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Solo Trial
CP 55,940
Citation:   LucidStudies. "Solo Trial: An Experience with CP 55,940 (exp70799)". Erowid.org. Sep 8, 2008. erowid.org/exp/70799

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T+ 0:00
4.0 mg oral CP 55,940 (capsule)
  T+ 2:05 3.0 mg oral CP 55,940 (capsule)
It was time for a follow-up trial with CP 55,940, the cannabinoid whose name sounds like an alien galaxy found in a NASA satellite photograph. The first trial with this substance had produced a fairly weak response, but there were a number of possible reasons. This test was with a fresh supply: A sample of pure CP 55,940 had been obtained, and I measured out the fine white powder into capsules by hand. I filled about a dozen capsules weighing three to four milligrams a piece before putting the remainder of my sample away. This would also be the first time I took the substance on its own, which I feel is a necessary step in determining a substance’s effects profile.


1:00 PM: I swallow a four milligram gel capsule of CP 55,940 powder.

1:15: I’m playing a video game while I wait. There is nothing yet.

1:30: I’m getting occasional cold flashes and a 'skin high': These are the first symptoms. It is tactile, but not very intense. Not really any “head rush” sensation at all.

2:00: Fuller effects are developing. It’s still clear-headed, but there is pulse elevation, definite time dilation, and the earlier chilliness now gives way to feelings of warmth. My eyes are a little heavy; I think I may be getting drowsy.

2:40: Still mild, and not the least bit overwhelming. Still primarily tactile. No pulse elevation whatsoever at this point... that effect has faded. Breathing is normal.

3:05: Two hours in and still only mildly effected… a skin and body high with minimal, if any, shift in consciousness. I decide to redose… I weigh out a few pills and find one of the lighter ones. It contains three milligrams of CP5 powder. I swallow it with a glass of water.

3:10: I go to make some lunch while I wait for the redose to take effect. My mood is fine. Once I have my food prepared I sit down in front of the television to relax.

3:15: My pulse is starting to speed up again.

3:25: The sensations are moving into my head now. My face is starting to get flushed. Drowsiness is increasing.

3:35: Seems like this substance could be a little paranoia-inducing. I get a thought in my head briefly that something is going to go very wrong… but I evaluate myself and discover there is really absolutely nothing wrong with me physically. I am able to steer myself back into a neutral state of mind. I could see less prepared subjects, or those who take too large of a dosage, getting into some potentially negative and paranoid places, though.

3:40: There is ongoing temperature fluctuation... my feet are freezing cold right now but the rest of my body is a normal temperature. The hot/cold areas change periodically. This is still mentally a mostly mute substance.

3:50: My chest starts to feel a bit tight.

4:00: Chest tightness passes. No excitation of pulse at the moment, and still no real mental effects. This stuff is having trouble taking off.

4:05: Very stoned feeling in my stomach now. My whole lower torso is rumbling... like pot brownies, but minus most of the mental effects.

4:30: Still about where I was a half hour ago… a sedative state. I have a decent body buzz that shows no signs of weakening.

4:35: I’m using the computer. I’m capable of interacting normally, using forums and more. I can ignore the effects of the substance at will.

6:00: I just took a long shower. I’ve been thinking about developments at work and various things I have to do in the coming weeks. There are still some effects from the CP5, but if anything, it is in decline.

7:00: I go out for a walk. There is only the slightest trace of skin and torso high now. Occasional heart murmurs and fluctuations of blood pressure are more predominant than the buzz.

7:30: I stop by a hamburger restaurant. They have a series of old-fashioned arcade machines in the back. I order a meal and play a few games of Metal Slug 3 while waiting for it. After getting slaughtered a few times, I pick up my burger and fries. I eat fries out of the bag as I walk back home.

8:00: I’m back at home now, having finished my meal. There are some after-effects from the CP5 that still remain. There’s not really much of a high anymore, but increased perspiration is noticeable (especially after walking). My pulse is still mildly elevated (about 85 to 90 beats per minute), and there are occasional feelings of tightness in the stomach as well as the chest. Nothing I can really call a severe side-effect, though.

9:30: The after-effects seem to be mostly gone. I could call this a return to baseline.


I must debate the existing dosage and potency information relating to this compound. It is being stated on a number of websites that CP 55,940 is either 40 or 45 times higher in potency than THC. I have read the dosage recommendations published by Unimed Pharmaceuticals for Marinol (pure THC pills). Doses as low as 2.5 milligrams are said to be noticeable and effective, and treatments may start at either 2.5 or 5 milligrams. The maximum daily dosage of THC Unimed can recommend seems to be 20 milligrams if it is used as an appetite stimulant, or 30 milligrams if it is used as an anti-emetic during chemotherapy. Since seven milligrams of CP 55,940 was not exactly overwhelming, I could see the maximum dose easily being 10 milligrams daily or more. This is only, at most, three times lower than the maximum therapeutically recommendable levels for THC. Both the maximum and minimum effective levels for CP 55,940 seem to be about three times lower than those for THC in the form of Marinol. Likewise, the difference in duration between orally-administered THC and CP 55,940 seems to be on the order of roughly three times, not 40 or 45 times difference.

As for the effects… there is a certain hollowness to CP 55,940. It takes me through the physical motions of a cannabis high, with skin tingling, time slowing, and even a bit of appetite stimulation. But it seems to lack the emotional effects that make a cannabis high fun: Giddiness, confusion, laughter, and a shift in consciousness toward a more childlike, emotionally-opened state. These were generally missing from CP 55,940.

Barring the possibility that the compound degraded during shipping or there was a mistake in preparation, my best theory for CP 55,940’s disappointing results is that cannabinoids require synergy between different analogues to succeed. Some people have had the same complaints about Marinol as I have about CP5: That it lacks the mental and emotional satisfaction of smoking pot. The cannabis genus of plants offer us a cornucopia of different complimentary analogues of THC, the pharmacology of which are still poorly understood. It is possible that no one chemical can match that symmetry which the pot plant creates. Or it is possible that we will just have to learn to combine CP 55,940 with other complimentary cannabinoids, to bring out its full potential.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70799
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 8, 2008Views: 23,075
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