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1st Plateau + Pot * Nature = Mindtrip
DXM & Cannabis
Citation:   Alkaline. "1st Plateau + Pot * Nature = Mindtrip: An Experience with DXM & Cannabis (exp7078)". Nov 18, 2002.

T+ 0:00
135 mg oral DXM (liquid)
  T+ 4:20 1 cig. smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Some background info: I'm 16 yrs old, this was my 1st experience with DXM, Iím going for a 1st plateau experience today, kind of expecting: interesting sensory perceptions, enjoying my music more, relaxing and having a good time doing stuff. I'm definately open to new experiences and would enjoy doing something out of the ordinary. Possibly will mix cannabis in as well sometime. Note: Iím a little worried about the fact that I had a heaping bowl of pasta less than an hour ago, but Iíve drank cough syrup as a kid before & never got sick. As this is only a 1st plateau experience Iím not too worried, but keeping it in mind, and a bucket nearby. :P Wtf

13:00(T+ 0:00): Dose 45ml Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough, Actives: 3mg DMX/ml. Total dose, ~135mg DXM.

13:20 (T+ 0:20): Finish rolling a J to be used later tonight, definitely not one of my better works. Had to re-lick it 3 or 4 times and is not of the highest quality. Oh well, itíll do the trick. Not really feeling anything yet, possibly a tingling sensation in my head, though it could be psychosomatic.

13:45 (T+ 0:45): Definitely feeling something, though to put it into words would be counterproductive. Itís taking a while to set in, but I think this is probably just the result of me having eaten a full meal less than 2 hours ago... I have faith that it will do itís job, given time :P

14:20 (T+ 1:20): Moderate heady feelings... Iíve been getting very slight body tingles, but not much... no real changes in the music Iím listening to... I feel right now like I do at the very beginning stages of being stoned, ~5-10 minutes after the first hit. Communication with my friends is very simple and enjoyable... overall, not a whole lot of consciousness changing at this point, but still enjoyable.

15:20 (T+ 2:20): Iím definitely feeling an altered state right now, though very weak in form. My head feels very unusual, almost larger than normal, and my body has a very slightly euphoric feeling that goes away if I move or get up, but which returns once I sit still for a few minutes. I can move and walk normally, though thereís a little bit of an unusual edge to it. Not like being drunk/high, it almost feels like Iím floating but moving my feet at the same time. I think this is probably going to be the peak of the experience, and Iíve spent the last 30 minutes or so finding batteries for my CD player so I can go for a walk and smoke the aforementioned j I rolled. Iíve been having a great convo online with one of my closest friends and had no troubles forming thoughts or typing, perhaps have been slightly more creative and funny than normal, though that type of thing varies from day to day when Iím sober, so I canít necessarily say that itís the DXM affecting me. Iím definitely looking forward to experimenting with DXM more, next weekend I will probably up the dosage to 219mg (whatís left of the bottle I currently have)

17:20 (T+ 4:20) ROFL! OMG, you will not believe how hard I just laughed from realizing that this entry is indeed written exactly 4 hours and 20 minutes after my original dosing of DXM at 1pm! :P Iíve just had the most amazing time of my life, and Iím a bit overwhelmed by how tripped out I am, explanation to come:

After my entry at 15:20, I got my CD player together and was preparing to leave, my mom came home and asked where I was going, said I was going to go for a walk in the woods, since I wanted to explore there. She gave me the, ďI know what youíre doingĒ look (my mom and I regularly discuss my pot smokingÖ Iím very open to her about it. I walked down to the local gas station, joint and lighter in pocket, and bought myself a king sized bag of skittles, a liter of water, and 4 AA batteries for my CD player, which had a NIN disc in it, but no batteries. After getting geared up I began walking down the road in a very fast, but not overwhelming manner. I walked as if I already knew where I was going, and upon looking back at the experience it seems as if my body knew where it had to go from the very beginning, and was pulling me there. As I was walking, I had no particular direction, but I walked with a very brisk pace, making snap decisions at places the path split and just following my intuition. After about 20 minutes of scouting the streets I found a path which was very long and straight, about 250m long at least, maybe as long as 3 or 400m, Iím not the best guess. At the end of the path was a large forest, into which the path seemed to puncture, just a long straight path in the middle of the woods. Exactly what my mind, I now realized, had wanted to find, and which my body seemed to be unconsciously leading me to. Whoah. Trippy.

Iíve never had an experience quite like this with cannabis, and I attribute the amazing qualities of it to the 1st plateau DXM trip that I was currently riding hard on. I had not fully realized it at the time but it was definitely affecting my consciousness as I set off along the path into the woods, without a care in the world, even disregarding the many rampant ďNo TresspassingĒ signs I found all over.

Entering into the forest was a very spiritual-feeling event, as if I was going back to the place I belonged in. I felt completely natural and at peace there, and the only thing that was bothering me at all was a slow increase in the number of mosquitoes as I walked further and further along. Eventually the concentration became increasingly annoying, and finally I got sick of it, stopped walking, and was ready to turn back, when I heard a noise all too familiar to me- running water (I have an affinity for running water and really like to be around it, dams, rivers, lakes, whatever). Previously the loud noises of my walking were covering it up, but when I stopped, I heard the definite bubble and gurgle of a small creek up ahead of me.

To zoom out a little bit, I think of myself as greatly an urban hippie, someone who likes to combine natureís best qualities with those of modern day man. As I examine myself, I begin to realize more and more how much of an affect this has on the person Iím becoming. I noticed that I was here, with a CD player, a store-bought bottle of water, a bag of synthetic snacks, all of which were ties of my suburbanite upbringing and totally man made, synthetic, definitely did not seem to fit in, in the context of nature. However, my personality felt so at peace here, blasting my ears with some of my favorite music ever, sitting on a log over top of a small bridge along the creek, watching the water flow by, I was overwhelmed in a sense of bliss and well being and just sat peacefully, swatting at bugs and, being (in the sense that Huxley describes the is-ness of existence in his book, The Doors of Perception). I sat here, took out the poorly rolled joint I had earlier made, and a barely functional lighter (the flame it produced was very tiny and hard to light things with). I soon got it puffing and began pacing around, toking away and enjoying the day (it was by my estimate 4:20 or so, and seemed the appropriate time to start toking, since I felt it had been about an hour or so since I had left home). It took perhaps 5-10 minutes of near-continuous hitting the joint, taking relatively large hits the entire time, and holding my breathe for as long as possible, to finish it. I lost count of exactly how many I had in this fashion, but it had to have been near the 20ís, possibly even as high as 25 or 26 off of it.

Needless to say, I was extremely out of my mind, and I could not sit still no matter how at peace I was. In fact, it seemed the longer I stayed, the more blissful I became and the less control I had over where I was going, my body just walked with an unconscious sense of direction and/or purpose that I had virtually no reign over. As I said before, this type of experience has never happened to me before, and it was extremely profound. I began to walk along the paths that split off from the little brook crossing I was on, and walked my ass off from there. I wandered around a series of paths until I had it mapped out in my head, and then discovered an amazing urban hippie location. Across from some barbed wire to the left of my path, I discovered a large grove of baby trees (perhaps 200 feet in diameter) completely surrounded in the middle of the forest by large pine trees. It was very intense, discovering this small grove of new life, deep in the middle of what was left of the once great forest here, surrounded in totality by large towering 40í pine trees. I simply walked around in this grove for what I judged to be 30 minutes or so, (using an estimation of how many songs I recalled listening to since entering the grove) just aimlessly wandering (and making sure I didnít harm any baby trees) listening to my CD at full volume and just, bouncing with energy.

As amazing as this was, it was not the end of my experience. As I was walking through the grove, the thought of water ran through my head and I was taken up with a new purpose, though I did not realize it at the time. I began wandering the paths again, following the familiar ones I had mapped out and locating branches off of them I had not seen yet. I followed them 1 by 1 and eventually got a very good sense of just about every path in the forest (it wasnít all that large, at most itís a square mile or three, sadly enough). The most beautiful part of this experience, however, happened on the last trail that I had to map. As I followed it, I began to hear the familiar sound of water and rushed forward. Eventually I found the stream that I had earlier been watching as I smoked, only this time I was farther up on itís path and this it was much larger (about 10 or 15 feet across). As I followed along the bank I saw something in the water and immediately reacted, heading toward it. I then realized that it was a large rock stuck out in the middle of the water, with smaller stones around it leading directly up to it (i.e., accessible by foot). I walked out on this rock and began one of the strangest and intense experiences Iíve ever had in my life.

I would like to reflect here a little on how I think the DXM fits in on this (this is after all my DXM experience, not my weed experience). Iíve read online in the DXM f.a.q. that the 1st plateau was very speedy, uppity, and made oneís sensory perceptions much greater. I think that all of these things were going on in the interaction between the substances I was on. I felt such an amazing sense of purpose and direction it is almost impossible to put it into words, as if I knew in my soul that I just HAD to be here, in the middle of the woods, standing on this stone, ironically enough stoned out of my mind, and at the same time realizing just how intense the drug DXM really is. It gave me new insights into the cannabis high and literally brought me to such amazing places mentally I began to lose all sense of ego, as I just purely existed as a floating being out in the middle of the water.

Then, for no reason, a very odd experience happened. One of the songs on my CD began playing, and as it did so began to sound as if the song was Ďspinningí around my head (the direction of sound was rotating around my skull, from left ear to right, in a continuous cycle). After about 15 seconds of this amazing sensation, my entire body began spinning on the rock. It was not a very big rock, only about 4íx 2í, and it was a very rough surface. I however couldnít help myself but spin clockwise watching as the view just sort of Ďdriftedí along. It almost seemed as if I were standing still and all of reality was spinning around ME. This sensation was very profound and as a result of it I could not stop spinning, and I estimate that I was standing there alternating between rotating clockwise and counterclockwise, for almost an hour. Of nothing but turning in a relatively fast circle while listening to NIN in the middle of a stream on a small rock.

Itís hard for me to put into words the exact profundity that this had on my mood today, I donít ever recall this feeling. I regard it as being the closest thing I have ever experienced to nirvana, and I attribute it to the wonderful synergy between 1st plateau DXM trips and cannabis, an experience that may just be extraordinarily powerful to me (Iím not very well versed in psychedelics, havenít had a true trip on any of them, and Iíve only been smoking for roughly 7-8 months, definitely not a lifelong tripper). However I think that perhaps many people could have something to gain from finding their true blissful spot in nature, and zonking out on this amazing combination (maybe most of you already do this, and the experience isnít all that unique :P).

Well anyways, after spinning on the rock for a while and contemplating some very deep things about myself and my friends, and my life as a whole, I started to find my way out of the forest, intent to come home. (I think this was another of my unconscious desires carried out without my conscious knowledge, the desire to go home and write this experience, for it was the first thing that I did upon entering the door and walking downstairs). I got home still high as a kite, noting that my mom seemed to be absent, and began writing.

Though I know Iím going to have to edit this amazingly for the DXM trip reports section, I think Iím always going to keep a copy of this, the unabridged version, for my personal reflection at a later time. Oh, and hey Andy! :P Overall, the events of the day have been intensely moving on my entire state of being, and Iím a bit mentally worn out from having held such intense concentration on my surroundings for so long. Iím going to go numb my worries away with a refreshing game of FF8 while laying under a blanket on the futon.

(P.S.) I just want to say peace to everyone out there who knows what Iím talking about, and has had experiences of this amazing nature, with natureís gifts to us. :P
(P.P.S) Iím sorry this last entry was more like a dissertation than an entry. Please forgive me :P
(P.P.P.S) Re-reading through this i find it ironically funny that I was hoping for ' experiences, and would enjoy doing something out of the ordinary.' before I went on my voyage. Interesting how psychosomatic the experience is/may be. Peace :)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 7078
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 18, 2002Views: 47,690
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DXM (22) : First Times (2), Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Alone (16)

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