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The Endless Hall
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Killa.C_74. "The Endless Hall: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp70580)". Mar 9, 2023.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (leaves)
Previous Use: My sitter and I have both used Salvia Divinorum (me being more experienced) and the most I’ve perceived was no more then feeling one with my friends sofa and seeing geometric shapes with closed eyes from a single hit (highly disappointed). So this time I decided to step it up.

Setting: The setting took place in my bedroom with my younger brother (the sitter). My bedroom was extremely dim with dark curtains over the windows and where no audio sound was heard except the striking of the lighter and the bubbles of the water pipe churning.

Preparations: To get out mindset straight we lit incense and took deep breaths to clear our mind of anxiety of possible spiritual enlightenment, turned the lights out for it was slightly sunny outside, and turned all electrical equipment (T.V., Radio, etc.) off so no interference would occur. After this I sat back on my bed and my sitter sat on the chair beside me.

Dosage: We got out the water pipe and I sat it in my lap, took out the Salvia bag, took a large pinch of it and placed it in the bowl of the water pipe (enough for 2 good hits).

The Experience: This was the most profound bewildering experience of anything I have ever encountered in my entire life. I took up the water pipe and held it to my mouth lighting it up and inhaling until about 60% of my lungs were filled with smoke then let the carb go and sucked the chamber up feeling another 30-35% of my lungs with the harsh yet delicious smooth tasting Salvia smoke. I held the hit in somewhere between 25-30 seconds and releasing to suddenly be hit by the familiar euphoric feeling yet this time it was different it seemed like my peripheral vision was violently shaking/vibrating in a wave like fashion. Not alarmed I quickly lit the rest up putting another 60% of smoke in my lungs and sucking up the chamber for another 30-35%. I held the smoke in for this time around 20-25 seconds and slowly exhaling and that’s when I realized something was about to happen for I was drifting back in forward through my so familiar reality and the vibrations in my peripheral vision was getting extremely erratic. When all of the lovely tasting smoke was exhaled I suddenly was launched out of my reality into another existence.

I was rapidly traveling through a dark tunnel that was lit up slightly with fiber colors of all hues like blues, oranges, reds, greens, yellows, etc. I was then suddenly halted in a large area of extremely bright space where my eye sight was blurry. When I could finally get rid of all the blurriness my view of myself changed and I was catapulted into a third person view of myself and the world around me.

What I then saw was so obscure and profound it truly shocked me. There was this wall that extended as far as the eye could see and the same with the ceiling but yet, there was no floor. I then focused on the wall and saw that it predominantly white with a many traditional psychedelic multi-colored swirls scattered across the walls and the ceiling. I was so mesmerized by its glory and beauty. But suddenly that euphoric pleasant feeling was brought down by a confused disoriented feeling when I saw my body hanging from this rectangular void. Inside this void was not the beautiful dark multi-color tunnel I saw before. It was my bedroom and I could clearly see my brother looking over me yet he was only looking at my head for my body was being sucked into the reality I was currently in. I freaked out at this point seeing my body suspended in air and the only connection to my "home reality" was my neck holding on to my head.

This part of the trip is so very difficult to explain because it was so realistic looking and nothing like I’ve ever seen before. My head is in my reality and my body is sucked through to this forever extending hall made of psychedelic colors connected by my neck. Even though I was seeing this in a third person view I still felt my physical body as a whole (I guess you can call this an out of body experience) and as my neck kept being stretched I could feel it and felt that I was being disconnected from my spiritual self. While I was watching this predicament unfold before my eyes an entity came into vision which took the image of a woman intertwined with weeds/vines and she spoke to me.
I was being disconnected from my spiritual self. While I was watching this predicament unfold before my eyes an entity came into vision which took the image of a woman intertwined with weeds/vines and she spoke to me.

The conversation I can not quite remember except a few select things. The few things I remember her saying was “You are prepared physically but not fully prepared mentally, when you come to me again you should be more prepared for the things I want to show you are more surreal then what you have ever imagined”. I then told her that I understood and I asked her if this is what the spiritual realm really is and she replied with a simple yet extremely profound answer “It’s all how you perceive it” smiled and walked away. I saw my body trying to walk with her and saying wait I have so much I want to ask! But I couldn’t go anywhere because my head was still in the “home reality”. As soon as she left my vision, my third person view suddenly went back into a first person view and I was once again catapulted through that dark and fiber colored tunnel which I soon regain perception of my own reality.

Afterwards: As soon as I came back my sitter asked “what happened?!” He said I was saying things like “I understand” “Don’t go away!” and “Can I please stay???” and was very intrigued on what had happened. I told him and for an hour to two hours afterwards I had this amazing afterglow. It felt like I knew not only more about myself but more about what is really going on around about me. Also after this experience I look at things as if they are only a figment of my imagination as if that everything is only temporary and that we have more out there waiting for us then what we know.

Much Love, Killa.C

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70580
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 9, 2023Views: 1,211
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