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My Hair Feels Amazing
by jykkE
Citation:   jykkE. "My Hair Feels Amazing: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp70341)". Mar 3, 2018.

T+ 0:00
50 mg smoked Methamphetamine  
  T+ 0:15   smoked Methamphetamine  
  T+ 0:25 100 mg IV Methamphetamine (liquid)
  T+ 0:30   smoked Methamphetamine  


Meth: take two

The day started off very lazily compared to the usual day. I had somehow overslept and missed going to the methadone clinic by a good 4 hours haha. It's amazing to have a day off work sometimes! I take 50mg of methadone at the clinic daily but it doesn't bother me at all to miss a day. But this started me fiending for something...I wanted to get coke, but couldn't find a ride to the source, so had to sit back and let something happen.

This happened later...
Dealer friend leaves a substantial quantity of methamphetamine to my roommate as payment for a previously owed debt.

I figured that this evenings experiment was going to be better than the time I had tired before because I hadn't indulged in either cocaine or methamphetamine in a couple days so cross-tolerance should be nil. The first time I tried ice, I had used cocaine heavily the night before and I have read that cross-tolerance is huge between the two.

This would be the second time I've taken it.

T+0h0m :: .05g is dumped onto foil. Lighter lit from underneath, with a loosely rolled bank note acting as a straw to draw in smoke. When I put the lighter under the foil I noticed when I drew in the smoke that when I exhaled there wasn't much smoke. I took this to be some sort of cut (MSM, I've heard??). Again, lighter was struck, and another breath was taken in. The exhale resulted in much more smoke and I could feel the drug in my body. Much better than the previous attempts I noted! Much more stimulation with the noticeable rush that I was seeking.

When I let it sit, I noticed how the puddle that remained would recrystalize and form as a white substance, which was kinda neat. The above process was repeated until there was no more left on the foil.

T+0h15m :: Another bit of crystal was put on the foil. I noticed the effects of this set of hits was lessened compared to the last batch. I took this to be because I was still feeling the first ones a bit and that of course I wouldn't notice the full-blown effect.

T+0h25m :: Loaded .1g into a spoon to mix for IV. I had a 1cc syringe so I added 80 units of water to stir. When I removed the orange cap of the needle though I noticed the needle was very fucked up which sucked. All the rest of my syringes held only 50 units (1/2cc) so I would have to divide the solution into two shots which is always a disappointment since the rush would be cut in half. I tried to solve this by shooting the first, then reloading the syringe quickly and shooting again. The first one went fine, but with the second one, I registered fine, but hand slipped halfway thru the delivery which --- PAUSE FOR ROOMMATE COMING OUT OF BEDROOM, DUMPING ANOTHER LARGE ROCK ON THE TABLE, AND GOING BACK IN --- caused a bump to start forming. I stopped immediately, re-registered, and finished up. I definitely noted that missing a meth shot stings like a motherfucker. Nothing like a similar experience with heroin or even coke.

Not wanting to waste time or free drugs, I put the whole rock into a foil, creased down the middle, making a boat for the rock and the eventual smoke to sit, to make sure that it didn't roll off. I had used this method of 'chasing the dragon' to smoke heroin during sessions when I couldn't find a needle so I am quite experienced in making sure to not burn the drug or waste even a sliver of smoke.

T+0h30m :: I strike the lighter, hold it under the foil, and inhale the resulting smoke deeply through a straw. Wow. I feel some very nice tingles off the hit, haven't felt like it before. My hair feels amazing. I liked how, after I stopped inhaling, the smoke would sit in the crease just like heroin smoke would.

My heartrate is very elevated, and is much more noticeable. Touch is stimulated. I'm having no problem sitting though. Maybe its because I'm doing something (not masturbating, sicko) but I have no desire to just get up and do random shit like some people.

I'm done for the night now and for awhile. I can't let another addiction fill my life up as I've already had one destroy my life. I already have another drug I'm using more and more that I have to fend off addiction to (cocaine), and my life can't begin to handle a second one.


Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70341
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 3, 2018Views: 2,202
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Methamphetamine (37) : General (1), Alone (16)

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