Vital Signs Every 15 Minutes
Stipa robusta
Citation:   Dr. Dolittle. "Vital Signs Every 15 Minutes: An Experience with Stipa robusta (exp69958)". Mar 3, 2011.

T+ 0:00
8 seeds sublingual Stipa robusta
  T+ 0:19 1 glass oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
Note: My 192 lbs are mostly muscular as this may make a difference between someone of my size with fat rather than muscle. I am also 28 years old. Age may make a difference as to how the substance is metabolized. I am in the medical field and I originally considered sleepy grass as a natural way to get some sleep at night. I have done LSD on 2 occasions when I was younger and wasn't at all against a trip either. The following are two of my experiences with sleepy grass.

The first experience:

This was my first time ever trying sleepy grass and I spent several hours assessing the safety of taking it. I decided to start out with a small amount and increase it slowly over time as to lower the risks of an inadvertent overdose.

I started out taking 2 seeds sublingually (under the tongue) due to an experience report that I read and also due to the fact that I hate nausea. I chewed the seeds into tiny pieces and left them under my tongue for about 5 minutes. I waited an hour and, when I didn't feel anything, I took 2 more in the same fashion. I did this until I had taken 8 seeds and finally started to feel something. I was monitoring the size of my pupils and found that they went from 4mm to 5mm during this time. I began to listen to some trance music and I put on the visualizations on my computer. That's when I began to really trip out and feel like I was becoming a part of the visualizations, like I was going through them. Then, I started to get sleepy and so I decided to go to bed. The moon was almost full that night and I remember that I kept feeling like the moon was shining in my eyes as I lay in bed. I could see the beam from the moon clearly coming from the window to my pillow. Then I fell asleep and slept extremely soundly for exactly 8 hours when my alarm went off.

My original experiment was to see if I could reduce the amount of time that my body seemed to need for sleep every night and to see if I could control when I actually felt sleepy and went to sleep. So I was relieved when I woke up to my alarm without wanting to hit snooze and stay in bed for another 2 hours! I woke up refreshed and contented which, for those people that know me, does not happen regularly. I felt happy and content for the rest of the day.

The second experience:

I realized from my first experience that I should have taken note of my vital signs during my trip since I am a medical professional and all. This time, I decided to take vitals every 15 minutes for the first hour. I forgot to take a baseline set of vital signs before taking the sleepy grass, which I will do the next time that I do this kind of experiment. Nevertheless, here is the information that I did get during the trip.

I took 8 sleepy grass seeds sublingually at midnight. As before, I chewed them up and let them sit under my tongue. This time I held them there for 15 minutes.

5 minutes in:
My first set of vital signs were taken 5 minutes after I had put the seeds in my mouth and were as follows: blood pressure 140/80 (note: my typical BP is 120/80, but I am not sure as to whether or not this mild systolic hypertension was due to the seeds since I didn't take a baseline BP), pulse 100 bpm (note: this is on the high side of normal, but I was somewhat excited about doing this study) and pupils 5mm.

14 minutes:
I had to urinate. (I am only noting this fact because I read on this website that some had experience frequent and profuse urination due to LSA)

15 minutes:
I spit out the seeds. My mouth began to get very dry.

19 minutes:
I got my first (and only) beer of the night.

20 minutes:
Blood pressure 138/80, pulse 100, pupils 5mm

25 minutes:
Time began to feel as if it was going by really fast and I began to feel mildly dizzy, but not to the point that I feared falling.

35 minutes:
Blood pressure 132/84, pulse 92, pupils 5mm
Slight sensitivity to light

48 minutes:
Saw a strange glowing aura around the flame on my lighter (note: I did not smoke anything at this time. I was polishing my boots and was using the lighter to heat up the wax.)

50 minutes:
Blood pressure 130/86, pulse 92, pupils 5mm

55 minutes:
I began to feel drowsy.

1 hour, 5 minutes:
Blood pressure 124/88, pulse 92, pupils 5mm

1 hour, 12 minutes:
I had a sense of hightened eyesight.

1 hour, 16 minutes:
I decided to go to bed.

1 hour, 20 minutes:
I had to urinate again. Go figure. As soon as I get comfy in bed. :)

1 hour, 28 minutes:
I experienced mild peripheral hypotension (low blood pressure in the farthest parts of the body from the heart based on feeling my pulse in my wrists versus my neck) in the left lateral recumbent position (laying on my left side) in bed. I turned the fan on because I also felt warm. With the lights off, I was now experiencing some mild visual hallucinations.

I fell asleep a few minutes later and, to my dismay, stayed asleep for about 12 hours despite setting my alarm. (Damn snooze button!) I did, however, have some interesting dreams (I normally do not dream at all, at least to my recollection) and awake (at long last) well rested.

My conclusions are that sleepy grass can be used to get to sleep at night if taken about an hour before the desired sleep time, but did not solve the problem of trying to get up in the morning. The positive feelings that I experienced the day after each trip might possibly be beneficial for people with depression although more study needs to be done before it can be recommended. To my knowledge, there is basically no information on dosage of sleepy grass and it is recommended that one proceed gradually so as not to overdose. I will continue to do more studies.

Note: My vital signs at this time are blood pressure 142/86, pulse 80, pupils 4mm. This does not substitute for a baseline set of vitals taken before the dosing, but it may help some to find what my normal vitals have been lately.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69958
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 3, 2011Views: 13,147
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