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By the Light of the Moon
Salvia Divinorum & Cannabis (Edibles)
Citation:   TimeTable. "By the Light of the Moon: An Experience with Salvia Divinorum & Cannabis (Edibles) (exp70770)". Dec 25, 2012.

  oral Cannabis (edible / food)
    smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
So this was my third time smoking Salvia but without a doubt I never really hit lift off like I did this time. I ate a weed brownie about 2 hours prior and was just barely feeling it as it didn't turn out to be a super good batch of brownies. The first two times I smoked Salvia, first time I felt like I was kinda high and weird feeling and I took like 5 pipe hits without getting any higher (my dad on the other was way gone and I was trying to get there), I think it was 10x or 20x I smoked, second time, same potency, I laid there on my bed and listened while my girlfriend was talking to her recently ex boyfriend on the cell phone. I had heightened hearing and could hear him talking through the cell phone as if I was standing there in the room with him listening to him cry and complain, some close eyed fractals, all in all lasted about 20 minutes each time, nothing crazy happened, I was not blasted out of my mind with rocket speed as I was expecting.

So I read up on the reports and I'm pretty sure the last two times I smoked, I did not hold it in as long as I should have to get the full effect of the salvinorum. I think I was likely smoking it like I was smoking a bowl of some nug. I set up my computer with a sick DJ mix, packed up my water pipe with a 3/4th's full bowl of the 40 x at around 9:30 p.m., moved everything away from me, took down the whole bowl in two hits without exhaling and laid down on my bed, held my breathe for a while, closed my eyes and exhaled. Next thing I know I am walking down the stairs to the first floor of my house and I feel like my feet are dragging through quick sand. At this point my brain is completely unaware that probably not even a minute ago I smoked the Salvia. I walk downstairs and walk around, one of my roommates step's in front of me with some weird gesture and looks like something animated, if he's talking to me I don't realize it. His features are brighter and more cartoonish. I walk over to the couch and sit down and not even 4 seconds later I stand up again and walk right back up stairs. I am wrecked! I don't have any desire to speak and honestly I'm not sure anything would have come out of my mouth at that point. I walk up the stairs to head towards my bedroom and I pass by one of my roommates and as I go to pass her she moves her ass in front of me so I am blocked on the stairs, she didn't say anything before doing it and I had no idea how to respond, I am standing there staring at her completely lost as to what had just happened, totally in shock cause it was so unexpected. She moves without saying anything which makes it even weirder cause at this point I am wondering whether or not that really just happened. I make it back to my room and flop onto the bed closing my eyes as I do so and it feels like a huge black curtain drops on top of me with a whoomp sound, my consciousness is swallowed and I am laying there stuck in the music coming from my laptop, a warm flush comes over my body and my limbs feel like they are sinking into the bed, there is one point during a build up in the mix where I can literally feel a single note of the music being deconstructed and chipped away in my mind, its as if a single note is stuck on loop with a reverb effect (not from the mix) and just being demolished inside my head. My thoughts are fragmented and every now and again I open my eyes to see if there is someone in my room before closing my eyes again and putting pillows over my face (made me feel more comfortable mentally) and getting under my blankets. I open my eyes a few times and pick up a magazine and book to look at pictures and some other stuff and it is just too difficult keeping them eye level so I lay back down and close my eyes again.

In my head I am designing and piecing together buildings as if I am using a 3d modeling program with kind of like a romanesque design and I am wondering to myself if I did in fact go down stairs (as no one spoke to me) or if I just imagined all of it. At this point my best friend comes into my room, turns on the lights and asks me what I'm doing, I mumble out that I smoked a bowl of salvia and he asks me how is it and I tell him I am tripping balls and kindly ask him to turn out the lights. I lay in bed tripping for probably another 15 minutes until I can feel control of my body coming back slowly. This is easily 40 minutes into the trip and I am still lifted. I think I am coming down so I climb out of bed and walk back downstairs to hang out with my roommates and I continue to come down for the next hour or so still mildly tripping. I can honestly say this is the most fucked up I have ever been in my life despite having taken acid, mushrooms, ecstacy, opium, a weak dose of Ayahuasca,and smoking a lot of fire weed. I slept very poorly and woke up likely about once an hour all night and still felt mildly fucked up till around noon today. Something I liked about the salvia was the body feeling of it, very dissimilar to the body high of mushrooms or acid and my body actually felt pretty good. Even today, although tired, my body still feels great.

I have to say that this was the first time I have ever taken a drug and not realized when messed up a little bit later that I had taken a drug. I realized it when I got back to my room and saw the pipe in the corner. I don't remember getting up off my bed and heading towards the stairs either after I exhaled the smoke. All of a sudden I was just walking down the stairs as if in slow motion. I underestimated this drug based on my last two experiences. I have seen it mentioned before and I think its worth reiterating, this is not a party drug. I did not have a sitter present even though I easily could have had one and I really should have. This was not my idea of great time either as there were moments when I felt so lost and disconnected and a little concerned trying to find some sort of identity within myself which was non existent at the time. I would do this again as I feel there is something spiritual I could take away from it now that I know what I'm in for. That next time however will not be in the near future.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70770
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 25, 2012Views: 5,081
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