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Truly 'Gone Fishing Forever'
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
by oggeymoggel
Citation:   oggeymoggel. "Truly 'Gone Fishing Forever': An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp70201)". Erowid.org. Jan 11, 2022. erowid.org/exp/70201

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1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  T+ 5:00 1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


This is a 'trip-report' of three seperate hallucinations that are inextricably linked, and all done on one full bowl of the herb, Salvia Divinorum (20x std).

The first, and arguably most important, was done by myself in the upstairs bathroom of my two-story abode. The mood was relaxed, but somewhat excited. I had been waiting to delve into my mind, and was ready to do so. Out of an ice-laden, 10-inch, plastic water pipe, I took the biggest hit of my life (from that sort of apparatus), and held it for as long as I could. Before I could count out the seconds, it had already begun. I felt a heavy metal plate block off my mind (as though my brain was a Fleet Commander on a Star-Destroyer with most its communications array blown apart), closing it off from being able to tell my body what to do.

My mind could only 'see' what was going on, all attempts at making change were but futile tries to yell through a phone line in which the other end had already hung up. I saw reality get 'closed' or 'sealed' in columns. The best I can describe it, is this: reality is a fabric, but not all in one piece. It's complete, but some parts over-lap to hide what's underneath. I felt as though my immediate surroundings (the bathroom) were being snugly tucked in to the walls at the bottom, much like a mother will lovingly tuck in their child at the edges and feet. Well, my reality 'blanket' was being tucked tightly into crevice between where the wall meets the vinyl. I could feel it happening, and I could see it, but at this point I had no reason to stop it. As each portion got tucked in, it froze. They were sealed in time and space to be just how they were, and they appeared to stay that way.

Then, when the final piece was put in its place, an invisible force (that my mind occluded as a hand with no arm) came down behind the wall to the left of me and began to rip away. At first, the 'fingers' of this force got under the floor and wiggled, as if to gain a secure hold, and then everything was lifted away. Everything except for me. The counter, the window and mirror, my skin, everything except for my insides (which was less gross and more like a pitch-black mannequin) were just ripped off, up, and away.

Then I gained my senses back, and began to look around. I was still hallucinating, but I felt as though I could do things again. My physical body didn't move, but my mental projection of my insides (the mannequin) was roaming around and interacting with my surroundings. First, 'I' stood up and looked around, but saw nothing. It was all a barren pitch-black wasteland for what appeared to be miles. Then I turned around and looked up. Above me, in a sharp Armani suit and all the inherent glory, was a feminine 'Big Bird' (as from Sesame Street). It was not frightening-looking, nor did it look the same as it normally would (just with a suit). Instead of a goofy smile and cheery voice, it had a grim line accompanied by a staccatto voice made of pure gravel. It said to me 'why must you change things? Wh--'

I tried to cut in on the ensuing rant on my apparent 'misbehaviour', but the well dressed childhood figure stopped my words with a glance to my mouth. A pause, and then it began again '--what possessed you to fiddle with reality the way you did?
--what possessed you to fiddle with reality the way you did?
Hmmmm. You went into their realm, and you gave them the spark. You gave him curiosity again, and he had no choice but to act on it. But, you wouldn't let it just play out from there. You tried to take him here. And for that, you must be ended'. The figure reached up, mouthed something, and brought its hand smashing down.

A split second after, a force tried to rip away reality again, but couldn't. I wouldn't let it. With every fiber of my mental manifestation (which was apparently not even mine?), I reached and held my outer casing (not really fair to call it skin) down and on to me. The edges tore and everything else went away, but I stayed just as I was. I looked around, and saw even more nothing. More nothing than there was before. I couldn't even perceive a ground to stand on, but there was pressure at my feet and I didn't feel like I was falling. I looked closer, and found a crack. More like a seem. But, I looked at the crack, and tried to touch it, as it appeared close. I grabbed it at the edges, and pulled myself through it. I was much larger than the crack, but it never seemed to expand and I never seemed to shrink. I simply passed through it. I never expect to see what I did, but there I was, sitting on the toilet with a completely blank look on my face. I, the mannequin, walked over to myself, the person, and sat down inside my cocoon of skin (like how a ghost is normally shown 'entering' a person to take control of them in movies). My skin enveloped my mannequin-esque insides, and I regained consciousness.

It wasn't a horrible trip, but it was definitely not a good one, either. I didn't feel truly threatened, but I did feel frightened.

The second trip,which was a full week later, I was not expecting to go back to where I had been the last time (I have, until now, never had conjoined trips in my many journeys with The Shepherdess). The setting was with many people in a slightly crowded room, and some of said people were loud/getting on my nerves. The place was trusted, and so were the people I was around, but one (call him B) was overly loud for the circumstances. Out of the same water pipe, I smoked a full bowl in one hit, and waited. I held the smoke for a full 45 seconds before exhaling, and didn't feel a thing. The onset took another 50 seconds before I could tell I was hallucinating. Reality began to get tucked in again, and I let it happen (not like before, where I couldn't do anything but watch), although I wanted to stop it.

This time, however, reality was not ripped away. I ripped out of it. I stepped through myself, found a crack where wall met carpet, and climbed through. On the other side, there was the simple expanse of blackened emptiness all over again. I looked for the figure from before, but saw nothing in all directions. I explored, to see if anything would ever show on the seamless horizon, but nothing ever came. Then, all of a sudden, color. Brightness. Feeling. In the place I had 'been' an instant before, none of that existed. Now, all of it was there in full effect. I was on a roller-hockey rink, face down, staring through the seam between the polished wooden planks. On the other side, I saw advertisements (or billboards), much like one would see on a highway or on the edge walls of a baseball field. They stretched forward, as well as backward, as though they converged on the crack I was looking at. As though I was on a geometric plane watching two other planes collide at the point (which happened to be right where my eye was, but where normally wood would have been).

I tried to stay and perceive more of it, but I then snapped out of it. Suddenly I was sober, smoking a cigarette, babbling on to someone about the effects of Salvinorin A on the human body. Apparently, I had been carrying on a full conversation whilst tripping, but I couldn't tell you what was said.

The third part was done in a car, later that night (four to five hours later) with three other people. I was in a fully safe and safe-feeling environment. All of us took hits, but only 'C' and myself cleared full bowls. I don't recall C's trip, but he played a role in mine. I immediately went back to where I was on the roller-hockey rink, staring at the collision of the three geometric planes, one of which I was on. This time, though, just as I reached the part where it ended, a hand reached down from behind me and pulled me to my feet, like I had been passed out on the ground when I was staring through the crack or seem. The only problem, though, was that it was the sharply dressed, feminine big bird figure that lifted me.

That's when I noticed that the hand that had lifted me was still lifting, but not with enough force to elevate myself, just my clothing. The closest I can pinpoint it to was like holding a dog up by the scruff of their neck, its a wash of helplessness that goes over and covers one with its coat of uselessness. All I could do was scream, and I did, but not vocally. Like, I screamed in the hallucination, but not aloud in real life. The scream shook the figure lifting me, and loosened its grip just enough so I could shake free of the hockey jersey I was in. As soon as I regained my balance and direction, I turned around to stare the figure in the face. The only problem was, the eyes I looked into were a swirl of the eye colours and freckles of all the important people in my life. For a split instant, I stared deeply and intently in to them, then spun around and bolted for the walls of the rink.

I found a seam between the wooden slats, and looked through it. Again, I saw the collision of the planes, but at their center wasn't my eyes. It was C, from before. Reality was about to do another completion, and I feared that it was going to seal off for good. No hand to rip it away and give hope for escape like before. Just a simple seal, and then it was all over. I vividly recall asking him to stay, to help, but he wouldn't. I knew that once the seal was complete, my mind would be lost, but anyone else caught in the resulting seal was to be fine. I reached towards the approaching tucks, and tried to hold the back. I asked for him to stay, but he couldn't (his 'trip' required him to leave the car). As soon as he left, the trip ended.

Soon, I'll be going for another plunge into 'salvia land'. Hopefully it will bring an end to this crazy nightmare, or at least shed some light on it. This time, I hope to put a stop to whatever it is that is going on behind the scenes of reality.

Regardless of what happens, the setting will be in an enclosed space with the same piece, with C as my sitter. I trust him, he's a good sitter for this sort of thing, and he definitely needs to be there in case if I lose my mind entirely. I want his presence to be with mine as I risk journeying in to the dark forever.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70201
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 11, 2022Views: 292
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