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2C-E & Cannabis
Citation:   Weewoo53. "Remarkable: An Experience with 2C-E & Cannabis (exp70789)". Jul 8, 2008.

T+ 0:00
9.0 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Subject: Healthy young adult male with a smattering (<30) of psychedelic experiences, this being the first with a phenethylamine.

T +0) 9mg (insufflated) I don't like sniffing this stuff. Very fluffy crystals that don't do what I want them to. Immediately my nasal cavity is numbed and my eyes start to water. It feels like the right side of my face is vibrating/twitching/reacting unfavorably to the foreign junk. The pain sucks but it starts to fade slowly after about three or four minutes. As someone who very rarely likes sticking things up their nose, I can say that the pain is bearable. No, it is not mild, but yes, it is bearable. Some quick alerts are here and there.

T + :08) The pain subsides. No nausea either. My friends and I have noted that this typically occurs at the higher snorted doses, ~15mg or so.

T + :15) cannabis (1 waterfall) smoked

T + :20) I went outside with a friend who wanted to smoke a cigarette. Already this stuff is pleasing me, with patterns coming out of the concrete as cracks and oil spots on the well-traveled road breed and multiply. Some phlegm and mucus buildup make it a little hard to speak.

T + :30) Trying to text a friend on my phone, I keep getting distracted by patterns that are starting to encroach upon me all sideways style. Numbers and letters on the pad and display start to run away.

T + 1:00) This stuff is so freaking visual. It rivals pretty much everything I've seen from any long-lasting hallucinogenic, at once. It has the flowing, morphing patterns. It's got the tracers. And wonderfully curious changes in lighting that I am finding to be unique to this substance. Funnily enough, everything seems to move. If I disconnect focus from any particular object, everything in the room simply MOVES and responds with changes in direction and intensity when paid attention to. The whole room seems to blur or shake in its activity and the patterns or tricks just pop out on their own accord.

The oddity of being faced with this much movement is a little hard to get used to. EVERYTHING in the room has life: the blinds are melting, my roommate's desk bulges menacingly out of the far wall, the dirt in one of my posters turns into an sea of eyes, my overhead light seems to fade in and out at intervals, rainbow patterns float along the LCD monitor, and even the cursor has its own ghost. I must say that for the amount of material I put up my nose, I am impressed. It's not so fast to the extent of becoming overwhelming, but it is very fun to have every object in the vicinity worthy of a good gaze or two. The patterns seem to come at funny angles too, almost through the air (very weird).

T:+ 1:20) Continuing to listen to music on my bed. Very fun trip. Quite lucid mentally, just enjoying how awesomely visual it all is. The whole area is a disjointed dance of imagination, every pattern crashing into two others at once, each one in contention to be the most active or alluring. Out of what I have come across, the only thing that comes close to 2ce in regard to open-eye visuals is DMT, and those are of a completely other nature which isn't well contrasted with most exogenous psychedelics. These visuals are definitely sweet however; I respect anything that can elicit this kind of elaborate shit out of my plain white ceiling. My bread's melting into its own bag, that's cool.

T:+ 1:30) The character of these visuals is hard to get a handle on. It has so many aesthetic little nooks and crannies. I tried to focus on CEVs. They became more intricate and detailed as I watched, but grew to a slow unfolding cinematic scene that, without any story, wasn't entertaining enough. It's much more fun to keep my eyes open with this drug. My steel bedframe is turned to putty, then squished from some magical squishing force from opposite sides. And the crooked stack of books on my bureau ALMOST rights itself, each and every time I look at it. Frustrating.

T:+ 2:00) I like how this substance isn't afraid to bend things. It's not afraid to put things through space either, rather than just plastering surfaces. The body load with it so far hasn't been bad. The headspace is not uncomfortable, if slightly stimulated. There was some jittery excess energy in the beginning, like it didn't know where to go. That subsided into the visuals. Music has been sounding great (as is typical with both cannabis and 2ce) but without any major distortion. It's entirely possible that I would have noticed more during the peak if I hadn't been so enamored by the visuals, ha—this is funny because that possibility wouldn't have come up with any other drug I've done. Things are starting to slow down. Back on my bed, the whole wall starts waving and shimmering again, wtf.

T + 2:30) This is a stupidly fun substance. I can't get over it. My .001 scale is more inaccurate than I should like and I fear for anyone trying to eyeball this stuff. It's powerful!

T + 2:45) 2ce still has no reservations about stretching or compressing whatever it wants. The mental portion of this trip has been quite clear, in fact I've been virtually sober the entire time, as far as thought processes go. While much of what you can see on 2ce is familiar (personally that includes stuff like the aforementioned sea of eyes, melting effects, or flow of woodgrain), a lot of it is pretty interesting and new.

T + 3:00) Strangely enough, the last two hours have FLOWN by. Quite surprised by this actually.

T + 3:20) The intensity has dropped a good few notches in the last half hour or so.

T + 4:30) Subtle effects remain.

Final Notes: I had a blast researching 2ce. Set and setting are still important though. Certainly not something I could suggest doing on a whim. It might catch someone off guard if they don't know what the chemical is all about.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 70789
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 8, 2008Views: 5,898
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2C-E (137) : General (1), Alone (16)

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