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Sweating, Flushing & Laughter
Salvia divinorum (20X Extract)
Citation:   mexican bandit. "Sweating, Flushing & Laughter: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20X Extract) (exp70129)". Nov 15, 2019.

T+ 0:00
1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  T+ 3:30 1 line insufflated Cocaine (powder / crystals)
Salvia, a Beautiful Drug

A little backround about myself. I am an 18, 175 lb male. I have dabbled in opioid painkillers excluding heroin (My favorite for recreation), some cocaine and amphetamines which I do not like (any stimulant for that matter), alcohol, tobacco, cannabis (Don't like it) and most recently Salvia D.

Me and my friends were hoping to score some shrooms but we thought we wouldn't be able to and we were planning on getting fucked up for my 18th birthday. I remembered about salvia and my sister who is 19 drove us to a smoke shop a few miles east from where we lived, the guy told us that they have been out for a while so we went to another smoke shop a few miles closer to where we lived. I will now refer to my friends and T, C, J1 and J2

We bought a gram of 20x for 20 dollars which was cheap since the 15x my other friend used said it cost him about $35. There was also a 35x for $35 and it was also a gram but I thought we were unprepared for that so we went for the 20x. We also bought a $5 glass pipe since none of us had one, although my 3 friends with me are regular cannabis smokers, they usually smoke blunts.

The setting wasn't a great one, it was a small ditch in my community with a few people there. Since I was to apprehensive about going first, 2 friends t and c agreed that they would rock, paper, scissor it. T lost so he was a bit upset but smoked a decent sized bowl and held it in for about 15-20 seconds and exhaled. T said 'I don't feel anything' following that T said 'Oh my god' started tripping babbling on about the grass and just speaking incoherently. He also started saying 'THIS SHIT IS BOOOMB, THIS SHIT IS BOOMB!' many times. This struck me as intense since T never says something is bomb unless it is. My other two friends C and J1 hit it, J1 tried the 15x before so he was the most prepared, me being second since I read a lot about it. That being said, time for my experience report.

Sunny day, 18th birthday. A bit anxious about it but after seeing my closest friends do it, I was ready.

T+ 0.0 minutes
J2 was recording us with a cell phone so he didn't really do any. I grabbed the pipe and took a big hit, pressing and releasing the carb to lessen the harshnes of the smoke. I started counting down in my head.

T+0.5 minutes

I released the smoke and all of a sudden, my vision became distorted, I gave the pipe to my friend and I walked a bit. Every second more added to the intensity. I could hear one of my friends from the backround stating that the grass is different and the grass did look different.

T+1.5 minutes
As I was walking, I felt like I was on a 'Disc' that moved under me, like if I was on a raft with water underneath swaying below me. My vision had lag like you get from playing a computer game, everything was choppy. I felt like some pliers were gripping the sides of the back part of my head pulling me back then weighing it down. My forearms felt tingly and the tops of my hand even more. I felt a lot of persperation on my face. I couldn't fathom my surroundings, everything just seemed 'odd'

T+3.0 minutes
Starting to fade down a little but I was still very altered, I didn't get any intense visuals or any major haullucinations, just very severe distortions. This trip seemed like 30 minutes.

T 3-30 minutes
After the effects died down, the 3 friends sparked up a blunt but I didn't smoke any bud.J2 was bummed since he didn't get any effects from it but we had ran out and I'm assuming he was hitting ash. A saw a family pass by and I thought that we were on a show and that they were laughing and clapping but I later realized it was some little girl crying.

After this T, C, J1 and I snorted 1 decent sized line each which completely killed the rest of the Salvia high. Actually, C kept bugging T to bust out but he didn't want to but C just kept on whining for some. J2 doesn't do much drugs so he abstained.

All in all Salvia is a beautiful drug that demands respect. I believe I didn't get much out of it since it binds to the k-opioid receptor and I am tolerant to opioids since I do a lot. But this may be wrong since opioids bind the mu-opioid receptor.

Major effects
Mood lift
Nice afterglow
Personal Insight
Powerful visual distortion
Minor Haullucinations, mainly auditory and tactile
Ataxia, loss of motor control
Blurred Vision
Minor panic, anxiety

Also, I feel pretty good about myself, cured my depression. I'm planning on doing 35x tomorrow with J2 in a more comfortable setting. After that, no more drugs except pain killers which don't come around to me often.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70129
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 15, 2019Views: 507
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