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My First of Many
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by Sky High
Citation:   Sky High. "My First of Many: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp71611)". Nov 16, 2019.

3 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


I was fairly young when I first tried Salvia. I had just turned 17. At this point, I had been smoking cannabis regularly for close to a year. Besides that and alcohol, I had never tried any other drug. I remember learning about salvia through a friend of mine who talked of a drug that ďmade his friend run around and think he were a chickenĒ. Though I sometimes doubt the truthfulness of his story it undoubtedly took reins of my curiosity. I asked him questions and listened intently. I was enthralled by this seemingly unrealistic, not to mention legal, drug. At first, I just didnít believe a substance like this could possibly be legal. I decided to investigate. I searched ďSalviaĒ on the internet and was surprised to see the number of results. I began reading through the countless experiences that people had undergone. I was becoming extremely intrigued. How had I never heard of such a thing? How is this not more popular? I soon found out why.

Salvia clearly wasnít a party drug. I read about the many doís and doníts of smoking Salvia, and decided to continuing researching this unbelievable herb. I wanted to do this right. I wanted to experience what these people had. Iím really proud of myself for actually looking into the herb so thoughtfully. Iím a very spontaneous person, and Iím sure I wouldíve tried Salvia on dime had it been available. Lucky for me, there was none to be found around the area at the time. I spent close to a week looking deeper and deeper into the realms of salvia information, experiences, meanings, and so forth. Finally, I felt I had prepared myself for my first ever trip (on any drug)--and what an amazing one at that.

I purchased some 5x extract at my local head shop. How I was sold the substance at the age of 17 was beyond me. The clerk clearly didnít seem to mind. My girlfriend at the time agreed to sit for me as I packed a small bowl into my pipe. We were in my room in the basement. There was a candle lit, soft ambient music playing, and my window open. It was a perfect environment for my first time. I torched the bowl and took the biggest hit I could manage. I held it in for a long time, and nothing really seemed to happen. There was a slight buzz, but I knew this couldnít be it. I tried again with the same result. I became slightly frustrated because of my high expectations.
I became slightly frustrated because of my high expectations.
I had to be doing something wrong. And I was. I realized that a lot of the extract was being sucked in through the hole and not actually being burned to its full potential. I plugged the hole with a small bit of marijuana and sprinkled a good amount of salvia on top of it. Once again, I torched the bowl and held in the smoke for as long as I could. At about 10 seconds I felt something very strange; a feeling that Iíve never felt before in my life. It slowly began to take over my senses. I lost all track of what number I was on, and decided to lay down on my bed. I donít remember exhaling.

Everything started to move very fast. I could tell my eyes were still open at this point. The ceiling and the walls started spinning in a slow, spiral motion. I looked over at my girlfriend, but could not make out any of her features. I could only see the silhouette of her body fading ever-so carelessly into the background. At this point, I have no idea if my eyes are closed or open. Iíve lost track of my senses. I remember an unbelievable feeling of happiness. As it is with many peoplesí first trip, I found these feelings to be very funny. I felt as though I was laughing uncontrollably (though, my girlfriend later told me that I only laughed a little here and there). The room began getting plastered inward with blue and yellow blocks. My reality was being closed away from me; I was now in an entirely different place. I couldnít feel my body at all. This was definitely an out of body experience. The entire room was made out of these blue and yellow blocks. Each one was individually-colored, one next to another. It did feel like I was boxed in. There was a ceiling, three walls, and a floor. The walls were pulsating with the music that was playing. This made me laugh. I could see my laughter. Sound waves were now completely visible. I continued to laugh to see if this was really happening. It was. Every noise I would make, even the slightest tone, would cause the walls and ceiling to pulsate with it. Itís a difficult concept to put into words, but it was mind-blowing. I wanted to stay in this room forever. It was amazing, it was beautiful, it was something I had never in my life thought I would experience. Then suddenly, the blocks started to fall away into nothing and a new sensation began to pulling me in a different direction. I was in a different room, one that closely resembled a huge, abandoned facility.

The facility was dimly lit though I could tell it went on for thousands of yards. I could see nothing but an enormous vat of giant strawberries to my left. I was confused and assumed at the same time. I laughed and laughed as the jumbo-sized strawberries began to shrink and become more abundant. There was now a huge vat of millions of strawberries. I was positioned at a birdís-eye view. I was looking from above. I felt I could reach for the strawberries, so I did. I could see my hand, and this is when I realized that I had smoked salvia which is why this was all happening. And as quickly as it had happened, it all grew faint and soon disappeared. I opened my eyes and saw my room. Everything was the same as it was when I left it. I felt like I had been gone for two minutes, tops. My girlfriend said I was tripping for close to ten minutesówhich I found unreal. I felt very refreshed and happy.
I felt very refreshed and happy.
My head felt very clear like I had just awoken from an amazing night sleep.

Almost instinctively I grabbed a pen and piece of paper and recorded my entire trip (which Iím referring back to as I type this. I have it to this day and always look back at it for itís my first psychedelic experience which I intend to never forget.) I jotted a lot of information down. As I wrote two years ago: ďIt was amazing, even beautiful, very strange, didnít think it was actually happeningóbut it was. Soon after I knew what had just happened. The music (soft and pleasant) added so much richness to the experience. Made everything flow nicely. WOW.Ē

I truly enjoyed my first experience with salvia. Again, it is very important to understand the holy herb before daring to take a step into the unknown. Iíve done it many times and have yet to have a bad trip. I completely respect the herb and understand how a bad trip would come to be. I go with the flow and accept that I have no control once Iíve been taken away. Thereís nothing else on this planet quite like it. Salvia is the key.

Exp Year: 2006-2008ExpID: 71611
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Nov 16, 2019Views: 1,479
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