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A Night to Forget
Rum & Beer
Citation:   ToxicHappiness. "A Night to Forget: An Experience with Rum & Beer (exp70743)". Erowid.org. Jun 25, 2017. erowid.org/exp/70743

4 shots oral Alcohol - Hard
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  10 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
It was the usual college weekend. Me and my roommate, S, were waiting for a friend to come down and hang out with us, get drunk, get high, whatever. Well, our friend, being something of a flake, never showed up and we were left wondering what to do that night. S suggested we walk over to a friends room and see what was up over there. When we got there it turned out that our friend was at work, but there were a lot of other people we knew there, so we decided to stick around. I had brought a small amount of rum (maybe three or four shots) that was leftover from the last time I drank, in a water bottle. So I began drinking that. I finished off my rum over the course of maybe an hour or so, and had become just slightly tipsy.

More people started showing up, and eventually someone walked in with a 24 pack of beer and a folding table for pong. I helped myself to a beer and then went outside to have a smoke with S. After we had finished our cigs (which S had rolled himself), S said he was leaving with his girlfriend, and told me he might have some weed later. I told him I was gonna hang out at the room a bit longer and maybe play a game of pong.

When I got back it was like a full on party. Looking back, it's a miracle an RA didn't break it up, seeing as we were right across from an RA's room. I helped myself to another beer and made my way to the back room, where the pong table was set up. I sat on the edge of the bed and waited my turn, having a couple more beers and getting drunker by the minute. I don't drink alcohol very frequently and I'm also on the lighter side, so my tolerance is not exactly the highest.

Eventually my turn came around. Initially I played horribly, due to the fact that I rarely play pong, and also that I had been playing a lot of darts at the time, which caused me to throw the ping pong balls far too hard. Consequently we lost that game and had to drink a large quantity of the opposing team's beer. It seems that on that night I was able to drink large amounts of beer much more easily than usual, probably owing to the rum I had drank earlier. So I sat out for a couple more games and I think I drank a couple more beers (my memory starts to get hazy at this point). I also remember at this point someone (call him B) passed out on the floor and we had to carry him to his bed, all the while laughing at his slurred apologies for having become so drunk. I remember laughing and telling him it was fine and nobody thought worse of him, though truthfully we were all joking about what a lightweight he was.

We had finished the beers by this time, but somebody left to pick up another 24 pack. When it was my turn again I played surprisingly well, beating the other team this time. They then challenged us to two out of three, saying that it was a fluke, as they were experienced pong players. Of course I accepted, my judgement significantly impaired. I proceeded to play the two additional games, losing the first and winning the second, thereby winning the challenge.

Somewhere during the third game I remember wondering how I could fit so much beer in my stomach, but the thought was punctuated by a small amount of vomit escaping my mouth.
the thought was punctuated by a small amount of vomit escaping my mouth.
I had thought nothing of it and continued playing and drinking. I then sat down and was talking and laughing with a bunch of people I hardly know. Apparently I was acting pretty ridiculous because I distinctly remember someone saying 'Dude, he's almost as gone as B right now.' I said something like 'I heard that man, I am for sure not even close to that far gone.' I probably was though.

It was around 3am by that time, I think, and people were starting to leave. I decided maybe it was time to leave myself, so I got up and left. I don't remember whether I even announced that I was leaving, but I'm pretty sure I just got up and made my way out the door. I had just finished a couple more beers before I left, and was therefore becoming even more intoxicated by the minute. In fact I believe that I was significantly more drunk by the time I reached my room then when I left the other room (and that's only a five minute walk, maybe less).

I remember bits of the walk back to my room and I also remember turning the handle of my door. The next thing I remember is talking with S, who was pissed at me, though I couldn't figure out why. I don't recall what was said during this conversation. The last thing I remember is getting pissed at S and giving him an angry look because of something he said.

The next thing I remember is being on the couch in my boxers with S's sheet to cover me. I looked at the clock and it was twelve o'clock. I was still very drunk (oddly, alcohol stays in my system quite a bit longer than it does for other people... I suspect my liver metabolizes it more slowly). I vaguely recall S coming in and saying something to me and then leaving, somewhat disgusted.

I was in and out for the next couple of hours, and felt increasingly nauseated. Eventually, around 2pm, I summoned the strength to get up and go to the toilet, where I ended up puking massive amounts of beer flavored fluids. I would estimate I puked about three quarters of a gallon at that time. I then went and lay on the couch for a few more hours. At five I was finally able to sit up (I was in my clothes at this point, though I can't remember dressing). I felt severely dehydrated, but we had no waters, so I left the room and went down to a vending machine where I got a water and a snack. Going back up to my room I noticed the alcohol still hadn't completely worn off, and thought to myself that I would never drink that much again... not only because I felt like shit for that whole day, but also because I fear my liver has less tolerance for alcohol than most people. After all, it was 14 hours since my last consumption.

When I got back to my room, I started eating my snack and noticed it hurt like hell to swallow. I guess my throat was inflamed or something. I then layed back on the couch for about another hour. When I got up I was finally feeling more like myself, and took a look around the room. Now, I must have been completely out of it for that whole day because when I looked around the room it was a total disaster. There was puke on the floor, on my bed, on S's bed, on my clothes from the night before... everywhere. I also found a note from S, telling me to wash his bedding because I had puked all over him in the night, so 'You kind of owe me.' I felt pretty bad upon reading this note, as S and I had been very good friends, and the note had a very angry tone about it.

Anyways, I finished washing his bedding, cleaned up all the puke everywhere, and then drove myself home for the spring break. I had no contact with S over the break.

On returning to school the next week I learned the rest of the story. Apparently I had come in, loudly woke S up, telling him I was 'fuckin' tanked' and then fell into the bathroom. When I had finished that, I got into bed (which I'm not sure how I managed, seeing as my bed was bunked on top of S's) and went to sleep. However, about an hour later, S says he heard gurgling sounds, followed by puke running off the bed onto him. He quickly got up and looked at me to see if I was alright, and saw me lay back down, on my back, in a pool of my own vomit. He then tried to wake me up, but I was unresponsive.
I was unresponsive.
So, determined to get me out of my bed, he shook me harder and shouted my name. I responded by sitting up and shouting 'Dude, FUCK YOU!' and then got out of bed and tried to fight him. This of course made S pretty pissed, but he refrained from fighting me as he knew I wasn't in my right mind. Thank god for that 'cause he's nearly twice my weight. So he put me on the couch and went to sleep with his girlfriend for the rest of the night.

To this day, I'm still not on the best terms with S anymore, which I'm sorry for because he used to be one of my closest friends. I haven't gotten drunk since that night, about two months ago now.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 25, 2017Views: 4,268
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Alcohol - Hard (198), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7)

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