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Never Doing That Again
Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine)
Citation:   SpaceOddity. "Never Doing That Again: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) (exp708)". Erowid.org. Sep 9, 2000. erowid.org/exp/708

4 tablets oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
Experience 1: My friend C and i were at the local grocery store one night. we were roaming around the drug aisle and i remembered hearing something about dramamine before, so i picked some up. we got back to my house and we each took 4 of the pills. within an hour i could feel the effects. i was really tired and dizzy and both of us fell asleep pretty quickly. all and all it was pretty boring.

Experience 2: I was with C again and that night we took 3 caffeine pills and 4 dramamine pills. This was much more fun than the first time. I felt pretty fucked up and was getting some visuals. I was outside, it was dark and everything had a reddish tint to it that flashed slightly. i was getting some good tracers off C's cigarette, too. we came back in the house and he sat on the computer, while i just kind of zoned out on the couch. i was having a kind of waking dream, like i was half asleep. i would see scenes in my head and talk outloud as they went along. it was pretty nifty that time.

Experience 3: I was at school and i was pretty bored. i downed four more pills and felt the effects withing twenty minutes. i felt kind of sick, and it felt like i had to struggle to stay conscious. i was so afraid i was going to pass out and it felt like my heartbeat was weak. i asked the teacher if i could go get a drink and she said no, so i walked out. i got a drink and discovered, like i read in another report, i couldnt burp right. air would go down, but nothing would come back up. i was like my esophagus was a one way street. i really didnt like that feeling. the next class was just as bad, and when i would close my eyes, i would see things. i put my head down on the desk, closed my eyes and saw my friend's face flying at me. i kept getting that feeling that you are falling, you know, like when you are falling asleep. i had always been a pill popper, but after that scary experience, i stopped popping pills altogther....

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 708
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 9, 2000Views: 16,315
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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