Female Dosage Experiment
Citation:   atomicblonde. "Female Dosage Experiment: An Experience with GHB (exp70494)". Erowid.org. Apr 15, 2008. erowid.org/exp/70494

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1.5 mg oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 2:30 1.5 mg oral GHB (liquid)
Erowid Warning: The concentration of GHB in liquid cannot be known simply from the volume. Some 1.5 ml (or 2 ml, or whatever ml) doses are 'weaker' and some are 'stronger', depending on the degree of dilution. Use extreme caution with new material.

My husband got some liquid GHB for us to try one Friday evening to enhance our evening of sex and intimacy. Not knowing how much we should take I trawled the internet for dosage recommendations and after much umming and arring and lengthy discussion with husband we decided to try 1.5ml of the GHB liquid mixed with half a shot glass of fruit juice (which I found disguises the disgusting taste the best)

This stuff smells and tastes disgusting - I can't think of anything else that tastes even similar! I had to well swill my mouth after knocking back my first dose. I wondered how GHB is used as date rape and not detected in the victim's drink - I know I would have tasted something bad - but then again, maybe 1.5ml in a typical pub/club sized bottle of Red Square or Breezier is more diluted so weaker to taste.

After a short while I started to feel slightly tipsy and then euphoric and horny and then more tipsy and these feelings increased, as so did the same dosage on my hubby. We got very randy with each other and had frantic and incredibly rampant and passionate sex - I experienced heightened sexual arousal and unbelievable orgasms that left me feeling weak and drained, wanting to just lie down and recharge. Within 2 to 3 hours of taking the 1.5ml dose we were feeling like we'd come down off the GHB and were returning to sanity.

Then came my error that scared me silly and made me realise just how powerful GHB is in such a small dose - imagine if some bloke didn't know how much he should be pouring out as he spikes some poor girl's drink - we got ours in a small round vitamin container that probably had around 200 - 300ml in it. To look at the stuff you wouldn't dream that it is soooo strong!!! So we decided, 'Let's do it again - Yeaaahh!!' and boshed down another 1.5ml each, with the intention of repeating the experience again.

Just because you're not feeling the GHB don't assume it's not still in your system!!

Within the same time as before I started to feel tipsy, and all that - but it was intensifying faster than before and I noticed myself pass the peak of my earlier come-up. I felt the urge to lie down and felt heavy and extremely uncoordinated and walking became a difficult task. With every move of my body I was feeling motion sickness and nausea and the urge to crawl to the lounge window and hang my head out to feel the cold night air on my flushed face. I alternated between hanging my head out of the window, eyes closed and in an extremely drunken/paralytic state to sitting with my head between my knees to try and get rid of the feeling I was about to faint. Husband was feeling very drunk and wanting to mong on the floor in a daze for what seemed like an hour and a half. We didn't talk much except to report our status to each other and reassure the other that this would pass and we'd feel better soon!!!

As I gradually started coming down, after about 2 to 3 wasted hours it occurred to me that technically I had taken a double dose as the earlier 1.5ml was still in my system! We decided sensibly, that next time we would take a much smaller dose if we wanted to do it a 2nd time during our evening/session. The next time we did GHB, we cranked the 1st dose to 1.75ml, which was slightly stronger but not too much. Then any repeat doses during that same night would never exceed 0.5ml.

I am of average build, weighing 80kg - moderately fit (gym twice per week, dog walking daily, active parent, etc.) - everyone is affected differently, so the same dose may affect my twin (if I had one) completely differently.

When first trying GHB I wouldn't ever recommend doing more than 2ml liquid in any sized drink - I don't think the drink dilutes the GHB strength in the same way that coke would dilute whiskey or vodka. And I would recommend that when trying any recreational drug for the first time that one NEVER do it on one's own. Always do it with people you know and trust, who will be able to get help if anything goes bad. Remember there is safety in numbers and stuff.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70494
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 15, 2008Views: 84,655
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