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Dosing Wrong by a Factor of Ten, Madness
Citation:   BigOlBug. "Dosing Wrong by a Factor of Ten, Madness: An Experience with 2C-I (exp71039)". May 22, 2008.

T+ 0:00
120 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:40 10 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (pill / tablet)
Me: 120mg 2ci, 125lbs
Boyfriend: 130mg 2ci, round 30mg 2ce, 160lbs.
Empty stomachs
Both somewhat experienced trippers, my boyfriend more so than me.

So this is a long report; if you don't want to read all of it here are the basics: Planning a light trip, we dose the 2ci wrong by a factor of ten - yes TEN. Each of us find ourselves on over 100mg which is more than I've ever heard of being taken. This is scary. We make another huge mistake and go to the hospital, realise we're OK, and then aren't allowed to leave.

I'm writing this up not because I'm particularly proud of this, because obviously it's unbelievably stupid and careless. But since 2ci is so recent and I've never heard of anyone dosing above 100mg, I wanted to write it up because I was amazed that, although the trip from terrifying, disorienting and way, way too intense, it didn't last much longer than usual, didn't seem hugely dangerous and didn't leave any lasting effects (I don't see any visuals now). It seems like it might be useful to document such a high dose trip of a relatively new chemical. (That said, I'm not EVER dosing this high again. and thank god, thank thank god, we decided not to snort it.)


So, I'm well aware of the recriminations and scolding that I'm sure I'll deservedly get after this report, not just for dosing but for our ridiculous panic, but leaving that aside for the moment, the facts:

My boyfriend and I planned a light trip, fun evening, a concert. We'd recently received a decent amount of 2ci and some 2ce and were looking forwards to trying them again after a break. We decided on 11-12mg for me, 13ish for him with a tiny bit of 2ce thrown in. He measured it out carefully on a good scale accurate to the nearest mg; I remember thinking it looked like a bit more than I had taken before, but after asking if he was sure about the dose, I (yes, yes, foolishly) shrugged it off. (NB we had considered briefly insufflating on a smaller dose but didn't, thank god, or I'm not sure either of us would still be here.) We put it in water and drank it down on empty stomachs at about 4.30pm (nothing but a bowl of cereal to eat the whole day).

T- 10mins: Feeling a bit out of it. Expecting to do about 40mins work before the trip came on, I'm finding myself unable to continue even to make whole sentences.

T-15mins: Holy fuck, I can feel myself coming up, FAST. The familiar tight feeling, body feeling a little wobbly/heavy. I get up from my computer and go into the next door room where my boyfriend has just quickly ended a phone conversation with his brother, unable to continue. 'I'm already starting to trip,' I said. We look at each other, a little alarmed. Maybe we'd received something a hell of a lot stronger than we're used to. It was ordered online after all.

T-20mins: We decide to take a walk, hoping going outside will reduce the intensity. As I struggle to find my key I'm already having full-on tracers on everything. Holy shit, I'm thinking.

We go for a walk. Walking seems difficult. At first it's just a normal dreary day. The brickwork of all the buildings is starting to flitter around like crazy, we pass some huge church doors; the grain of the wood stands out fantastically, a little carved row of saints look like they are moving in formation. It's cool.

T-25mins: I'm beginning to feel pretty damn anxious. This is coming on way way stronger than anything I've ever felt before. It's difficult even to walk. I'm starting to feel completely overwhelmed and trying to focus on staying functional. We'd planned to walk up and down the river. Instead we amend to do a short loop.

T-30mins: My boyfriend isn't sure he can even keep walking. He says we need to go back to the apartment, NOW. This scares me, since he's usually the steady, never ever anxious one. I start to get reeeally anxious. Walking back along a street very suddenly the color all separate out and become fully saturated. Everything is fluruoescent - the painted houses are fiery crimson, the blooming trees are luminous, every conceivable pattern of brickwork, sidewalk, wood etc is swirling and looping and moving like crazy.

T-35mins: We arrive back at the apartment, worried, not sure what the hell is going on. We discuss the dosage and I ask if he could have at all got it wrong. He starts to look panicked. 'I don't know, I don't know... It seems so stupid.. how.. could I have, really?' There's a certain sense of disbelief as we start to realise that it's possible - no, even PROBABLE, that we've dosed ourselves wrong by a FACTOR OF TEN. In other words we're both going into an 8 hour trip on a higher dose of a research chemical than I've even heard of anyone taking. I start to think that it's possible we might die, or at least do ourselves serious damage.

T-40mins: We run upstairs, gather food, water, take 10mg of valium each. In retrospect we should both have taken a ton more than that, but we were scared and no longer trusted ourselves, having just poisoned ourselves to the tune of 120mg. Fuck this is scary. Both of us are quickly losing functionality. We try to sit on the lawn and relax but I can't escape the anxiety that we've completely fucked ourselves and my hammering heart is panicking me.

T-45mins: So, the second huge, huge mistake. We both did something we'd never imagined we'd do, something I've only read about with scorn: off to the university hospital.

T-50mins: Within minutes of our arrival there are ten-twenty people. They have no idea what 2ci is; we tell them to look it up on erowid. We tell them we need benzos and probably food (despite the possibility of vomiting). They listen to not a word we say. As soon as we tell them the vague basics of the situation that's it, into the ambulance with you. We ask for water, they give us none. They strap us down. We say no, please, that's not necessary. It's too late.

T-1hr: We're stuck in the hospital, tied to heart monitors, intravenous needles,
The memory of getting there is patchy. We've both lost all sense of time. At least we're together and can chat. The curtains in the hospital are some trippy shit. The hospital staff are snarky with us and then tell us that obviously 2ci must be an amphetamine because it's sped up our hearts. We say no, it's a hallucinogen, and we just need some sedatives. Not listening.

For the next 2-3 hours we're there unable to leave. Various nurses and doctors pop in and out with forms for us to sign. I'm unable to function enough to know what the hell is going on. I'm disoriented and confused and I feel like a little creature from the Matrix, tied up to legions of machinery. It's pretty horrible. I'm aware that we've been abandoned somewhere in the hospital, but unsure if further (or any) 'treatment' will be forthcoming. It takes me a long, long time to realise that they know fuck-all about anything, and that we're steadily coming out of the worst of it. I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

We try to leave the hospital. Nothing doing. Apparently, because we're intoxicated, we're not allowed to make that decision for ourselves. We're carted up to different rooms. All the letters of signs and the clocks in my room are twirling around in little circles like something from Alice in Wonderland. At least I still have my phone. Soon enough, we're plotting how to make a break for it. I attempt to cogently persuade the doctor to release me, but although I'm now lucid I'm still not 100% functional and anyway it's too late. We've given them the impression that we're stupid kids (I guess we are...) and they decide it's too dangerous for us to leave.

T-7h30: We make a break for it, successfully, and meet outside. The night is beautiful and calm and the visuals are stunning. Blossoms are swaying in the wind, gnarled tree branches winding and twisting around one another, the bright green new buds on bushes form intricate moving patterns of swirling dots. We walk back to our apartment fast. Back at home, we eat some sandwiches. It's starting to fade, finally, though there are still some great visuals. Try to watch an old movie; it's hard to follow but the aesthetic of it is gorgeous.

T-11hrs: We're both pretty much sober. A strong flashlight suddenly shines into our window. Fuck, it's the police. We try to hide our stash of drugs and run down. Thankfully it's only the university police. They threaten me with disciplinary action if I don't go back to the hospital. My boyfriend is allowed to stay because he's no longer a student. I go back and spend 4 hours waiting for the hospital bureaucracy to deem me sane and release me.


Lessons learned: Of course, these are all blindingly obvious but for me at least there's a difference between knowing something and experiencing it.
- NEVER trust someone else to measure out your dose.
- If you have even the slightest, tiniest doubt about the amount, check!
- NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, go to the hospital unless a) you're convulsing, and (or) b) you're having problems with a drug they might conceivably know anything about (coke, heroin, shrooms etc). It'll just make completely awful what would otherwise be a scary but endurable trip.
- As soon as we told hospital staff we were on illegal drugs, they treated us like complete idiots and thought we knew nothing about what we were saying.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71039
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 22, 2008Views: 16,440
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2C-I (172) : Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Various (28)

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