Tended to Make Me Very Sociable
Citation:   Tripper. "Tended to Make Me Very Sociable: An Experience with MDA (exp70839)". Erowid.org. Feb 28, 2017. erowid.org/exp/70839

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  repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 100 mg oral MDA (capsule)
  T+ 1:15 100 mg oral MDA (capsule)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
Great Experience with MDA

Went to Austin, Texas for a raggae festival. My friends and I decided to buy a gram of MDA and put it into 10 capsules, each of us taking 2 a piece (around 200 mg a person). This will be a first time experience for all 5 of us.

We got to the festival grounds at around 3:00 and began to smoke some pot. We wanted to wait a few hours and let the sun go down a little more before we took this drug that we didn't really know that much about. The guy we got if from compared it to a combination of XTC and LSD. We didn't really know what to expect. We took the first capsule (100 mg) at around 6:45. We sat and enjoyed the music and our surroundings.

After about an hour has passed, only one of us was feeling it.
After about an hour has passed, only one of us was feeling it.
She didn't really know how to explain it and it was making her very nervous that we weren't feeling it as much as she was. So at this point, around 8:00, we all decided to take the second capsule (another 100 mg).

We all walked up to the stage to get a better spot and before we knew it, it had kicked in. We all noticed each other having huge smiles on our faces, with our pupils extremely dilated. We had begun our MDA trip.

To explain how this drug feels is complicated. I would have to say a mix of XTC and LSD is pretty close, however not exact. There is a strong feeling of euphoria, similar to the feeling on XTC. In my experience, I was not wired or speedy, I just felt unbelievable. At times the feeling was so strong it became overwhelming, but in a good way. The visuals arenít as profound as when on LSD, but definitely noticeable. Lights became remarkably bright, almost to the point of shading my eyes at certain signs, especially neon signs. We were not weirded out by anybody; in fact, the drug tended to make me very sociable. I felt like I could have picked up any girl I wanted, but I was too out of my mind to even try.

The festival was nearly done for the day at this time; it was around 11:00. We began to walk back to our car which became quite an adventure. Austin, Texas is an amazing city, and walking around downtown on MDA makes it that much more enjoyable.

My friend insisted that she was ok to drive (and I believed her because I felt I could have driven if necessary). At this stage we were probably peaking or about to peak. The feelings were still very strong.
[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
Made it back to her apartment safe and sound, smoked a good deal of pot, had some cigarettes, ate some food (something we hadnít done since the trip began), and went to sleep surprisingly easy.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70839
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 28, 2017Views: 2,516
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MDA (34) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), First Times (2)

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