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Healing in Hidden Ways
Morning Glory, Alcohol & Turbina corymbosa (Ololiuqui/Rivea)
by Swatchfinal
Citation:   Swatchfinal. "Healing in Hidden Ways: An Experience with Morning Glory, Alcohol & Turbina corymbosa (Ololiuqui/Rivea) (exp70037)". Dec 28, 2009.

  repeated oral Morning Glory (extract)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
    repeated oral Turbina corymbosa (seeds)


For the last 4 weeks (weekends) I have been trying to find an ingestion method that effectively produces the effect without the body load. Even though today thereís some body load, I seem to have been able to achieve a full LSD like experience with morning glories. No visuals yet I regret to say.

First Attempt:

Extracted some 700 morning glories (flying saucers and pearly gates mixed) using the cold water extraction method, the seeds where ground to a fine powder and placed on a metallic tea holder on freezing water.

To be honest it was my first time and I think the extraction was most unsuccessful. I never shaked or squeezed the material which was a complete rookie mistake, didnít have any body load except mild vasoconstriction, but then again I just achieved a state of sedation, with mild dreamlike closed eye visuals while listening to music. Nice but very mild, lasted long, like 8 hours or so.

Second Attempt:

Soaked 500 morning glories (heavenlyís this time) in naphta for 30 minutes, filtered the naphta with a coffee filter and waited almost 3 days until it evaporated. Then placed the material in a bottle and poured roughly 4 oz. Gin (Sapphire Bombay) and left in the dark for until next afternoon, shook every now and then. Then added about 70 milligrams of tartaric acid, shook, left for a 2 more days and shook every time I was near it. It was a lot of gin, I think I overshot because when I took it, it felt like forever to chug it all downÖ and I got an alcohol buzz at first, bad choice, less alcohol is better I think.

When Saturday came, I filtered with a coffee filter, blended the entire stuff with lemon soda and drank as fast as I could. What a disgusting taste it was, you have no idea, taste of alkaloids, OJ, seed matter. Thought I would vomit but clearly didnít.

20 minutes passed or so and I started feeling cramps. Real bad cramps in fact. Lasted for over an hour or so. Wished I had puked, but it never came. I felt terrible for something like 8 hours, then fell asleep, next day I had the worst diarrhea Iíve ever had in my life. No naphta for me ever again.
Body load was awful I must say, vasoconstriction not so bad this time. Or maybe the stomach ache was far worse and I never really noticed. Either way, veryÖ and I mean VERY heavy body load.

Lesson learned: No naphta for me, no mixing tartaric acid with gin and whatever not. Crazy stuff. Big No No.

Third Attempt:

Placed 500 Heavenlyís without grinding in water and left them for 24 hours. Next day I proceeded to remove the husks. Only 400 seeds bloated enough to remove the outer shell, so 400 inner seeds made it. This took about 3 hours. Mashed as much as I could of the remaining material and placed it directly in 2 oz. gin. Added lemon and left it to soak for 3 days.

When the weekend came, I mixed with something like 3 oz. Sherry, blended the whole thing, filtered thru an old tshirt and drank the damn thing. Now this, you have no idea what it tasted likeÖ I started feeling an immediate buzz, real hard and creepy, then the nausea cameÖ like it had never come beforeÖ 25 minutes since I drank and I ran to vomit in a very intense and violent way. I felt a relief like you would never imagine, in fact I laughed uncontrollably with relief.

I started feeling very jumpy and felt the effects coming real hard. I felt very dizzy, but then again, that was like a 5 shot in one, so the alcohol buzzed immediately. 10 minutes later the alcohol buzz settled, think I puked it all out (at least), then came down and I started feeling the effects real hard. A very LSD like experience, very disorienting and fast. Came real fast. But it only lasted for about 30 more minutes then practically came back to baseline, which was odd but then again I vomited everything.

I went on my way and painted a nice piece of art, very trippy. I noticed I was still under the influence because I could melt with the melting wet paint.

Lesson learned: the bad stuff is not only in the husksÖ itís also in the inner seed. Again: Less alcohol!

Fourth Attempt (Today):

Found some 98% proof alcohol (rubbing alcohol). A great surprise since this is illegal where I live, but it seems my dad had saved some bottles, so I asked him for a bottle and he gave it to me. Ground 500 morning glories, placed them in 2 teabags and soaked with alcohol until it covered. Then added half a lemon. Shook and squeezed during the following 2 days, then removed the teabags. I left the alcohol to evaporate until only a small portion of alcohol was still thereÖ with all the yellow and brown (separated stuff by the way) was still there. I added 1 oz. of sherry and left in the dark for 3 more days.

At 7 pm took something like 25 Riveas. I soaked them in water and lemon juice (2 tbsp), waited an hour, then drank and chewed the seeds. Felt very very mild effects that lasted for 2 to 3 hours, then apparently back to baseline.

At 11 pm I proceeded to take the liquid I had prepared (Why did I wait so long? No Idea). I hate the taste of sherry so I mixed with CocaCola to disguise the taste and chugged down half a glass. Waited to see the effects and about 5 minutes later it started. Restless, my body was shaking and I started to feel a bit uncomfortable. I felt the sudden rush come 20 minutes after ingestion. Vasoconstriction was heavy but then again, Iíve been doing this the last 4 weekends so obviously accumulates a bit. But even though the constrictive effects I started to enter LSD like experience. It was a bit frightening at first I must say. So I decided to discard the other half glass, wish I didnít though. I thought the effects would last longer and possibly climb, but didnít really. I wish I could have crossed threshold. Then again, Iím not very sensitive to LSD, so I guess Iím not particularly sensitive to LSA and ergot derivatives at all. Funny that Iím not sensitive to ergot compounds and then again Iím extremely sensitive to THC. I go literally crazy if I smoke too much MJ.

An hour or so after ingestion, it settled and the perceptive change started to really take place, but stuck there for another 2 hours and decided I should try something else, so I chewed about 30 or 35 riveas. Bitter taste but much better than any other thing I tried. Didnít soak them or nothing, just chewed them. Itís so hard to tell how many to use doesnít it? Potency really varies. But taking in account I ate 25 in the afternoon and not much happened, I guess Iím compensating for the morning glories extract I threw out.

It started about 20 to 30 minutes after I ingested them. Reminds me a bit of the perceptual change I achieve with MDMA, though no ecstatic feelings. Colors are incredibly brighter, like for example if I look outside the window I can see the way the city lights paint a reddish over the sky, something I would normally never in a lifetime notice. Very high, but at the same time extremely conscious. Very spiritual in deed. It is healing in hidden ways, I can tell but canít explain. Sounds are incredibly heightened as well. I looked at some paintings me and my wife have done for our house, they are incredible, I totally perceived them in a unique manner. I seem to notice perspective (viewpoint) very much like you do on a 3D program. Amazing.

I think I definitely achieved a full LSD dose or something resembling it. I never get visuals with just one dose of LSD but I do get more ecstatic feelings than this. Even though the feeling I get makes me think Iíve always been this way and never how I normally are. Strange but true.

Iím happy I finally achieved the effects. After many tries filled with errors. Then again, you can only learn trying.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70037
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 28, 2009Views: 14,497
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