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Bionic Voodoo Mind Ooze
Ketamine, Vitamin B-12, DMT & Hemi-Sync
Citation:   THRIP. "Bionic Voodoo Mind Ooze: An Experience with Ketamine, Vitamin B-12, DMT & Hemi-Sync (exp71230)". Jul 17, 2019.

120 mg IM Ketamine
    smoked DMT


Do you ever have those experiences where you're afraid you'll never come back to normality? This one one of those, but it felt soooo good I wouldn't mind living the rest of my life in this state. It started off on unusually hot San Francisco afternoon. I woke up early in the afternoon after staying up 'till 5am muscling K and listening to Leland Yoshitsu. I spent the morning talking with my roommate about the sorry state of San Francisco and using chaos magick like graffiti against the yuppie hydra which is currently devouring our town. He left for his bartending gig and I prepared to BLAST OFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!

0:00 Administer 120mg Ketamine mixed with 1000mcg Injectable B12 intermuscularly. The B12 was made by SANDOZ! I company you can trust! I just received my B12 vial in the mail the day before, I tried 500mcg with 120mg of K the night before with no noticeable difference in the trip (by the way, I have a high tolerance for almost everything, 120mg of K hits me the way 100 hits most people). The B12 however makes the comedown much smoother and give me an energy rush when I can move again.

0:05 I lay down on my mat in the back yard, put my earbuds in and put on a Hemi-sync lucid dreaming series track. I really like the way low frequencies feel when I'm in a K hole.
I really like the way low frequencies feel when I'm in a K hole.
It makes me feel like I'm floating down a river. I'm not sure if these are beta waves or theta waves or whatever, they didn't specify on the torrent I downloaded.

0:30 I stand up and stagger to my room. In a compulsive rampage I go to mix up another shot of K, but when I opened my drawer the bag of DMT caught my eye. Heeeyyyy... That sound like a good idea right now. I have only combined the two once before, and it wasn't too good of an experience. Maybe it was my state of mind, or maybe it was the call from my landlord 20 minutes into it. I just remember the DMT seeming pissed. Right now I'm fucked up and giving it another try doesn't seem so scary.

0:35 I smoke an unmeasured dose, the scale looks like it says something in Martian... Probably Martian for 50mg. When the DMT kicks in it's amazing. I'm propelled not into the usually geometric landscapes, but into a gooey ooze of my own thoughts. I'm floating arround with Kool Keith in a little red wagon. Smoking joints out of syringes, taking shits on the Christ and the 12 apostles. My braincells are a network pulsing subwoofers blasting the deepest bass I've ever heard, I've never been here before. I cant stop thinking about writing an experience report.

0:50 Coming back down now... But I'd rather not. The B12 made the combo much better than the last time. I wonder if B12 has a potentiating effect on DMT by itself. I feel like writing a sandoz a letter. I am quite fond of their other products such as LSD and Hydergine. I would love to see an injectable B12-DMT combo for sale.

1:00 Almost back to a baseline. Still have headphones in blasting Hemi-sync. Begin writing experience report.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 71230
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2019Views: 1,179
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Ketamine (31), Sound (non-music) (547) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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