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Very Interesting Material, Not for Everyone
by cero
Citation:   cero. "Very Interesting Material, Not for Everyone: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp71026)". Jun 24, 2018.

600 mg oral Diphenhydramine


Ingestion time: 23:40
Dose: 600 mg. (aprox. 8 mg/kg)

After sitting an earlier experience at half the dosage (300 mg.), I wanted to try the substance myself. As the experience of my research partner was limited to close eyed visions and falling deeply asleep three hours after ingestion, we decided that we would double the dose.

Barely 8 minutes after ingestion, I started experimenting a +/- in the Shulgin scale, though that might very well be the result of self-suggestion. Tough the curve to onset seemed very slow, I identified a distinct +++ at around 35 to 40 minutes after ingestion. It must be noted that I had last eaten at least 8 hours earlier and that I am usually the first in my research group to reach onset.

The experience began as distinct closed eyed visions. These, however, did not appear as visually vivid as those on DXM (the substance with which I am most experienced), nor did they seem to be projected on the internal part of the eyelids; on the contrary, they seemed more “conceptual”. They were however, highly interesting and pleasant. I mostly saw what could be described as beautiful graphic design pieces and computer interfaces.

A little later, I noticed that white and black surfaces seemed to have a different tint (mostly pink, in the case of white, and deep blue, in the case of black). Slowly but steadily, I realized I was slipping into a state of consciousness resembling that produced by sleep deprivation: I started loosing short term memory, things appeared as though not very real and I felt like I would fall asleep at any time (though I did not feel at all tired and could not sleep). Other than that, however, I was perfectly capable of holding a conversation without slurring my words and, though I had no intentions of doing it, I thought I could stand up without any trouble (I was laying on a couch).

Quite suddenly, I started experiencing open eyes visuals in the form of complex semi-transparent geometric patterns that seemed to fill the air, and a series of black spots that would appear and disappear or move quickly through my field of sight that made me think of dead pixels on LCD monitors.

At this point, I started having a hard time finishing sentences or communicating my impressions, mostly because of the fact that halfway through a phrase I would have completely forgotten what I wanted to say. Long term memory, however, was fully functional.
halfway through a phrase I would have completely forgotten what I wanted to say. Long term memory, however, was fully functional.
I could do simple arithmetic operations with ease, but anything that meant keeping data for further operations (such as longer divisions and so) was totally impossible.

I also felt highly alert and jumped scared a couple times when my sitter started speaking. I felt that something terrible was imminent, but I was experiencing no fear or paranoia.

At about an hour into the experience, I discovered that the substance is (or appears to be) highly diuretic and so decided to go to the bathroom. To my amusement, however, I discovered that I couldn’t stand up. When I finally did, my whole body felt like it weighed twice as much (I described the experience as being on a planet with a much stronger gravity) and I discovered that I had no control over some of my movements (my head, for example, repeatedly moved towards the left unless I made a significant effort to keep it in its place). I found this extremely amusing, but I can understand that it must be absolutely terrifying for other people.

A good two or three hours into the experience, I felt I still had not reached the plateau and kept on going up. At this point, I started having a difficult time distinguishing what had actually been said by my sitter and what I had created in my mind, mainly because of the short term memory impediment. I heard him talking several times when he actually hadn’t, but at the exact moment I could clearly differentiate this hallucinations (which felt mainly conceptual) from reality.

At about four hours into the experience, open eyed visions receded and I started feeling very drowsy. Thus, I thought I could just call it a day and go to sleep.

Bad call. Though I entered a state resembling superficial sleep, I just couldn’t fall deeply asleep. After two or three hours of being half awake and turning endlessly in the bed, I decided it was enough and tried reading a bit so I would fall asleep.

Memories of this are very vague, but I distinctly recall I could easily read and make sense of it. Of the activities I recall undertaking during this period, I estimate that half I actually did, while the other half I just constructed in my mind.

After an hour, I went back to bed and noticed that a small led light (an electric mosquito repellent) was clearly moving towards me, as if it was a sentient being. This was the most vivid hallucination in the whole experience.

At around 8 am, fully 9 hours after ingestion, I was finally able to enter deep sleep.
At around 8 am, fully 9 hours after ingestion, I was finally able to enter deep sleep.

The following day I woke at around 3 pm, thinking I was fully baseline. However, after a few minutes of interacting with reality I became convinced that I was not and was instead in the state caused by the substance, though a much, much weaker version. Other than this, I appreciated no effects and felt in a good mood.

I was able to drive a short distance (I would not for the life of me drive under the influence of Diphenhydramine or any other entheogen, for that matter) and establish normal social conversations. After a couple hours, however, I felt profoundly tired and went home to sleep again.

I most definitely want to experiment more with this substance at lower (400 mg.) and higher (800 mg.) dosages. I understand, however, that its effects can go from unpleasant to outright frightening in other people. Though intense and interesting, the visuals are not material for purely recreational experiences and the loss of short term memory precludes any meditation or reflection.

As with any other psychoactive substance, absolute respect is of course do. However, in the case of this particular one, I would strongly advice a sober sitter, caffeine to stay awake and a full day afterwards to recover from the experience and integrate it.

Most interesting, but clearly not for everyone.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71026
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 24, 2018Views: 11,789
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