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Bad Trip?
Morning Glory Seeds
Citation:   Divinorum. "Bad Trip?: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp710)". Aug 1, 2000.

2.5 oz oral Alcohol  
  10 g oral Morning Glory (seeds)
... aside from my first trip, I can't say that I've ever had a bad one.

Let me begin by giving a short run down of past substances- alchohol, marijuana, caffeine+ephedrine, robitussin, dramamine, nutmeg, codeine, salvia, druids fantasy, genesis, jimson weed (datura), opium, ecstacy, shrooms, and acid.

The first weekend of my spring break I decided to try out some jimson weed seeds. It fucked my world up. I couldn't read regular size print for a couple of days, but that's another story. Anyhow, this is relevant because the side effects of those seeds were shitty to say the least, and I didn't have any desire to experience more, but I still wanted to trip (there's rarely a time that I don't).

So I read up all that I could on a couple sites to see if morning glory seeds produced any unwanted side effects. Well, they did. It seems that everybody that had a shity time just ate the seeds raw, or soaked them in water. I decide to forgo the shit and prepare my seeds as the FAQ had said.

I got bout 20 grams of the seeds from the local HomeBase. I felt they were a little pricey, so I only paid for half of them. I brought them back home and grinded them up in a coffee grinder, took my only a couple minutes. I soaked them in the naphtha, then using a funnel and a paper towel I filtered out my mix. After separating my seeds, I had to let them dry over night on a plate (do not use any heat to dry the seeds, heat breaks up the chemical structure of the LSA's). I then soaked the seed powder in a jar containing about 4ounces of 100 proof vodka. Then I waited a couple days.

The FAQ said to let the seeds soak for 3 days. I got antsy, so I drained out 1.5ounces of the vodka on the second night and downed it. Boy that shit had a bite. Maybe it's just due to me givin up drinking, or maybe it was the naphtha, I don't know. Well, I waited for a while that night and nothing happened, so I went to bed.

On the last sunday night of my spring break I decided to hang at a friend's place. One of the guys asked me if I'd go buy them some 3.2, so I decided what the hell, I'll go get my seed vodka and drink that with them.

I bought the beer and grabbed my seed vodka. Mind you, I have little doubt in my mind that the seeds wouldn't work again. I just thought that I would drink some nasty vodka and chill for a bit. I separated out the rest of the vodka (bout 2.5 oz) and made a screwdriver. One of the other friends busted out a pipe and began smoking, so I decided to take a hit too. Then it began.

I have little tolerance to mj, so I wasn't surprised to notice that I was a bit high, but it didn't stop there. After a bit I felt damn stoned. At this point I thought that it was just my weak tolerance to mj, but my vision started to get a little weird. I can't explain it, and I don't know how much is due to the weed and how much is due to the seeds, but in hind sight I think I was just trippin. The thing is, I never get full on visuals. Even my night of seven hits of fry didn't produce any full on visuals, things just kinda look weird. I can't realy explain it, I mean patterns move and shift kinda, but I get those (to a lesser degree) all the time. Well, in my state I suddenly had the realization that I was alone. Sure I was with some of the guys, but I don't have that real connection with anybody. I started to feel incredibly sad and the though occured to me, maybe now I'll have a bad trip. In my fucked up mind that sounded kinda cool. A friend of mine has them all the time, and in a morbid way he kinda likes them. The idea of having a bad trip actualy picked me up a bit, so in a round about sort of way I pulled myself out of this funk. I just kinda let go and slithered out of the chair I was in, and on to the floor and stared at shit for a while. I enjoyed moving my hands around in front of my face and was talking very little (this happens to me when I get fucked up, I don't talk I just make sounds???). Some guy was asking me what I was experiencing, but I just really didn't want to talk to him, so I didn't give any real answer. All this happened within an hour and a half, then I started to regain some of my senses.

The guy whose room I was in, was tired and wanted to crash. It was after all 1am. I sat up and with what little control I had at the time, I got up and drove back home (I don't condone driving when fucked up, so i guess I'm a hippocrite). Upon reaching my place I grabbed some bread and jelly and turned on some Floyd and the computer. Eating was incredible. It felt really good to eat all that stuff. I dunno, it's kinda weird. Trying to surf the internet in this state (or do any thing really) was hard, so I gave up and crawled into bed with the division bell still on.

The onset of my experience was weird. I guess I would liken it to the beginnings of a shroom trip with a few good rips off a bong. I wish I hadn't taken the one hit off my friend's pipe because I wanted to experience the LSA's by themselves. So I'm not sure what I felt was due to what. But the way I felt when I got back home was euphoric. Much like I feel on the up side of a shroom trip. I can't liken it to acid, except for that feeling that you can do anything, that anything is possible. But I seem to always get that existential feeling when i trip.

I had a great time though, and was left feeling good the next day. I'm eager to try it again, but this time a little earlier in the day and without any weed. If this next time pans out it seems that people would pay bout ten bucks for some of this stuff. It's at least as powerful as shrooms, and that price would be half the price of said sustance where I live.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 710
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 1, 2000Views: 13,875
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Morning Glory (38) : Various (28), General (1)

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