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My Fun Was Short Lived
Beer & Hard Alcohol
Citation:   Elizabeth. "My Fun Was Short Lived: An Experience with Beer & Hard Alcohol (exp70630)". Aug 9, 2018.

24 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  12 oz oral Alcohol - Hard
Go Big or Go Home

I began experimenting with alcohol around September 2007. I had never actually been drunk before, but wanted to get drunk. I don’t particularly enjoy the taste of alcohol so I had to see why everyone decided to drink it. I had some misconceptions and those were certainly cleared up.

I believe it was the end of January, 2008. It was a Wednesday and I had returned home from school. My Dad left for a few hours and my sister and I had been meaning to get drunk. We had stashed 2 beers and my Dad had bottles of hard alcohol. My sister was in the shower and I ran upstairs to ask her if she wanted to get drunk. She said, “sure” but was much more cautious than I was.

We began at around 7:50 PM. I chugged the 2 beers because she can’t stand the taste of beer. At about 8:00, we got into the vodka. We pulled out a bottle and poured about 4 ounces into cups. We had a liter of apple juice and nothing else to mix it with, so we diluted the vodka with about 5 ounces of apple juice. It was easy to drink and I was able to drink it very quickly.

My sister wanted to wait before having another glass. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t feeling it yet. Keep in mind, this was only about 10 minutes after, but I expected to feel it. I now realize how stupid this was.
this was only about 10 minutes after, but I expected to feel it. I now realize how stupid this was.
I poured another few ounces and mixed them with vodka. My sister had about 2 ounces of tequila that she mixed with apple juice. I took of few sips of her drink. Then, I got more vodka out. My Dad had some Relska in the garage and I didn’t want to take it all from the same bottle. I poured about 4 more ounces and drank them with more apple juice.

About 30 minutes from drinking the first beer, I began to feel it. This is after 10 ounces of vodka and 2 beers. I skipped the whole “buzzed” feeling and went straight to drunk. I was so amused. My sister was considerably less drunk than I was, and she could still think. I began walking a crack in the tile. I thought that if I had enough willpower, I could walk a straight line. That’s one misconception I busted. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t do it.

I had researched drinking and getting drunk before I did it. I wasn’t an idiot about it. I took it from and experimental standpoint. I wanted to know how alcohol would really affect me, and if I’d even like being drunk.

I went back to the couch and kept saying “more! More!” I was laughing my head off. My sister was trying to stop me because she still wanted to be able to hide it. She refused to get it for me, so I went out to the garage and got the Relska again, pouring myself 4 or 5 ounces and mixing it with apple juice. She asked me to give her some of my drink and I handed it to her. She drank about half of it. I looked at the cup when I received it back and said, “You drank it all, why did you drink it all?” I kept blubbering about her taking my drink. Of course, she didn’t drink it all. I finished it up and I would have had more if she didn’t stop me. She tried to get everything in order, put back where it belongs so that she wouldn’t get caught. She had me go upstairs so that we could be in bed.

At this point, I was soooooooo drunk. We stopped drinking at about 8:30. We drank a lot of alcohol in this short amount of time. I stumbled up the stairs. I plopped down on the floor and laid there. Me sister was still having fun and we discussed how much fun we were having.

I could have amused myself for days, laying down and trying to get up, but not being able to without stumbling. Well, my fun was short lived. We didn’t hear my Dad come in, we were having so much fun and laughing so loud. My Dad came in and I was so off my ass drunk that I couldn’t hide it. He asked us what we were on and where we got it. He drug me downstairs and started questioning me. This was stupid of him; I was too drunk to be questioned. I was released to go back upstairs and that’s about where my memory cuts off.

I think I sat down but apparently, in the amount of time my sister was questioned; I had managed to puke all over my room. This, I don’t remember. Apparently, my Dad asked me if I was going to puke and I said, “No.” He came upstairs when I was sitting in a puddle of puke and asked me if I did puke. I replied, “A little.” This was an understatement, I had puked everywhere.

He called our Grandma over to help him handle me. I don’t remember but apparently, I puked a ton. I came back to memory when I was in his bathroom. I remember vaguely taking a shower. I had an amazing drunk stutter. I had to explain to my grandmother that this was an experiment. The next think I remember is sitting on the bathroom floor, puking in the bathtub. This is all really fuzzy.

Eventually, they let me go to bed, but they made me sleep on the bathroom floor. I got up in the morning, having not slept more than a grand total of 30 minutes, and got dressed. I went to school that day, and eventually got a grand hangover. I woke up with puke in my hair that I discovered later. I guess the shower didn’t wash it out, or I puked after the shower.

I had a great time, despite getting caught and despite the puking. It was not a problem because I didn’t remember the bad stuff. I really think I am a changed person and I think it’s for the better. The experiences of that night were astounding. I did it in the privacy of my own home because getting drunk for the first time at a party or something and not knowing what it’s like could be dangerous. I just shouldn’t have had so much for my first time getting drunk. I consumed a lot of alcohol that night when I could have been very drunk with only a third of it. I plan to get drunk again, but I don’t know if I will be ever be “that” drunk again. Oh what a night!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70630
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 9, 2018Views: 1,265
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Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Health Problems (27), Overdose (29), Hangover / Days After (46), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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