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A Gram of the Universe
Salvia divinorum (extract)
by the seeker
Citation:   the seeker. "A Gram of the Universe: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extract) (exp70784)". Oct 21, 2018.

  repeated smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
    smoked Cannabis  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


Let me start off by saying that I am still feeling the effects of this drug as this is being written, so excuse any grammar and/or spelling mistakes.

I’m 17 years old, but I have had only what seems like minor exposure to the effects of “psychedelic” drugs. I’ve tried mushrooms once, and taken acid 3 times. But other than that, the only “drug” (if you want to call it that) that I use is marijuana. Also, excuse the almost methodical, scientific way in which I’m describing my experience, but this is the only form in which my mind will function (ha).

It all began a week ago (4/20 to be exact). I had been smoking with various friends all afternoon, and one in particular, we’ll call him “N”, brought up the topic of a drug he’d heard about, salvia. I said that I’d only ever heard of it, and that it was supposed to be the craziest shit imaginable. I saw him at school the next day, and he told me the idea he and his friend, we’ll call him “J”, had had about smoking some salvia. I was all for it, seeing as how I pretty much loved anything that fucked me up. He called me later that night, and told me that he had gone to the local porn shop (only place that sells it here), and bought a gram of the most potent level of salvia that the company offered, the dreaded “purple” level. I did my research, and learned this was 20x extract salvia divinorum.

As the week passed by, N and I discussed the things we thought might happen. Spiders, airborn pieces of books, endless hallways lined with mirrors, the universe gradually dividing, etc. Basically, nonsense. Finally, today arrived, and we knew that there was no turning back. N, J, and I met at my friends house, we’ll call her “A”, where another friend, “B”, already was. We soon got to work loading the bowl ( I know you are supposed to smoke out of a bong with a butane lighter, but we had a pipe and a Bic, oh well). We made a fine mixture of dro and salvia, mixing the two, and then headed for the backyard. We all sat down on the side of the house, unaware that there were various neighbors outside within earshot. I could see the anticipation in our shaking hands, but N bravely hit it first, taking a huge hit. A and I hit it soon after, but neither N, A, nor I felt a thing. Puzzled, and wanting to fly to the moon, we quickly loaded at least half the bowl full of solid salvia. Here is where the story twists.

I hit it first this time, taking the biggest hit possible, and held it in for a good 20 seconds. I blew the earthy smoke out of my nose and mouth, at first feeling nothing. Then insanity ensued. It was like lightning striking. I suddenly felt literally “bars” of invisible mass pressing themselves on me with all their weight, dragging me to the ground. After spying the triangular shape of the blades of grass, the mass bars themselves turned to pointed triangles, slicing through my body. This feeling was equally so intense and terrifying the only thing I could do was lay down and force myself to ride out what felt like a 300 pound man laying his dead weight on top of my chest. Soon after, uncontrollable laughter. My shrieks went from short and quick to long and exaggerated gasps for air as I tried to say to N “This…is…the…most….insane…thing…I…have…ever…felt”. The patterns soon took over after that. The knotholes in the wooden fence began taking on the shape of sound waves, twisting and turning and warping the wood. A stop sign behind the fence oozed it’s way through the spaces in between the fence posts. While this happened, all I could feel was an invisible rope tied to the center of my chest, pulling me backwards into the ground. I looked at the green grass, and the blue sky, and had the hallucination that all the world was a huge gameshow, and my friends and I were the characters, with the earth as our stage, and God as the audience. This alone scared the living shit out of me, so much so that I snapped out of my journey. Or so I thought.

By the time I came out of that warped journey, A had successfully launched into space as well. She was laughing at B, and they were both sprawled on the grass, while she yelled at us to quit “singing”, which I gladly ignored :D. Thankfully, N had also felt the effects, and explained his trip as “staring at the sun”. I had to have more (like most other substances). I quickly loaded another bowl, inhaled the smoke, and sat back against the brick wall, closing my eyes and exhaling. What I saw was profound. An orange orb of light levitated in my vision, but emitted the most negative, horrible vibe I could comprehend. I realized that this orb was EVIL, and that all negativity brought was more negativity, thus perpetuating it’s existence. This profound shape soon transformed into an Alex Grey painting of an endless tunnel of flashing eyes, then multi-colored shapes (marijuana leaf, eye, triangle, far out shit ya dig?). Then, the sound waves returned, followed by an almost historical account of the workings of the universe, from atoms to light to energy, so on and so forth. This trip ended shortly after, and at this time B had smoked his bowl. He soon lost all connection with our location, and could only describe the things he felt as “cold as ice”. The long strange journey was not over.

We smoked some dro after that, wanting to cool our brains, all the while listening to J express his deepest wishes to see what we had seen. We struggled to get him as high as us. He even resorted to eating some salvia, which we had heard was effective also. I drank an Orange Crush, and N and I went back outside to smoke more salvia. J followed, none of us knowing the true meltdown we were about to experience. N and I split a bowl, and soon became so hyper that we started beat boxing a complex rhythm with a melody similar to my cell phone ring (it had rung earlier, sort of like ‘Roo ba dee, doo ba dee, doo ba dee, dooooo”). We got up and started dancing in a very bizarre way, flailing our arms and legs, all the while literally screaming this song, without realizing the neighbors could have easily been terrified by what they heard, while J was just tripping watching us. He smokes his bowl, and by God, within seconds his world changed. He soon started chasing me, screaming about how I was a target for his Viking hate. We rushed through A’s house, yelling and shouting ridiculous realizations that this shit had us too fucked up for words. We ran outside, and we were joined by A’s dog. J started accusing the dog of being a Communist, while my trip slowly died off.

I went to my car, grabbed some cigs, a lighter, and my iPod, and went inside. I lit up a clove, after which N, J, and I smoked a bowl of dro. Then another bowl of salvia. I turned on “Divine Moments of Truth” by Shpongle, and closed my eyes again. By this time, another friend of ours was coming over, we’ll call her “G”, but meanwhile I was busy tripping the fuck out. I was having strange thoughts that I might be able to consort with the gods if I only imagined myself doing it. I then telepathically communicated with the other people at the house, only to find it was the salvia that made me believe it actually worked. My final salvia trip was over, a gram later, and my brain felt split wide open. G arrived, and we talked, but I soon left with J, still feeling the body high from the salvia. I dropped him off at his house, and then went to my friend “W”s apartment. When I arrived, all I could do was mumble incoherently about my loss for words. The lights from my drive had put me into a sort of daze, but for the most part the journey was over.

All I can say is that no one will ever be prepared for salvia, no matter how much they think they can imagine what it will be like. I’ve learned that every brain is unique, thus influencing the trip in it’s own way.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70784
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Oct 21, 2018Views: 687
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Second Hand Report (42), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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