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I Know What It Is Like to Be a Zipper
Salvia divinorum (20x extract)
Citation:   Tripper. "I Know What It Is Like to Be a Zipper: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x extract) (exp70768)". Feb 8, 2018.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I had bought some Salvia from the headshop earlier that day and me and 5 others were going to smoke a bowl each, two at a time, with everyone else sitting out.

I had smoken Salvia a few times before, but never had it hit me so hard. I was going to go last as I did not mind, everyone else has not had Salvia before.

Everyone had their turn and seemed to, more or less, have a great trip that they were for the most part, aware for. But when it was my turn, I packed myself a huge bowl and let it rip. Held it in as long as I could, then released the smoke.

Immediately, the world started to shift. Everything started to fold inwards towards the center of my vision, forming a zipper-like point of view made up of the various colours and textures around the room. I felt the craziest sensations, that I can only now still describe as energy knives rubbing across my entire body
I felt the craziest sensations, that I can only now still describe as energy knives rubbing across my entire body
, it did not hurt, it just felt intense.

At this time, I did not feel like I was in my own body, I felt like everything everywhere had come together and collected within myself and I, myself, had collected within everything else. I was now a zipper, flinging through a black abyss. It was at this time I started to think... Or at least I think I started to think. I could hear one of the girls voices slightly, but instead, she was saying what I was THINKING 'Oh wow this trip is crazy look at it' etc... That really freaked me out.

I was convinced now that this is how it has always been, and that my life before the trip had been imagined up, and that I was actually everything, traveling as different planes of existence in the form of a zipper.

Then I started to 'unzip'. Everything started to unzip- fold back into its proper spot. Colour started to spin into my vision, at the time I could only think of the wheel of fortune when the wheel is being spun, that is how the colours were being reassigned to where they were supposed to go. It felt as if I was being unzipped through the center of myself, and the energy knives sensation was very strong at this point, almost to the point where it felt like I was being split open, but again, it did not hurt, just the intense sensation. It left like I was being torn apart and put together again as myself, but then I started to zip up again just as I started to recognize the people in the room. I got real freaked out, and (I don't remember this) I told everyone to shut up and turn off the music so I could focus on coming down.

It worked and within 10 seconds I was normal. I had not moved at all from my slumped down position sitting on the side of my friends bed the entire time. My body was covered in cold sweat and when I asked my friends what I did they just said I sat there staring at nothing.

I layed down with everyone on the floor and we just sat there, I felt like a million bucks.

That was by far, the most profound moment of my life, and I feel like it has changed my point of view on some things. Although it is a very powerful plant, I highly recommend you try it at least once in your lifetime.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70768
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 8, 2018Views: 982
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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