A Revelation for All
MDMA (Ecstasy) & Piracetam
Citation:   Awcrew. "A Revelation for All: An Experience with MDMA (Ecstasy) & Piracetam (exp70355)". Erowid.org. Jul 8, 2008. erowid.org/exp/70355

2400 mg oral Piracetam
  100 mg oral MDMA
  80 mg oral MDMA
MDMA has recently begun to lose its magic for all of us. My friends and I don't do it that often, probably on average about once a month, maybe less, but the intensity and ecstasy of the trips have deteriorated significantly, in varying amounts for each individual. As well as this the undesirable side effects have also increased: depression, sickness and general lethargy. We had been researching other substances we could load up with to bring the spark back to the drug, and stumbled across a relatively undocumented phenonemon: piracetam.

As far as we understand, and we have researched this pretty well, piracetam is a nootropic which enhances communication between the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the brain. The chemical has no undesirable side effects and many people use it every day as part of their vitamin regimen because it is supposed to promote intelligence. 2400mg per day is the recommended dose, and when split into 3 800mg doses taken at equal intervals, the large dose is made manageable. For the first couple of days, the whole 2400mg can be taken at once as an 'attack dose' to provoke a response from the brain.

Although this is the recommended way of ingesting piracetam, our supply arrived only 2 days before we were going to take the MDMA. I began the attack dose right then but rest of the guys waited until about 4 hours before we took the MDMA. They all took 2400mg before, and then we a had 800mg as we bombed the MDMA. I expected my reaction to the MDMA to be stronger than the others', as I had been taking the piracetam longer. Not so, as we were soon to find out.

We all know that MDMA experiences are very volatile, in that the setting and mood of your surroundings influence your trip and maybe these conditions were not optimal that night. Personally, I prefer to be outside in the fresh air or at a festival with plenty of visual and audio stimulation but this time we were in a small flat with limited space. I suspect this restricted the pleasure of my trip and therefore if my experience of the piracetam doesn't sound too positive, definitely bear this in mind, because I do believe piracetam is amazing.

The effects of the nootropic varied from person to person. The usual anxiety and nausea was still present in the come up for most of us, and it was relatively gradual overall. However, although these are usually the symptoms of coming up for my boyfriend, he found that with piracetam he got the wave of ecstasy wash over him all of a sudden, in an overwhelminly pleasurable way. For me, the trip was good, and everyone agreed it felt 'clean', 'crisp' and clear, in a way which felt more controllable in the good sense. As for the doses of MDMA we took: 100mg to begin with and then another 80mg later on, which is actually significatly less than usual (I've been known to take almost a gram in one night. Not good).

Although my trip was enhanced, it was not 'as good as the first one', probably because of the surroundings, but everyone else thought that their experiences matched their first times, which is miraculous. Particularly moving was the experience of one of my friends, who has definitely lost the magic of recent; for example, when he takes MDMA he disappears into his own world and is completely withdrawn. He looks like he is not enjoying himself even though he assures us that he is. Anyway, with the piracetam he seemed to have an epiphany - the sparkle was back. None of us thought this possible.

Two of my friends took some BZP with TMFPP when they dropped. Hallucinations and intense visuals followed, and although the experience looked toooo intense for my liking they assured me that they were having the time of their lives! If you want to experiment with this combination, be prepared for some serious body shakes though, although apparently it is well worth it.

The comedown was the most best effect which the piracetam caused for myself: it was gradual and pleasant. Usually after taking MDMA I become paranoid with audio hallucinations and feel utterly drained but I actually feel in good spirits after that night. Despite feeling nausious to begin with, and not being able to manage food as a result, after a long sleep (we had had none in the last 30 hours) I was feeling perky. I even enjoyed some breakfast, which is a complete no-no usually after a night out. Everyone agrees that the comedown is most definitely made more bearable.

The verdict, therefore, of piracetam is that this seems to be a wonder drug. More experimentation is needed, because we have only experienced it just the once, but so far so good. Given better surroundings for my trip, I do believe that I can reach highs comparable to my first with piracetam, and even better is the fact that I can take much less and hopefully do myself less damage. My friends all agree that their experiences with the combination were immense, and plan to use piracetam every time we take MDMA. Hopefully, the same effects can be felt every time, and in that case, we have a lot of fun times ahead of us.

PS - Just as I was uploading this text, one of my friends who took piracetam and MDMA with us sent me a text message - he said 'Piracetam has completely changed my life, I feel so much better its untrue. Something was wrong but now I feel free.' This friend is at University, smokes and drinks and doesn't eat well, despite our constant suggestions for him to make his lifestyle more healthy. That message was out of the blue, I haven't even replied yet, but I am very glad to have made him feel this way by introducing him to piracetam.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70355
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 8, 2008Views: 47,622
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