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Don't Do This
by Xx Hydro xX
Citation:   Xx Hydro xX. "Don't Do This: An Experience with Niacin (exp69953)". Apr 9, 2018.

2 g oral Vitamins - Niacin (pill / tablet)


Niacin is just no good. Well I mean, it possibly helped my friend pass his drug tests while on probation but the effects just suck. My expierence started when I was going to look for a job. I was 17 and I thought that most places tested for drugs. I smoke weed every 12 hours at least, at 11 am and 11 pm. Usually I smoke more than that. So I knew I had THC in my system.

I had heard about Niacin before so I went to GNC and bought a bottle of 200, 500mg Niacin for about 8 bucks. I took one as soon as I got it and the burning and itching was unbearable! So I then had a great idea to take them before I went to sleep so the effects hit me while I was sleeping. This worked for about 3 days. On the first day I would take 500mgs. I fell asleep before the effects and the next morning I felt fine. It works! The only way I could figure out how to take Niacin without the awful burning!

So the next night I took 1000mgs. Considering that 20mgs is 100% of your daily value, I was kinda nervous as to what it was doing to my body. But once again, I slept fine. So I took 1000mgs again the next night. But on the 4th day I decided to take 2000mgs or four 500mg pills. Bad idea. As soon as I took them I knew it was a bad idea. I tried falling asleep but I was too afraid. I could feel the burning starting. First in my ears, then in my palms. I tried so hard to fall asleep but I couldnt. I was so hot. I was practactly sleeping naked. Finally at about 2 or 3 am after laying perfectly still for as long as possible, I fell asleep. I awoke the next morning at about 8 am with severe stomach pains. It hurt so bad. I'm pretty sure it was my liver that was hurting though. I went into the bathroom and threw up bright yellow acidic like liquid like 4 times. I felt like complete shit the whole day. Eating foods hurt and drinking water seemed to help.

I have not taken Niacin since that day. I'm not sure if it really helps you pass or not.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 69953
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Apr 9, 2018Views: 1,709
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Vitamins - Niacin (230), Drug Testing (59) : General (1), Overdose (29), Multi-Day Experience (13), Health Problems (27), Alone (16)

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