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A Wonderful Time on Ecstasy
by Servus
Citation:   Servus. "A Wonderful Time on Ecstasy: An Experience with MDMA (exp7012)". May 23, 2001.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


A few days ago i was with some friends, and one of them was buying marijuana. Well I like pot, but however, i was in the mood for something else. So i asked the person that my friend was buying the pot off of if they could get anything else, they said they could get ecstasy ('a roll') well imediately i thought 'No way' because ive done what i thought was X once before, Banana Brand, and it made me irritable and sick. So reluctantly i said 'fine' being that Im not the type of person that would not give something a second chance. I gave the person my money, and 10 mins later i had what was called a 'Pikachu'.

That night i went home, and waited before taking it, i made sure i did all the things i DIDN'T do last time, such as eat and prepare myself mentally. At about 10:15 i took the little speckled pill, and waited. By 11:00 i started to get a warm sensation in my legs, hoping this wasnt all, i waited longer.

The last time i did, i had nothing like the warmth feeling, It was more like the feeling you would get when using epehdrine and caffeine. Which after this night, im pretty sure thats what my first tablet was, i know it wasnt MDMA, thats for sure.

Well around 12:15, it had been two hours, and nothing signifigant had happened, except the warmth sensation that had overcome my legs, which was by this time gone, so i was assuming that someone had just got me for 20$. I stayed in my room listening to music and talking on the phone.
At about 12:44am i went outside to smoke a ciggarette, and thats when it hit me, i had this weird, sort of peaceful feeling come over my body, its best described by pink floyd where they say 'i have become, comfortably numb' because thats what it was like.

Standing there, looking at the trees, they looked more lively than usually, almost like they were alive, the branches were swaying back and forth like tall grass in a breeze. I actually had to blink it was that amazing, and i didnt want to stop looking. I knew immediately that i wasnt going to be dissappointed at all tonite.

At about 12:55am i walked into the bathroom, to splash water on my face. My pupils were large, and i realized that things look more ... perfect like they were done with great precision, i notice the lines between the tiles, they looked so uniform, the color of the bathtub, the walls looked different though, they looked sort of green.

I walked in my room, killed the lights and lit a candle. I felt great, like i was alive for the very first time. I wanted to look at the trees again, i thought maybe id missed something, something more profound than there lifelike movements. at about 1:30 i went back outside, but not to smoke, just too look, at the trees, the sky, it all looked like it was just formed at that moment. Amazing.

I then decided id come inside and get online, because at the moment it was really too late to call anyone (i was unusally considerate of everyone) i thought maybe that friends would be online, I was right. I got in contact with a close friend of mine, who i talked to about the expierence. By this time, my heart was beating very rapidly, but i didnt seem to mind, ive done quite a bit of amphetamines in my time, and being that i knew MDMA was an amphetamine, i sort of expected the heartbeat. I talked and talked to her, I was probably the happiest ive ever been, and normally im a sort of depressed person. I went outside a few times more that night, just too look, i noticed the angles of the sidewalk, texture of grass, it blew me away. I didnt want it to end.

Around 3am that night i decided that id lay down and think, being that ive heard that charishing your first few times on X was the smart thing to do, because you may never have anymore like it, i decided id think, id been having problems prior to that night. So i laid there and thought, i thought about life, the human condition, i thought about things that made me sad, i thought about things that made me happy and i thought about solutions to most of these.

I got up to refill my water glass and use the bathroom, my pupils still big i looked at the clock, it was 4am, time had passed fast and most of the great effects were gone, except the mental effects, i was still in a state of great thought mentally.

I'm not sure how much longer i laid there, but i know that i slept most of the next day and woke up feeling a bit grogy, but with a changed outlook, I had decided to look at everything from all points, and most importantly, to listen more than speak. Not that i took a vow of silence, but i mean more along the lines of everyday problems, i learned that listening was almost as important as speaking, if not moreso.

After this expierence, i would say that the FDA should re-evaluate this chemical, I beleive it would do wonders for those with very severe depression, if used under medical supervision, and not on a theraputic basis, once or twice i think would be enough, i know that it sure helped me!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7012
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 23, 2001Views: 4,547
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