!

I decided I would test drive a phenethylamine combo, 2C-E and methylone. I was nervous about it, and worried about a potential freak-out that would spoil my birthday present, but in the name of childish wonderment and scientific research, I couldn’t resist.

Immediately before leaving home at 7:00 PM, I rectally administered 8 mg of 2C-E dissolved in 4 ml of vodka. I am susceptible to body load with the 2C family, and for me, rectal administration provides the cleanest trip with minimal body load, quick come up and reduced duration; it is well worth the minor discomfort of administration. It is worth noting however, that in comparison to an oral dose, I must lower my dose by about one third to achieve an equivalent effect. Therefore I expected this 8 mg rectal dose would yield an equivalent 12 mg oral trip. The resulting experience proved this to be about right.

We set out for the event, driving across town directly into a stunning sunset. The 2C-E began to come on within 5 minutes, yielding a lightness in the head and a tightening of the gut. I felt comfortable and excited. We arrived at the venue at 7:30 PM, and Veda parked the car, while trying to ignore my incessant instructions. Crossing the street to the venue, I dropped a 215 mg capsule of methylone. Veda, now out of the vehicle, dropped some pure MDMA. She would be my “relatively” sober sitter. The plan was to have the substances coming on for the 8:00 PM show time.

While finding our seats, I began to wonder if I undershot the 2C-E dose, because psychedelic effects were not overly present by 8:00 PM. Thinking back on past experiences, a rectal dose would usually be in full swing by this time, so this was a bit unexpected. However, I soon realized my thoughts were premature, and as the show began, the combined rush of methylone and 2C-E really began to wash over my body.

It was mildly uncomfortable in the beginning, and the intensity of the performance was proving to be a bit overwhelming. I found it difficult to process what I was seeing, and felt very confused at times. I was beginning to doubt my dosing strategy, but reminding myself that everything changes, I momentarily sat there with a fake smile plastered on my face while clowns frolicked across the stage.

As I had hoped, this discomfort soon passed, and I soon found myself staring like a child, my mouth agape at the amazing feats of strength and agility before me. I found myself thinking about many things as I watched. I thought of my family, my friendships, my career, everything passed through my mind while this amazing array of colourful characters formed the backdrop for my thoughts. This was beginning to feel like a mild dose of ayahuasca, without all the physical torture! It was amazing that I was able to enjoy the show while digging so deep into psychological territory at the same time, but it was as if the show was driving my thought processes in the same way music can direct an experience.

As for visuals, colours were certainly brighter, but with so much movement going on in front of me, the usual trails weren’t particularly noticeable. I found my eyes occasionally fluttering and wanting to close, and I am sure this was primarily due to the methylone.

Act one was soon over, and when I stood up, I felt very unsteady on my feet. I asked Veda to hold my hand as we strolled down the aisle-way into the open air. We found a quiet spot amongst the crowd and shared a surreptitious rip off the small cannabis pipe Veda had tucked away in her purse. She had come up very nicely on her dose of MDMA, and we chatted about the show. The conversation turned to our relationship and the wonderful gift she had given us tonight. I found myself overwhelmed by my love for her, and felt a very deep sense of gratitude for the relationship that we share, and the life that I have. Holding her face in my hands, I conveyed to her that if I were to die tomorrow I would die knowing I had lived a full life, having been so lucky to spend some of my years with her. This was a gift I would never forget. Like two starry-eyed lovers, we turned and walked hand-in-hand back to our seats.

The second half of the show only got better, that is, the show and my trip. My entire body was tingling, and periodic rushes of electricity would move up the back of my neck, leaving me with goose bumps. I continued to wade through an ocean of thought, and felt myself overcome at times by various themes, such as a tremendous appreciation for my parents and all they have done in helping me through this life. All of these therapeutic moments occurred as I watched the show in ecstatic wonder.

At one point, a performer climbed to the top of a 20 foot ladder (with no supports!!) and stood up on the top rung, hands free, balancing precariously above the stage. I sat, squirming in my chair, fists clenched between my knees, whispering, “No, no, don’t fall, don’t fall!”. At various points I found myself holding my breath, my heart pounding with excitement. It was really, really fun.

Now, both 2C-E and methylone taken alone tend to provide me with erotic thoughts and this combination surely had this effect. I found the twisting, turning bodies of the suspended acrobatics to be highly sensual, and found my mind wandering at times in sexual directions. In one scene a beautiful woman was dressed in a sort of Raggedy-Anne outfit and was suspended from a very large metal claw-like contraption like a string puppet. I wondered whether the implications of bondage were creations of my own mind, or intended by the artists. As I write this in sobriety, I’m still sure it was the latter.

When the show was finally over and Veda was back to baseline, we returned to the car to go home. I was still tripping but coming down quickly by about 11:30 PM. When we arrived home I realized how cracked out I was feeling, and wanted to sleep badly. We talked for a while, and hit the sack around 12:30 AM, a full 5 and a half hours after dosing, with Eno’s, Music for Airports playing on the stereo. I tried my best to drift off to sleep. Then things got a little weird. I had crazy images of torn, bloody body parts marching in military line-ups, and at one point, I had a vision of a past therapist of mine standing over me. It was only a still-vision, but I understood him to be violently raping me. Ugh! Homosexual rape … that was pretty unsettling. Anyway, I managed to lay in bed for 7 ½ hours, but never really felt fully asleep.

The next day I felt very cracked out, and didn’t want to do much but lay about. My sinuses bothered me, as is always the case for me after taking any of the 2C medicines. I imagine my hangover had as much to do with the lack of sleep as the substances, but even though I was paying for my fun, it was well worth it!

This combination proved to be outstanding, definitely amongst the more magical experiences I have had, and it is a combo I will revisit for sure. 2C-E and methylone taken individually are excellent therapeutic medicines for me. Methylone is a great heart opener, and 2C-E is highly introspective. The two combined in this manner provided a great deal of both. The dosing strategy was perfect for me, deeply therapeutic as well as pleasurable. I will use it again for recreation such as this (museum, theater etc.), and also as a therapeutic tool for introspective work. Thank you Sasha, I owe you much.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69935
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2008Views: 21,811
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2C-E (137), Methylone (255) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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