Fucked Society
Salvia divinorum
Citation:   Erik P. "Fucked Society: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp70850)". Erowid.org. Sep 30, 2013. erowid.org/exp/70850

3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I've done Hawaiian Shrooms before once in Amsterdam and ate about 3/4 a gram of dried mushrooms. I hallucinated a bunch and had my fun. 2 years later (today), I decided to hallucinate again, but don't trust drugs on the street, so decided to go ahead with something I can trust, which is legal: Salvia. I'm the kind of guy that does about a month's worth of research before buying, traveling, or just plain trying something new. So I did my research on this one to make sure I wasn't doing any damage to my body. I work-out a lot and pay very close attention to my nutrition for perfect blood. Also checked out a bunch of history behind the herb, watched videos with people doing it, read a bunch of times how to do it right. There...I知 ready for this, I知 sure I値l just hallucinate a bunch and come back in 3 minutes. I finally buy the 20x from a head shop in Ottawa right after I知 done my University exams for the year, I try something new every summer. I told my girlfriend what I bought and she looked disappointed in me as if I知 going to be doing heroin next time I try a new drug. But then smiled again since she remembered that she told me I知 free to do whatever I want in my life and she値l support me. I explained to her the meaning behind these travels from the Shamans and that I would never do anything man made. It took me 4 days after I bought it to actually try it, and those were the longest 4 days ever, like Christmas was coming closer.

Finally, one weekend, with all of my family still at home, I explained to her that I致e been wanting to do this for so long (4 days is 都o long for me) and it was tough not wanting to do it without a sitter alone in my room and that I really wanted to do this. Ok, so we decide to go do a 菟ick-nic in a small little park where kids were playing (was 5:00 and my work started at 6:00). There痴 a little forest beside the park and some apartment buildings, and I didn稚 want to do this in my room since I believe this herb wasn稚 used in our present technology and the best way to experience this would be outside, fresh air, beside some forest, like Shamans did. I had a home-made bong with me made out of a Powerade bottle, a pen tube, liquor flask funnel and a small little disk filter from a faucet I unscrewed from a display at Canadian Tire. My girlfriend used my DV recorder to get the entertaining parts, although I was in the park with these kids about 300 meters away, I thought it was still illegal what I was about to do, with all the people looking around, like alcohol is illegal outside, or didn稚 know if it痴 legal or illegal to smoke anything in a child痴 park. So I still tried to wait till people passed by before I壇 take a puff.

First puff went down good, held for a good 20 seconds, and then blew out, smoke came out, so I must be doing this right but nothing, just a little twitch on my right arm as if I was getting these spasms I get from weed. Ok, add some more salvia, puff again, weird taste, held in 20 seconds. Everything on the left side of my ear all the way down where the eye could see felt like was a huge glass wall, and vibrated 3 times as if somebody knocked on a door or something. Ok, still considered nothing. What the hell? Was I ripped off? Ok even more now! If I do it right again, I知 sure to have something more than a slight vibration from a atmospheric door knock. Take it really deep this time! Hold it in... 30 seconds... blow out... Nothing........... wait......... 努ow... is what I thought. Still after 3 days of this happening I am unable to explain what happened, there are 3 parts of the story, 3 experiences intertwined into one trip. The bad-trip I had was the bad-trip of all 3 stories in the same time, the happy-trips was the combination of all the trips also. Think about 3 stories, piled one on top of the other, with the same hump and bumps matching perfectly on top of each other.

First story (the visual effects):

I was lying on my side with my arm at a 90 degree angle holding myself up. Looking down at the blanket, I imagined my girlfriend痴 head was between my arm and head as if my arm was stretched over as we were sitting in a car, and her iPod was playing on the blanket, but the words of the music felt like I was saying these romantic things to her from the song, while it was playing on the car radio. 鄭re you alright? I looked up to her, and realized I wasn稚 actually in a car, what? This is when I saw the grass... the trees... the sky... everything had 8-bit colours (the first Mario Bros. game from Nintendo), I知 colour-blind, so I don稚 know if that affect this or not. The grass were just plain cylinders of the same shape and size, millions. The trees looked so simple in shapes, but my girlfriend sitting Indian-style in front of me, seemed completely normal. I didn稚 remember her as my girlfriend, I didn稚 even know who I was. All I knew, was that I represented earth and human-kind, and I was on this planet with what she seemed to be, the queen of this world. What痴 happening? This is where I started bad tripping, I realized people in the park shouldn稚 be seeing me doing drugs and my mind started freaking out. The world just seemed so dark and chaotic representing I did something bad but what was bad? What did I do? 泥id...did I smoke drugs? I asked... 登k... wait... I walked from home... took a picnic... I didn稚 do anything bad... why is everything like this? Did I smoke drugs? Why? Why are we here for smoking drugs? the queen never answered, she just sat still, looking at me and that frustrated me, and alien that doesn稚 speak my language can稚 explain to me how I got here. 添ou smoked some salvia, you値l be ok. These were the words that made me the happiest guy ever; this phrase brought me right back to earth with the buzz pretty much gone. I stood up so happy I was running in circles, my girlfriend still thought I was high and told me to sit down but no, I was so happy I was back.

Second story (what my mind felt like):

Imagine a puzzle you received for your birthday, and it has 1000 pieces. I started to make the puzzle, which was pretty pleasant, and entertaining. I was having fun making it but to date, I only see black coloured pieces. Whatever though, I知 still making it, still having fun. This is what my mind felt like before the bad-trip but once the bad-trip came along, I finished the puzzle but the middle piece was missing. I had 999 pieces of the puzzle. OH NO!!! I CAN NEVER FINISH IT!!! Imagine the frustration of looking around for what seemed forever for the last middle piece of this black canvas puzzle. This confusion lasted so long, at first it really felt like something was missing when I was tripping. This was the most important piece too, since it was the only piece of the puzzle that had a picture on it, giving the meaning of actually making it. When my girlfriend told me 添ou smoked some salvia, you値l be ok, this was the sentence that could pretty much be translated into 登h, I found the piece, here you go. This made me the happiest man ever; I finished the mind puzzle. The last piece of the puzzle explained to me that all this chaos I was having, was for the last piece, which had a picture of salvia on it, giving me back my sanity since I had my answer.

Third story (spiritual side of the story):

This I think is the best way to describe what I felt in general. Everything has an opposite: Ying, Yang; Hot, Cold; Male, Female. But what I never realized is that our reality, our consciousness, also has its own opposite. Picture our reality, our sense of self-being, the whole world, as a house that we live in. We have beautiful wall paper, people are happy (or pretend) and everything that is matter lives in that house. Philosophers for generations were the only ones who seemed to care and look out the window and tried to describe what was sub-natural, what they see, but without completely understanding the outside. Now, picture Salvia as the door, smoking it as opening the door, and the starting buzz as being outside with the door shut behind you. This is exactly what I felt, I saw 登utside. Sure, trees were different, grass was different, and the outside just seemed 8-bit colour, it was fun to adventure for a bit. This is when I realized that Shamans used Salvia to have god痴 vision; so really, I stepped into god-country. I felt amazing, and so turned around.

This is where the bad-trip started: I saw the outside of the house. I saw our reality, our humanity, our sanity, from an outside point-of-view. I saw the bricks, foundation, and the roof of our house. The bad-trip caught on because our house was not pretty at all. We seemed to believe everything from the inside is nice and dandy with all the coolest furniture, parents (government) looking over us as kids. Even though we think everything is nice in the inside, I saw the outside of the house, and it scared me a lot, it was truly disgusting and wanted to walk back in, but the door was locked! I panicked and didn稚 know how to get back to the real world, I was in the land of the gods, which built our house and by its discuss, seemed as if they gave-up on renovating it since we stopped appreciating what they池e doing to us as a society. I felt as if truth was given out to me right in front of my eyes, proof that there some sort of divinity out there. Either we start appreciating them for what they do to help us build renovate our house before the ceiling falls on all of us destroying us, or we smarten up and start renovating ourselves. I would see the outside of our environment as 斗ike this? Did I smoke drugs? Why? Why are we here for smoking drugs? and really thought 努hy, as a society do we have to hide to do drugs? this is what I meant by this confused sentence, Why? Why are we here for smoking drugs? It痴 exactly what I meant. We池e a society that we have to hide every time we do something different and can稚 truly express ourselves properly because of scare. Homosexuals, drug dealers, 都trange sexual activities, illegal poker games, everything we do and have to hide to do it, why do we all have to hide this? Why are there even rules out there? It just seemed as if order was killing us.

When my girlfriend said 添ou smoked some salvia, you値l be ok, this pretty much got translated into 典HE DOOR担 OPENED AGAIN, RUN BACK IN!. Once I ran inside back to reality, I was so happy to be back to our happy, innocent point of view of our society that has a possible future without the thought of the ceiling going to crash on us. I stood up and ran being so happy to be back here, of course this is when my girlfriend still thought I was tripping but it was pure happiness.

All of these 3 stories played in the same time visually, mentally, and spiritually. Three different stories, playing in the same time, and all of this lasted about 2-3 minutes. In my mind, it lasted for a couple of hours. I didn稚 know how to explain this to my girlfriend when she told me 展hat did you see? I had a headache, and told her she had no idea what I experienced. At first I didn稚 know there were 3 stories to it, I just thought somehow it made sense in one story but unexplainable. Funny, because I told her people on YouTube are so stupid for not explaining what they experienced, and that I would be able to explain to her exactly (again, I thought it was going to be like shrooms) what has happened. 滴ahaha, I think now you know why those people on the internet say they can稚 explain it either. She痴 right, there are no words for what I experienced, it took me a couple of days just to come to these 3 stories but it was more than that I知 sure, because I felt it. Every drug out there will screw around with one or more of the human senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Salvia seemed to prove there is a sixth sense, being the human soul, and salvia will screw around with that sense instead.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 70850
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 30, 2013Views: 7,693
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