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Broken Leg and Horse-Tranquilizer
Citation:   Roman. "Broken Leg and Horse-Tranquilizer: An Experience with Ketamine (exp70633)". Aug 29, 2018.

  IV Ketamine (liquid)
Broken Leg, first time in K-Hole

Well I was working out at the local gym with a buddy when a machine latch came undone, and 400 pounds crushed my leg. Well safe to say, it was a pretty damn bad break. However, when I got to the hospital, they decided to knock me out using ketamine. As soon as I heard the doctor say ketamine my eyes jolted open and I was ecstatic that I was about to try something I knew only as 'horse-tranquilizer'. The doctors (including my dad who's also a doc) warned me that I might hallucinate since the drug they gave me was chemically related to PCP. I didn't worry in the slightest, figuring that in a room full of doctors, nothing could possibly go wrong, no worry whatsoever of overdosing.

I have done acid, salvia, a lot of mushrooms, etc., so I know what a good trip is like, as well as being pushed completely out of this world (50x salvia)... As soon as they injected it into my IV, I didnít feel a thing. Then before I knew it, which was about 30 seconds later, I was gone. The last thing I saw on earth was my dad standing a few feet away smiling. The immediate feeling was that I was free falling in my hospital bed several hundred feet. From there I felt as if I was being pushed throughout the hospital in hyper-speed, kind of like a DVD on fast forward, but everything and everyone else around me was moving really slow. People didnít have faces, they were just blank. It was bizarre, and I have a really vivid picture of this happening. I felt as if I was in the exact scene in The Wall where the guy is pushed through the doors on his hospital bed. Then somehow I looked up and I was in this dimly lit room with a really high ceiling, which seemed like a storage room with boxes everywhere, still in my hospital bed, and I just kinda of chilled there for a bit. At this point I was completely out of my body. I felt like anything was possible, that time had no meaning, and somehow I had the ability to fly. It seemed like I had just taken a hit of 100x salvia and dropped a hit or two of acid, thatís how fucked up I was.

Then all of a sudden it seemed like someone snapped there fingers and I woke up almost instantly. I was now back in my original hospital bed in this world, with a full leg cast on (I was really shocked when I saw that, my friend said I kept saying ďWHAT THE HELL IS THAT??!??Ē whilst staring at my leg) but not everything was back to normal. Everything was SUPER blurry, I could only make out silhouettes of objects, and I remember a doctor coming in and saying something to me, but I had absolutely no idea what he said. He sounded like he spoke some weird alien language from star wars.

This come-down phase lasted for about 20 minutes, and once I was finally able to speak again, I turned to my friend who was sitting in the room the whole time and ask him how long I was gone, and where they took me, and a shit-load of other questions. I was really shocked to hear that I hadnít left the room, and refused to accept that fact, since I had a picture-clear memory of being everywhere BUT that room. Apparently the whole trip lasted about 30 minutes. Now I can see why they use this stuff on horses.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70633
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 29, 2018Views: 2,099
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Ketamine (31) : Hospital (36), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Medical Use (47), First Times (2)

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