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Divinely Bewitched
LSD & Hash
by SKA
Citation:   SKA. "Divinely Bewitched: An Experience with LSD & Hash (exp70727)". Oct 31, 2017.

1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  
Substances & Doses
1 and a half Hoffman blotter of LSD + smoking superb 'Super Hiah' Hashish throughout the experience (roughly 2 grams).

Background info:
I am a 22 year old young man who's had well over 15 Psilocybian Mushroom experiences, 3 Amazing Yopo experiences, 1 deliberate low dose, threshold Datura-tea experience, 4 LSD experiences of which the last 2 were very intense, too many XTC or 'E' (MDMA) experiences to remember and 1 plateau 3 DXM experience. Yes I am an entheogenic man and the last 2 drugs
I mentioned are the odd ones out. I am a regular hash smoker too, using it semi-recreational/semi-medicational (Helps calm my chaotic ADD mind and concentrate much better). My first mushroom trip was VERY bad, but it's been the only bad trip I've had.

Me and 3 friends decided to drop some acid on a certain day. The acid was obtained in the early evening and 9 o'clock we found ourselves in my rather large, cosy 2nd floor room, sitting on a plateau of mattresses smoking Hash and Weed in dimmed lights, preparing for the Wierdness to come. Let's call my Friends Skank, Alice, Duck & Cat. Skank's male and Alice is his girlfriend. Duck's male and Cat is his girlfriend.

The Experience:

10 minutes to 10 that night we all took our hits of acid, all starting with half a blotter. it took about 15 to 30 minutes, keeping the blotters under our tongues, when we already felt minor, but defenite, strange sensations. From here on I will tell the experience purely subjectively; What I experienced.

As it gradually got stronger, the first wave came in the form of a dizzyness/stupor combined with general psychic excitation. A Defenite Change of perception was obvious. Then it left again totally and came back in another wave. It felt like a combination of Joy and fear equally mixed. Then it would leave again leaving us with a mild high, similar to that of eating hash brownies. This was however just the beginning and the waves would take us higher and higher as the trip progressed.

Next thing I knew we were all experiencing this unspeakably strange sensation which was so strange it made us all laugh uncontrollably: An equal combination of Physical AND Mental Joy, Hypersensitivity, Fear, Paranoia, sexual arousal and general Hysteria. After observing people's behaviour on acid, and my own experiences and behavior, I find it fair to say
that LSD makes people rather 'Magically enlightened through Divine Visionary Hysteria'. We were all laughing like crazy and having increasingly more incoherent conversations.
We were all laughing like crazy and having increasingly more incoherent conversations.

At a given point I started talking philosophically and introspectively with Alice; the only one who caught my spiritual vibe. I was discussing with her how I found that LSD tends to loosen up the Psyche so much that people under its influence become INCREDIBLY highly suggestive. We had a blast communicating with half words, incoherent lines and gibberish and still understanding each other perfectly. We seemed perfectly clairvoyant towards each other. I told her how you could give someone 5 blotters, tell them over and over again that their name is Bertus Octavianus Antioggio and they would believe it for the rest of their Life. In this situation I realised: LSD oughta be legal and the KING of all psychiatric medicine. Making the Mind that suggestible, that loose, it becomes kneadable for personality change and the undoing of bad habits. The power of LSD's energy can get anything done spiritually if guided consciously with strong intent. From Psychological, introspective Therapy to Spiritual endeavors such as Dreamwork, Divination and Enlightenment.

The next phase, 'cause I experience LSD always in different phases of effects, was very visual. I would see flower-shaped, colored mandalas everywhere. They swirled and were very persistently there whenever I would pay attention to them. On Acid I've found it's easy to be so drawn into my own psyche that I can easily forget all about the outside world, but when I take only one second to look at my surroundings everything seems paved, liquifying and distorted and is crawling with a sort of overlayed moving grid of geometrical, flower/plant shaped patterns. What's with the Geometrical Patterns? So peculiar about visual Psychedelics.

Then all of a Sudden Cat gave off a rather bad vibe by being grumpy and saying she didn't feel all right in my house from the start. I sat on Skank and Alice's side of the mattress: The Joyful side. Whenever I came close to Cat I felt a negative, heavy vibe. Duck must have felt this too because he became a little fed up with her grumpyness and joined 'our side' of the mattress. It was truly so that night that my mattress-floor chillout had become split into Joy-side and a Frustration-side. Needless to say on which side I stayed all night.

I went to the bathroom to look in the Mirror. So many people say 'You should never look in mirrors while on acid!' but I've found exactly THIS to be VERY fascinating. I looked into the mirror and saw the 1000 different me's. My face morphed although not in a physically visual way. It was rather the Character my face Radiated that was morphing. The impression my face had changed and shifted and I saw how Ugly I was AS WELL AS how beautiful I was and Realised that being Beautiful/Attractive or being Ugly/Unattractive is mostly the way you look at it. The meaning of 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' became yet another grade clearer to me. The Power/Energy that was radiating through my eyes in the mirror was just Terrifyingly strong.
I felt blessed with a Divine, extremely powerful and alien energy.

Because Cat was feeling rather uncomfortable, we had the idea of going outside to possibly make her feel better. At first I was completely paranoid about going outside in the state we were in. I was trying to take care and be the responsibility of the group as I am usually the most clearminded of my 'travelling company'. So I offered the plan to go outside but stay in my garden. We sat in my beautiful garden. It must have been around 4 in the morning by then and we were seriously enlightened by the sight of my beautiful nightly garden, the nightly sky filled with stars and the cool, yet not cold, nightly breeze. Suddenly Alice and Skank walked out of my Garden and I became concerned as Cat and Duck were still in my garden with me. Two people wandering off into the night being bewitched by LSD sounded like potential disaster to me so I quickly told Duck and Cat that Skank and Alice had left my garden and that we'd better follow and join them to be sure they'd be allright. And so we did.

We followed them outside my block, where in the magic of the night I changed my Mind about staying 'safe and sound' in my room. I told Alice that I changed my mind and that it had been an EXCELLENT idea to go outside. I made the plan to go to a 24/7 gas station shop to buy some cigarettes and candy. It was only about 200 meters away from my house. Only me and Cat were 'sensible' enough to go inside and buy what we needed. We sat down behind the gas station afterwards and looked at the streets, the skies and each other. We just burst into laughter as it was a maniacally strange moment. Feeling truly bewitched by equally good and evil Magic we laughed out loud. Sitting there looking at Alice I thought she looked like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Her Character and her appearance. On our way back walking through the streets we were just awestruck by everything. The Sky looked as though it was an endless Blue/Magenta/Purple Crystal plane high over our heads and the Trees seemed to lean over our heads as if it were dark, magical fairytale. I could swear it was JUST like I had walked straight into a Salvador Dalí painting.

We went back home and sat in my garden for a while. Cat's grumpyness hadn't passed yet and while speaking rather philosophically (more sort of thinking out loud) Cat got annoyed with me and reacted kind of falsely and sharply, which was kind of a buzzkill. What I did about it was leave Duck and Cat behind in my garden and join Skank and Alice with their eternally positive vibe. We smoked our last joints and they went home before sunrise.

Throughout the trip I felt these unearthly bodily sensations that I can only describe as a cross between Extreme sedation and Extreme stimulation, paired with occasional feelings of Liquifying and melting. The last wave of the trip, walking home from the 24/7 shop was most magical and enlightening.The Hash and Weed we smoked seemed to increase the strange bodily sensations and numbness a lot and time and time again seemed to trigger another wave of Acid's intensity. There was no such thing as 'Time' in the experience. It was an eternal moment that could have been a couple of hours as easily as a couple of days. Wonderfull Excursion.

Blessed be Albert Hoffman!

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70727
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 31, 2017Views: 1,693
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LSD (2) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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