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Bee and Fly Side by Side
2C-B, 2C-B-Fly & Cannabis
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Bee and Fly Side by Side: An Experience with 2C-B, 2C-B-Fly & Cannabis (exp69997)". Erowid.org. Apr 21, 2008. erowid.org/exp/69997

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T+ 0:00
8.0 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (capsule)
  T+ 0:40   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:15 5.0 mg oral 2C-B-Fly (capsule)
  T+ 2:41   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:35   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:40 0.5 tablets oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:50 5.0 mg oral 2C-B (pill / tablet)
2C-B has become one of my favorite recreational substances, something I can enjoy nearly anytime and never have to worry about taking. It also combines remarkably well with just about anything. Naturally I was curious how its uncommon relative, 2C-B-Fly, compares. I expected Fly to be fairly different, considering the radical nature of the substitutions, which more-or-less remove the substance from the phenethylamine family.

My first hundred milligrams of 2C-B-Fly came in a labeled plastic bag with an MSDS sheet. It sat in storage for a week before I found the time to encapsulate samples of it. The ascetic task of hand-filling capsules with a scoop and microfunnel is time-consuming, but a wonderful chance to get acquainted with any drug. My 2C-B-Fly is a stark white powder, perhaps slightly more finely textured and less ‘fluffy’ than 2C-B.

I deliberated for a while before taking the dose, originally planning on 11:15AM. While I mostly expected a light and controllable trip, the little-studied and unique nature of the benzodifurans left me with some mild doubts as to the safety of the powder. I did some last-minute research online before dosing.


11:35AM: I swallow a gel cap containing 8 milligrams of 2C-B-Fly. I puncture the capsule first to hasten the release and it goes down into my empty stomach.

12:05: I’m feeling some flutters and echoes in my stomach. Some slight chills and trembles extend out into my fingers and legs.

12:15: No effect other than a slight physical response… So at this time I smoke some pot. It seems to strengthen the still-slowly developing 2C-B-Fly, bringing its hum up into my head to mix with the pot-induced daze… I still feel it in the stomach and extremities as well. I can start to visualize the personality of the 2C-B-Fly: so far, it is something warm and ethereal, ever-moving but not forceful.

12:35: I wandered into the kitchen to find some food, as I started to feel hungry. Forgetting that I had recently dropped a wine bottle in the kitchen and the broken glass had not been completely swept up yet, I foolishly walked in barefoot and cut my foot! Bleeding while tripping is not a happy thing. Luckily the substances I’m on at the time do not amplify pain or paranoia. The cut bleeds a lot but isn’t quite bad enough to require a hospital visit.

12:40: I react to the trauma of seeing my blood spilled by dipping down into a self-pitying and negative mood. The injury shatters my attitude that this is ‘drug experimentation time’ and I should be free to enjoy myself without real-world hazards to interrupt me. I have negative thoughts about being a drug user: That there is always a tremendous price to pay, and every day must be spent ready to undergo tribulations for the privilege. I act calm, but inside I feel angry.

12:45: I’m monitoring my foot and trying to ensure the bleeding stops... it’s too bad that trips don't have a pause button. The tingling feelings induced by the 2C-B-Fly are moving from my extremities up to my face. My foot is sore. There are no visuals, only slight pupil dilation, a slight pulse increase, and the mood would be euphoric if not for the unease induced by my injury. I can’t get the bleeding to stop yet.

12:55: I got my foot to stop bleeding most of the way and patched it up. Around this time, some visual effects were noted. Unusually vibrant colors and patterns were spotted on a kleenex box. Kleenex boxes always have flowers on them that look beautiful but fake. The flowers spawned some very unusual color highlights… and once I saw them in the texture of the flowers, they appeared elsewhere in the room. It was a subtle effect, and it did not stay for long, but quite striking when I noticed it.

1:00: I’m listening to ‘Venus in Furs’ by the Velvet Underground and pondering the connections between pleasure and pain as the dull ache in my foot slowly fades. I think about how the appreciation of pleasure is increased after pain has been overcome and endured. A rush of endorphins seems to mix with the 2C-B-Fly energy. I feel powerful, and my negative mood is reversed. I ask myself: Do I really want to live a whole life not knowing pain or fear at all? I'm glad I sliced my foot open while I was tripping on this substance.

1:10: The pot is wearing off. Rather than smoke more I decide to take the time to see the character of 2C-B-Fly alone for a while.

1:15: There are occasional chills and stomach tightness, but no nausea. Fuzzy, colorful, simple, subtle visuals flirtatiously come and go. I’m considering a mild redose at the 2 hour point. Still listening to music. The substance seems good for musical appreciation… no auditory hallucinations or direct auditory enhancement, just a good appreciation of musical structure. Many different songs sound pleasing and I’m not very picky.

1:50: I just called a pizza place I’ve never ordered from before, because I’m hungry and want to try something new. Plus, the kitchen still being a possible razor bed makes it a nice day to order out. After hanging up the telephone I redosed: A capsule containing about 5 milligrams of additional 2C-B-Fly goes down, bringing my total dose up to 13mg.

2:00: 2C-B-Fly is now mostly just a face-centric high, but it never completely stops tingling in the stomach or extremities. It fluctuates in intensity but never pushes beyond maybe a ++.

2:16: I smoked some more pot. It helps bring out the slightly marginal visuals… pot seems optional with 2C-B but nearly essential with this analogue, to flesh it out around the borders. At least at a lower dose such as this.

2:25: I’m listening to William S. Burroughs poetry as the redose kicks in. I’m intensely flushed and red. My heartbeat is not accelerated but it is slightly irregular. Skin tingling continues, mild euphoria comes and goes in waves.

2:45: Stimulation; moving around feels good. At one point I find myself dancing alone in the apartment. And then the pizza I ordered arrives. I decide to go watch TV while I eat it.

3:10: I’m watching television. Whatever visuals I may have been having have died down and the body high has once again receded. It’s just a mild hum at this point. I smoke some more pot, evening things out once again. At this point I consider taking some 2C-B. I would like to see how they mix while the Fly still has some sort of effect continuing.

4:15: I take half a 2C-B tablet and go to take a shower.

4:35: I allow myself to stand around lazily in the shower, luxuriating in the feeling of the water and the comfort of my thoughts. Thought patterns are a little more whimsical than normal and thinking is shifted in a way that’s difficult to explain. This is from the 2C-B-Fly, as the 2C-B has not yet taken effect.

My shower is very spacious, however it has a temperature irregularity problem. It occasionally shifts from warm, comfortable water abruptly to much colder water for a couple of seconds before shifting back. This can be a good tester for tactile enhancement levels. A cold water blast while on 2C-B would be noticeably enhanced- dramatically uncomfortable until the enhanced hot water came back to provide relief. Although 2C-B-Fly tingles under the skin superficially, it doesn’t really amplify feelings of touch much. The cold water doesn’t zap me any colder than usual.

4:45: While in the shower, I notice that 2C-B-Fly has reasonably significant closed-eye visuals. They are not very colorful, mostly focusing on black and white, but with contrasting, sparkling, images that seem to correlate with both bodily energy and my thoughts. With eyes opened there is next to nothing … a few fleeting tricks while coming up and down, or as the drug shifts about a few times in the middle. But nothing consistent.

5:30: The Fly is slowly fading and being replaced by the 2C-B. I listen to more music and prepare to go out for a while. Maybe I can see a movie or just walk around town. A visual effect is creeping back up now as the 2C-B kicks in, and the feelings in the body are getting both more complex and more consistent… the Fly and the Bee merge together and encompass me completely.

5:40: The 2C-B is getting quite strong. I have some heart murmurs and definite visuals now, which are different from the visuals with 2C-B alone. Closed eye visuals are becoming more colorful.

There are not precise notes for the period between 6:00 and 8:00. I went out for a walk, changed my original plans, and forgot to bring a notepad. I checked the closest movie theater to see if there was something I could catch but saw nothing that interested me. I got some chocolate ice cream to eat, went to a few stores, wandered around… and ultimately I decided to just come home and take it easy for the day.

At 8:25PM, I took a quarter-pill re-dose of 2C-B to extend the duration of the psychedelic high for another couple of hours since it was already slightly fading. By then the Fly seemed to be completely gone.

I smoked more cannabis starting at 8:50 and generally spent the rest of the night being lazy and enjoying myself. My 2C-B-Fly dose never went above 13mg total for the night.


I think that 2C-B-Fly is slightly more potent (dosage-wise) than 2C-B, but considerably more erratic. The visuals are subtler: Closed-eye visuals are definitely there, but different from those caused by 2C-B. Open eyed visuals with this drug were rare and fleeting, and also totally unlike 2C-B. I was often reminded in certain ways of 2C-I, such as the sparkling black, white, and grey contrasts I saw with eyes closed. The drug had emotional and intellectual effects, causing shifts in mood and focus. But these were also somewhat fleeting and inconsistent.

The location of the 2C-B-Fly high, compared to 2C-B, seems less torso-centric, moving away from the stomach after the first couple hours. The overall feeling of the drug is difficult to place. It is something that dances around, giving off hints. It hides then comes back out to play. If 2C-B is something that wraps around me, covering me like a blanket and consuming me with flowing pleasure, then 2C-B-Fly is something that buzzes around in circles, dusting me with an assortment of subtle effects. It did not have any serious side effects, nor did it interfere with sleep.

2C-B-Fly was not an equal to 2C-B, but it will be worth exploring further. Bee and Fly are both interesting alone, and naturally they go well side-by-side.

Three-Month Follow-up:

The tablets used in this report were stated by the distributor to be 20 milligrams a piece. It later came to my attention that the tabs were actually significantly weaker than the distributor had claimed. Due to the unpredictability of tablet dosages, they will not be used in any of my future reports.

Although the exact dosage of the tablets in this report is not known, I estimate them to be approximately 14 milligrams a piece, not 20 like I originally had thought. (That would make the first dose of 2C-B above approximately 7 milligrams, and the second dose approximately 3.5 milligrams.) I base that upon experiments I have conducted with pure 2C-B HBr powder measured out to various dosages, and the effects that resulted. I believe the dosage of these tablets was misrepresented by the distributor.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69997
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 21, 2008Views: 34,556
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2C-B-Fly (350), 2C-B (52) : Alone (16), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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